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Lack of Love

by TwystNeko

Part 10: Level 11

Escape - And disaster!

Ameiruka - a fish-like creature that wants to take a shower.
Satoririsu - Brown creature with purple feathers.
Noborizaru - An ape-like creature that teaches us to climb.

Track 12 - Storm

Ryuichi Sakamoto posted:

This is my favorite track on this CD. Especially in the middle, when it goes to just rhythm, it really works! I would love to do this with a live band. If there were a vocal, I'd maybe use Ai-chan.
N.B. "Ai-chan" is Ai Yamatsuka of the Boredoms

Track 13 - Ending Theme

Ryuichi Sakamoto posted:

It's got some grandeur, doesn't it? Especially the ending, which goes on so long you want to say "how far is he going to take it?" Well, that's okay every once in a while, right? (Laughs)

--Other Songs--

These are also from the soundtrack, but I couldn't find where they go in the game.
Track 5 - Mission

Ryuichi Sakamoto posted:

I had the image of school. I even went out and bought a foot-pump organ, which is pretty difficult to play. There is only one company left that makes them in Japan. Lonesome, isn't it?

Track 10 - Decision

Ryuichi Sakamoto posted:

This is a little YMO-ish [Yellow Magic Orchestra] isn't it? (Laughs) What am I saying?!

Track 11 - Change

Ryuichi Sakamoto posted:

I really like the stinging feel on this. It's chilling! The calm before the storm. The drenching sweat from a nightmare.

--Bonus Videos--
Sandmonster - the Sandmonster - an instant death.

Credits - The credit sequence. If you like that sort of thing.

Ending - The ending movie. A happy ending?

And that's it! Thanks for watching.