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Original Thread: The Last Bible Revelation 17:14 [Revelations: The Demon Slayer]



Whilst looking like a generic comic book cover, I do think the Japanese box art is kinda better. Might just be me though.

Revelations: The Demon Slayer is the first game in the (Shin) Megami Tensei spin-off series Last Bible. Whilst not a particularly great game, with a very minimal story, it does manage to be quite fun and it does have the benefit of being the only game in the series released outside of Japan... and even then it took 7 years to make it to America. The game was first released in 1992 for the brick Gameboy (which is the same year Shin Megami Tensei was originally released for the Super Famicom just for reference) and remade for the Gameboy Colour in 1999... and the remake wasn't actually made by Atlus! It was made by Multimedia Intelligence Transfer instead. This version is the one that got released outside of Japan, and thus it is clearly the version we'll be taking a look at. Sega also rereleased it for the Game Gear in 1994 but that one stayed in Japan as well. Of course, none of these versions were ever released in Europe but that's pretty much par for the course for many things Atlus related nowadays let alone back in the 1990s.

Anyway, I said the story was minimal and it really is;

This bit of the story is the only part given in-game before the game starts proper, but the manual expands on it a bit;

El is a student of GAIA. Under GAIA teacher Zodia, he learned the power of GAIA. On the afternoon of his graduation, people began to hear some strange noises from the sky far away. The noises were initially indistinctive, but they eventually came closer... Dark objects started to cover the horizon. Creatures that were never before seen started to appear...

You may have noticed that the main character is named "God" albeit in Hebrew. Whilst this could have been a fun little naming scheme, it doesn't play out as you might notice. Zodia, for instance, doesn't mean anything other than "Zodiac" in Greek insofar as I'm aware (feel free to correct me on this if I'm wrong though).

Being a Gameboy Colour game, it is relatively simple and (since it is just a spin off) it is incredibly easy for a MegaTen game too. There's still some grinding, but it's mostly self-inflicted because of how easy it is to do and how fun it manages to be... but we'll get to that when we get to that.

Unlike most MegaTen spin offs, it does in fact have the ability to talk to demons/monsters and have them potentially join your party. This doesn't succeed a lot of the time when you do it, though, so this is something we'll worry about a bit later.

Note: The suggested reading order is to read Matthew immediately following Genesis, before Exodus - Ed

Table of Contents


El is, of course, the main character of the game and thus is silent (it was first made in 1992 after all). Coming from the Town of Moila, he can presumed to be an orphan since his parents are neither mentioned by the locals nor are they seen in the very small place at all. He was trained by Zodia in the use of Gaia (which is basically magic). Combat wise, he's ideal for a physical build. He can use almost every piece of equipment, though a sword would be more ideal for a weapon since there's more swords than everything else combined and, of course, the best weapons are all swords anyway. Just in case that wasn't enough, somehow, he gets some decent magic which is almost all geared towards offense... the problem here, is that offensive magic isn't very good with a few exceptions.

Kishe is the second human party member we acquire. He comes from Remlia and lives with what one would presume to be his sister. Following the invasion of demons monsters, he got his ass kicked by one he referred to as "Devil" and needed El to get medicine from the doctor in Arrow to restore his health immediately. He's left-handed, according to the sprite. Combat wise, Kishe is made to be a spellslinger at first glance. He has a higher Intelligence than anything else, but he can take a hit a bit better than your average mage as well. Realistically, he's more of a Magic Knight since he can wield a fair few swords and wear some actual armour too. Even though he's always carrying a staff around (in his sprite at least) he never uses it as a weapon... oh and he comes with Combine which, whilst not a combat spell, allows you to fuse demons. This is awesome.

Uranus is the third, and final, human party member. She's the daughter of Rafael, the priest of Ramuh but lives in Harappa. An entire continent away. She was kidnapped by the Zord, for some reason, but was annoyed when we rescued her! Upon returning home, she changed her personality entirely and joined us. Much like Kishe, according to her sprite she is left-handed. Combat wise, she's pretty much intended to be the party healer but she's too slow, normally, to do that effectively. She only gains one offensive spell and for the most part she only has weak weapons/armour so she's not gonna be attacking normally either.  Her father was murdered by the Gaia Masters when they stole the Orb from Ramuh's shrine. 

Zodia is, sadly, an NPC but he manages to be legitimately competent in spite of this (I guess being the apparent deuteragonist helps). Being the one that trained El, it stands to reason that he might just be quite powerful and it is arguably implied that he could basically solo the entire universe plot, or at least most of it, if he wanted to. He doesn't do this, of course, because that wouldn't be very interesting. Given that he can actually speak, he could just get some characterisation beyond "your guy's mentor" at some point.  At Mt. Palo he was allegedly beaten by Devil, just like Kishe, only he was able to heal within no time...  Is the leader of the Zord.  Created them to gain more Gaia for some reason.  Had his main base invaded by the Gaia Masters and was killed by El's party... 
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