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Part 26: A Farewell To Arms

Welcome back. Last time on Last Scenario, we headed to the Kaiser Pass to inspect the area before launching a final assault on the Republic forces there, only to find they were already gone. Instead, we found Helio and Earp, who explained that the Republic was making an all-out attack on the capital, because the Kingdom had invaded Pargon Island, wiping the Republic from existence. Meanwhile, in the capital, Felgorn finally realized the error of his ways and confronted Augustus, eventually killing him. Afterwards, he called the guard and ordered him and the rest of the Herzog forces to surrender to Wilhelm's men, before leaving and saying that he would not return. We've got a whole bunch of forces converging on the capital, so what is this going to mean for the war? It's time to find out.


When we left off, we had just left the Kaiser Pass in a mad dash to get to Herzog. We're now back in the area of the world map surrounding the capital, and there's nothing more standing in our way. Let's get moving.


But when we reach the city, things seem... awfully calm.

But... where is everyone?
It's strange, isn't it? Wasn't a battle supposed to be taking place here? I can explain half of it, at least. The guards surrendered to us as soon as we arrived. They told us that they received orders to surrender, but they didn't seem to know why. I had my men search the castle, but I told them to be careful. Felgorn may still be around.
Yeah, we don't know what's waiting for us here. It might be a trap. We'll go look too.
By the way, there was no sign of any Republic forces either. I wonder if those men were lying.
I don't know... There has to be someone here who can answer that for us.

And control is returned to us. Well, the Herzog forces surrendering makes sense given what happened at the end of the last update, but where the hell did the Republic go? Their soldiers have to have gone somewhere. Might as well take a look around and see if we can figure out what happened.

But things only get stranger as we head into the city. Herzog is virtually deserted save for a few of Grauss's soldiers, and almost all of the doors are locked.

One rather conspicuous door is open, however: the door into the castle.

This is the first time we've been able to enter the castle through the front door, but like the city outside, this place is almost empty aside from a few soldiers.

While the throne room is empty, heading through the door on the right takes us to a familiar location: the place where we fought Felgorn during our assassination mission. The soldier nearby seems to be staring into the doorway.

Well, the general told us to be careful, and it looked a bit dangerous. It's okay if I just make sure they don't get out, isn't it?

Fine, we'll do your work for you.

There are a couple of doors branching off of the hallway beyond. The first leads to what appears to be Helga's old room, but it's empty.

And the other door...


No way, did you...?
We didn't do anything. It was already like this when we got here. I can tell by your eyes that you don't believe it, but it's the truth. This man was our ally. We came here to help him.

According to the castle's guard captain, it was Felgorn who killed the Emperor.
What!? Are you sure about that?
Apparently, Felgorn told him in person.
Unbelievable... Did he finally come to his senses? But where is he now? We couldn't find him anywhere.
Beats me. No one knows where he went after he left this room.
In any case...
What is it? Do you still want to fight?
There's no point. With Augustus dead, our alliance with the Empire is over. Even if we wanted to, we couldn't turn the tide anymore. It was a calculated risk. We profited from it anyway.
I bet you did. Don't think you'll get away with this. The Republic won't bow down to you people.

I give Helio a lot of shit, but holy god damn

What did you say!? I'll rip your head off!

Music: None

Did you find something?
Not here. Outside! It's a massacre!
What? We'll come look!

Helio and Earp move to leave, but it looks like someone decided to stay behind.

Oh? I guess the rumors about your memory loss were greatly exaggerated. Don't you think I earned it? I caught an important traitor, after all.
Heh, you haven't changed one bit. Still as infurating as ever. Be careful around that guy, Earp. He might take away more than just your position.

Fade to black...

As we fade back in, we... find where all of those Republic soldiers went.

What the... These are all Republic soldiers? They've been slaughtered...
Is this what happened to their attack? But, could it really have been...

Look! Over there!


Holy shit

You're here... That means everything worked out, didn't it?
Felgorn... did you do all this?

That's fuckin' right, ladies and gentlemen. Felgorn just went up against the entire Republic army and won. I think now we know why he had that whole reputation of "national hero".

I don't think they'll be back. Everyone will be safe now. But... they got me too.
We'll have to get you back to the city! I'll go get help!
No. Stay. I don't have much longer. There are things I need to tell you.
You idiot! You can't die here! What possessed you to do this!?
If I hadn't done this, many people would've died in the battle for the capital. This is the only way I could make up for the damage I've done to the Empire. No... in truth, there is no way I could make up for that... But at least I saved some lives. Listen, Thorve. Augustus was not acting on his own. He was secretly getting support from the Rosehart Kingdom.
You can tell me later! We have to help you first!

Thorve... it wasn't your fault. Wolfram would have died no matter what you had done. It's the same for me now. You are not incompetent, Thorve. There was simply no way to save either of us. Even if I had a chance to survive, I couldn't live with the shame of what I've done.

I fear that... Augustus was being deceived himself. He believed the Kingdom would come to his aid, but all they did was send those two men. Now, the Empire is in shambles, and the Republic is gone. Meanwhile, the Kingdom has grown stronger. I think... the Kingdom wanted Augustus to win this civil war, in order to control the Empire as well. But your support for Wilhelm was not part of the plan. Thanks to you, the Empire is saved, but...
So you mean... this whole war was manipulated by the Kingdom for their own benefit!?
Maybe... There was... someone else... Another man Augustus reported to.

Ortas? Grandmaster Ortas?
You know him? Good... then maybe you can do something...
Yes, he's--
There's no use in telling me. I don't have much longer, so please let me finish. Hilbert...
Y... Yes?
I remember the first time we met. You asked what made me a hero. Listen closely. I have been called a hero my entire life... but I have never truly felt like one. I was being used. Nothing more. A hero is not supposed to be a tool to pacify the people. Be yourself. That is all. If you have the potential to become a hero... that will be enough.

Enough. There's... no more time. Hilbert, take care. Randolph, I'm sorry. Matilda, thank you for taking care of Thorve. He's become a much stronger man than he used to be. Thorve... you are the only one who's left of us now. Live on, for Wolfram's sake, and for mine.

There's nothing I can say. If only I had the power to save him, then... No, if he heard that, he would say that he was already beyond saving. Maybe he was right. But... I will not forget him. I'll keep living on in your honor. Just like you asked me to, Felgorn. It's the least I can do.

Fade to black...

Music: None

We estimate there are around 200 men missing. Most of them died at the capital, but we have no exact count.
It can't be helped. If anyone is left behind, I'm certain the new emperor will treat his prisoners well. Have everyone board the ships.
Sir, if you don't mind me asking... Where are we going?
Back home, of course.

If we can't face them in the open, then we'll fight from the shadows, break them down little by little. What do you say? Are you with me?
Of course, Sir. We'll follow you to the end.
Good. Then let's go.

Some time later...


Fade to black...

The Republic army is reported to have left the continent, and the imperial forces have all sworn loyalty to us.
When we came here, I never thought we'd end up playing such a major role in the war. I'm glad we could make a difference.
I must admit my initial impression of you was wrong. You've all shown incredible courage. The men in this country could take an example from you.

Welp, looks like someone's had a turnaround.

That's fine, General. I owe you much, too. I couldn't have done it without you.
You honor me too much. I only did my duty. It was your majesty's dedication that led us to victory.
You shouldn't trivialize your part. Everyone's efforts were important. We've all done what we could, isn't that right?
Your highness, I must ask one question. What do you plan to do about Felgorn? I know he was responsible for your father's murder, but I beg you not to treat him as a traitor.
Yes... I thought you would ask me about that. From what you told me, I can conclude that Felgorn was being deceived by Augustus. I am certain he only wanted to help the country, but that by itself doesn't clear him of his crimes. However, we can't ignore his years of loyalty to the empire, nor his final sacrifice for our sake. General.
Yes. This is the decision we've reached. We can't hide the truth from the people. Even if we could, we have no desire to do so. The news of what he has done may upset many people, but we will take care to explain everything.

I will personally make sure that he will get a burial befitting a national hero.
Thank you. I greatly appreciate it.
While we're on the subject... What about the things Felgorn told us before his death? The Kingdom was involved, that much is obvious.
I was shocked when I heard the news. I never expected that the Kingdom would instigate a civil war here.
However, if you go back, the cause of the Farin incident was never discovered. The Republic base on the island was attacked by what was assumed to be the Empire, leading to the war. The civil war and the invasion of Pargon Island were a direct result of the Farin incident. I believe the Kingdom carried out the attack and made it look like it was the Empire. It might sound like a stretch if you think of all these events being manipulated, but it's pretty simple. Starting a war between your two enemies will always benefit yourself, no matter how it turns out.
I will definitely have all this investigated. For now, that's all we can do.

Yes... I can't say I completely understand the situation. The Havali are a race who live in seclusion, but they have some agenda of their own? And who is this Ortas?
Ortas is the Grandmaster, the military leader. He probably has supreme power over my people. We believe that they want to awaken the demons that have been sleeping for 300 years.
Is this... about the great war? I wasn't aware that the demons were sealed, rather than destroyed.
It seems they are sleeping deep underground, but we know little more than that.
That sounds like a serious matter. But if that's all you know, there is not much we can do. The fact remains that it hasn't already happened. There may not even be any imminent danger. At the moment, we have to focus on rebuilding the country. Everyone is tired from this war.
I understand. We can't ask for more. There's nothing we can do about the situation right now.
All of you deserve rest too. Don't forget that. You may all stay at the castle for as long as you wish. It's the least we can do for you. Of course, this goes for your families as well. We will guarantee their safety.


Music: None

Welp, that about does it for the imperial civil war and the first act of the game. Helga and Augustus are dead, the Empire has reunified, and both the Republic and the Kingdom are on their way out of the country. But there's still one character whose loose end needs to be tied up...

I've got no place left to go! It's not my fault this happened!

Ah yes, I had nearly forgotten that beautiful face

What's going on?
It's this man. He says he was chief general under Augustus, but he was demoted and placed on the frontier.
Don't you remember me? I'm Tazar! I can't go back to the capital anymore! They know what I did!
Oh, yes. I know you. When your outpost was under attack, you betrayed your men so you would be the only one to survive. You then joined the Empire, where you conspired against the Emperor in order to gain more power. Augustus made you chief general for a while, but removed you as soon as he was crowned the new emperor. If I remember correctly, during all this time you didn't win a single battle.

But I...
Haha, don't worry. I was just joking. We won't abandon any of our allies. In fact, I think I can arrange a position for you as guard captain of an important facility of ours. It will not be a difficult post, and it might just be temporary. You'll be fine, I'm sure.
Thank you! Thank you! I'll do anything you ask!
Go to the harbor. Our ship is the one with the blue sails. Tell the captain Helio sent you. We'll meet you there soon.
Yes, yes. I'll go immediately. Again, thank you. I won't disappoint.

Earp gives Helio a long look as Tazar leaves.

Are you going to reprimand me again?

Are you worried about him? He's a worthless man, both as a person and as a leader. If it's that way, then we should try to get even a little use out of him, no?

Next time: So, uh, yeah, that whole demon awakening thing. Weren't we supposed to be doing something about that?

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