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Part 9: Kings

We went through the entire dungeon just to cause this bridge. Until you beat Morgan, it isn't there so you can't skip him.

A little bit into the new continent, there's an inn masquerading as a cave for some reason. It's nice if you need it after Morgan and the random encounters.

Further ahead, there's another cave but this one's a Shrine. There's a few of these scattered throughout from now on and they're mostly used for one thing;

Trading Magnetite for items. Neither of these are very good, and that's pretty much the case for all of them; Tote's Eye is to defence as Bamora is to offence. If you've been hanging onto Magnetite, there's one item worth trading it for and even that is situational at best. It is neither of these though.

A little bit further ahead, again, there's another Shrine of Monsters with different items. The Cult Mask is the only item worth considering out of all them, since it silences every enemy in a stack. By the time they're actually worth using, though, they're a surprisingly common drop.

Further to the north, there's what looks like a town. Note that gap in the trees just beneath it; there's nothing there, but you'd think there is. Where things are hidden on the world map, there's either an incredibly obvious indication or no indication whatsoever.

The Monster Nest is, essentially, a town of monsters. There's only one thing of interest here and even then it's easy to miss.

: I'm travelling to find the cure for it.

Hata and his little fairy friend here turn up occasionally but are just background characters who are trying to... help... monsters... this would make them our enemy under normal circumstances, but there's one simple reason why they aren't.

The fairy endorses pacifism. Makes sense, I guess.

There's a few other monster NPCs around who say nothing of interest (the plant talking thing from Ramuh is brought up again though). Except for one guy;

It's worth noting that this cave he's referring to doesn't appear on the map. It's one of the few hidden ones and, um, it's really awfully placed and you wouldn't find it without this hint.

Guess where the hidden cave is!  Samuel is facing it.  Without the hint to come over here, I wouldn't even think to check this area at all.

Though it is a place where you get to stab that abomination of a "Unicorn" in the face a whole bunch and that's nice. I don't think it turns up anywhere other than the occasional Cave of Fairy either, so you have to actively look for this thing.

We do get some interesting information out of it though; the Fairy's are a type of monster, and they need the Orbs to survive? It's also worth noting that it's not just Hata's Fairy that dislikes fighting it seems. Maybe some of the things we've killed up until this point have been nice after all... nah, they shot first.

Oh and there's some items just to the right of here but there's nothing we haven't seen before, so let's head north instead!

This hidden cave is located in an obvious place, so long as you think to look over here. This is nice though, since this cave is important as it is...

On top of being the place where Cerberus' hanging out, there's one item here worth getting;

We can find the bones of one of the kings of Judah, whom makes up our third and final zombie. We've gotta find his other two bones to bring him back to life so he can reign anew, with his mighty dragon steed (once we find that other bone too).

...Okay, it's more likely referring to either Amon Ra or, almost definitely, the 7th demon of the Goetia.

The other chest just contains Blood (presumably in a vial or something though) and there's one just offscreen to the north than contains a Water Charm. Nothing interesting beyond the bone.

Anyway, the main attraction is the cave's eponymous demon; Cerberus himself.

: I'm starting to believe the words of Solion... So, what do you say, would you let me join you?

And, just like that he joins us. No fight or anything; just talk to him and he's yours. Almost seems too easy, doesn't it?

Functionally, and statistically, he's identical to Orthrus but with ice instead of fire as a main spell. There's one thing I know you're thinking right now and, no;

You can't fuse Orthrus and Cerberus. It sounds like it should work, but neither can be fused with anything. There's nothing else on this continent (other than another Inn for some reason), so let's finally start to go to Atlantis like Zodia wanted.

We have to take another Shrine of Hypnos to the last area, where we'll find Atlantis. Fortunately, once we cross over to the other side, we can find a man who'll tell us where Atlantis is located.

Heading to the northeast, we'll come across it straight away by the looks of things. And, no, there's nothing hidden in that one square that looks like it should have something hiding in.

...Oh. Erm, maybe someone here knows where Atlantis really is!