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Part 34: Freaky Fish Guys

Update 11: Freaky Fish Guys

For today we're going out hunting for a side quest. I've stumbled onto this one before, but this is the first time I've had to go out looking for it. While out hunting we run into a couple of random encounters that are worth noting.

If running into mammoths was odd, running into hatori is downright bizarre. The manual describes them as desert crocodiles, and says that a single hatori can decimate a caravan. What we're doing running into them in a temperate climate is anybody's guess. Looking at that HP and armor class, one of these could probably shred a small dragon.

The only other noteworthy encounter (and there were about 5-7 total) are a group of whisper spiders. They're annoyances, but the fact that they can poison you means that they're far more dangerous than they would seem. I always hate running into them.

"Okay, pardon my Ergothian, but what the HELL are those things?"

"An aquatic race of humanoids… obviously this can't be allowed, but we have to go after the problem at the source. I have an idea."

"These guys are really terrible at slave-taking, aren't they? They didn't even look twice at us."

"I'll tell the others! Rest here, then meet us down the hall to make plans."

"I'm kind of impressed with how quickly these people are adjusting to captivity and organizing."

"Maybe this has happened before?"

These cells are the only safe places to rest during this encounter. However, you can't use them to rest forever, so it's important to use them when you can.

"I don't think we're going to need torches, all things considered."

"Don't start a fire anywhere but the temple. That will cut off most of the guards from the bow of the-"

"I think I'm already looking forward to setting this boat on fire."

"You're coming along just fine, kid."

"I don't know if I really like this meek act.."

"Yeah, I reckon we'll mostly kill everything in our way and sort it all out later."

And we do. Kua-toa are fairly mundane opponents, but they tend to be somewhat numerous. They really do hate fire, however, which means that Ishmael can really shine here.

"We can only get away with this for so long."

"Yeah, but it'll be fun while it lasts!"

Heading a bit further down the hallway dumps us into yet another fight. This one includes Kua-Toa monitors, which are slightly tougher versions of the basic enemies.

Unfortunately, the loot is a bit subpar. It includes enchanted chain mail, which we have no use for, and an enchanted longbow and some arrows that might actually be handy.

"This is so gross… what are

"Meet me in the pantry, straight ahead. We can talk there."

"Huh.. it might be worth if it we can somehow trap them in there. I just don't like giving them any satisfaction."

"Just use their insults as motivation for what comes after and all should be well."

"Dogs belong in the galley!"

"That's the best they can do? I'm disappointed."

"Take a bath, apeman. You're spoiling my appetite."

"Oh, we'll do more than that…"

"Nothing but a bunch of petty bullies."

"None too bright, either. I'm amazed they haven't gotten wiped out before this."

"Well, that tears it. I think the gig is up."

"That's obscene, even for a bunch of freaky fish guys."

Somehow I lost my screenshot of this particular battle. Suffice to say that the addition of clerics, with a particular fondness for hold person, made the battle considerably more difficult.

"You'd think that people deathly afraid of fire would live in a less flammable structure and not leave torches all over the place."

"We've already established that they're not the sharpest arrows in the quiver."

"I think the enthusiasm, like the fire, is spreading."

"That was pretty bad. On the other hand, we should probably hurry."

"Should I be enjoying this as much as I am?"


There are a few random encounters like this scrambled in the mix. As they're not worth much experienced compared to treasure or story awards, they're often not worth the trouble or the resources. By the way, now that the fire has started we can't go back to the cells and sleep.

Another brief encounter leads to a bit of a a scavenger hunt for some hidden loot.

"It's getting a bit hot in here. Is this worth…"

"Don't even finish that sentence."

The actual thing you're looking for is hidden inside a tiny closet. Searching causes damage to the entire party, but also nets you a Mace +4. It's a pretty worthwhile trade.

"At this point I could almost feel bad for them… if it weren't for the whole slave thing."

"That's a pretty big thing."

"We're glad we could help."

"Especially since helping involved so much mayhem."

"We are all in your debt. We won't forget your bravery."

"A job well done.. although I can't fathom why those creatures were in this area."

Character Update

Levels creep up. I can't recall if Rip already had a Mace +4 at this point, but it's still a valuable weapon. We've now got half of our total party at maximum level, and Gable nearly at max level. Durfey has gained enough experience since joining us to gain two levels and reach max level himself. Amanda and Boo are now at the same level, with Amanda likely to overtake Boo due to lower experience requirements.