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Original Thread: One man should need no help to achieve his goals: Let's Play Last Scenario!



What's all this, then?
Last Scenario is a role-playing game written and developed by Dutch artist/programmer and goon SCF, whose site can be found here, and is the predecessor of Exit Fate, the game I previously LPed. I'm TheOneAndOnlyT and I'm here to take you through the ins and outs of this great game.

What's so special about this game, anyway?
Last Scenario's main claim to fame is that it is a fully-fledged, 25+ hour RPG whose art, script, and code were drawn, written, and developed almost entirely by one person. Although the game was created with RPGMaker and uses a number of its stock assets, the majority of the game's artwork as well as all of the dialogue and scripting were done by SCF. While not perfect by any means, the sheer size and scope of the game, coupled with the fact that it is actually enjoyable to play, is a monumental achievement.

So if they're both RPGs made by the same person, are this game and Exit Fate related?
Last Scenario and Exit Fate are related in the same way that the various mainline Final Fantasy games are related. That is to say, there are a number of recurring items, spells, and monsters between the two games, but the plot, characters, and world of Last Scenario are entirely independent from those of its successor.

How does it play?
Whereas Exit Fate was a giant love letter to the Suikoden series, Last Scenario doesn't have a clear analogue, with elements cobbled together from various older RPGs to create an interesting system all of its own. In comparison to Exit Fate, Last Scenario is a much more "traditional" RPG, containing a much smaller pool of characters and a straightforward battle system that veterans of the genre will pick up in an instant. But that's not to say that Last Scenario doesn't try anything new--it also has several novel mechanics as well as a surprisingly deep minigame that is entirely optional and spans the entire game.

How are you going to be presenting this game?
This is going to be an informational-style LP. The plot of Last Scenario is decently well-written and there isn't much silliness or mechanics bullshit to make fun of, so I'm mainly going to be letting the game stand on its own merits.

Will you be 100%ing this game?
I will try to do everything, but I can't guarantee 100% due to there being an absurdly difficult optional super-megaboss that I may not be able to defeat, so no promises.

What the hell? This looks like the most cliche plot imaginable.
That's not a question, but it's likely that many of you will have this reaction after reading the first few updates. In response I will quote SCF from the original thread for the game:

SCF posted:

When I started, the concept I based it on was to take a really cliched RPG backstory (destined heroes fighting demons etc) and then turn it all around during the game. I hope I succeeded, but at least don't let the intro text scare you off.

This game seems pretty cool. Where can I get it?
Good question! If you'd like to check out the game yourself, you can download it from SCF's site here.

Before we begin, I would just like to ask folks who have played this game before to refrain from spoilery discussion. Last Scenario's plot is one of its stronger points, and I'd hate for it to be ruined for people new to the game.

Anyway, without further ado, let's get started!

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Squarely Circle shows us Hilbert shooting himself with his bow... somehow...

...and Ethan finds a role model!

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