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Part 23: Rallying Cry (Part 2)

Following the scene with Matilda, we're abruptly tossed into the menu. Time to attack the Republic camp.

(This track will be playing continuously, even during battles, until otherwise noted.)

We're under attack! Imperial troops! We don't know from which side!
What!? They're not from the Kaiser Pass? How many of them are there?

Five!? What five people are these that you need to call me for!?

And as the captain flees like a pansy, we're thrown into battle with two Republic Soldiers. Since RPG law states that all human soldiers must be exactly at your level, these guys can slice us for about 45 damage a pop, but they go down quickly.

Don't let your guard down. We don't know their full strength yet.

A group of soldiers runs out of the southwest tent and we hit another battle, this time with a Republic Officer in the mix. The Officer can use Swing, which works just like our spellcard of the same name, but is otherwise unremarkable. Next!

Fade to black...

(The Crisis track continues playing here, but at a much lower volume.)

Yeah, I'm okay... Is Valentin not around?
No, he just went out. He's been helping out at a nearby store lately.
Figures, I didn't even know that. Even when I'm here, we're still separated.
I think you're doing fine. He knows that you're working hard. You were already a soldier the day you met, right? That's what he told me. I'm sure he's used to it.
Yes, it's true. Back then, fifteen years ago, the War of Independence in Pargon was already looming on the horizon. We got married on short term because we wanted to get everything out of the way before war would break out.
See? There's no need to worry. Oh, I need to go buy groceries. Will you be okay? I won't be gone for long.

Fade to black...

(The Crisis track returns to full volume here.)

Throughout this scene, various townspeople can be seen dashing down the road.

An attack!?

A few Republic soldiers run by.

It... It's the Republic... Why are they here? Aren't they trying to take the capital first? Is it the Prince? Is that who they're after?
I... I... Get inside. Quick! Lock the door, and don't let anyone else inside but us!

Damn it! Just when I turned my back on the war, this happens? Is this some cruel joke?

Fade to black...

Looks like it's time for Matilda to get her on as well.

We're seizing this town in the name of the Pargon Republic! All the goods here now belong to us! We need the food here for our army! If you cooperate with us, you will not be harmed!

Matilda takes the soldier down in two attacks.

Valentin, are you okay?
Haha, I'm fine. I knew you'd come for me.
Idiot! Don't rely on me so easily!
... It's the Republic, isn't it?
Yeah. I never thought they'd attack here. I thought they were too occupied in the north. But they knew our main forces were gone from here, and now they're going straight for Prince Wilhelm. If they capture him, the rebellion is finished, and they'll take all the land we fought so hard for. We can't let that happen.
So... you changed your mind?

I'll protect you, and the Prince, and everyone else in this town.
Now you're sounding more like your usual self.
Hurry back home and stay there. I have to do something about this.
All right. Be careful, as far as that's possible.


How can I sit still when I don't even know what's going on! How are we doing? Did you send a message to the General yet?
A messenger is underway, but General Grauss is at the Kaiser Pass. He won't get here in time. It's all up to us. We have to stand our ground.
I understand... Please do your best. I have faith in you all.
Thank you, Your Highness.

The General, Hilbert... everyone's gone. I'm all alone. Father... what am I supposed to do in a situation like this? What would a good emperor do?

Fade to black...

We now return you to the invasion of the Republic camp, already in progress.

Wait, what the hell? What's Thorve doing in my party? I want Ethan back!

I'm fine, don't worry.
But where's the enemy captain? We lost track of him.
Let's move on. He went this way.

Don't be afraid! These men are their sole attack force! We only need to stop these people to win this battle!
There's not too many of them. What are our chances?
Those are no common soldiers. Most of them are elite troops. We can win, possibly, but it will be tough. I can't give any guarantees.

Fade to black...


Fade to black...

There's no time to lose! If I don't act fast, we'll...

Fade to black...


Now there's someone we haven't seen in awhile. As in Exit Fate, Drakovic doesn't seem to have any problems yelling to an entire battlefield.

What allies do you have left? Who will save you now? You've become enemies of the Imperial crown, enemies of the Republic... Enemies of the entire world! You say you are following your prince? Tell me, who is he? What do you know of him? What has he accomplished for your sake? Treacherous villains are using royal blood to fulfill their ambition, just like they are using all of you. Why die for them, when they have abandoned you here without a second thought? There is no need to fear us. The Republic does not desire bloodshed. We are here to restore peace. Any soldier who surrenders will be spared. Civilians will not be harmed.

Fade to black...

What!? You're going to betray us!?
But... he's right. The Empire's in ruins. Why should we keep risking our lives? What do we gain from it?
... Maybe you're right...

Fade to black...

Let me ask you another question. Do you think this battle is worth dying for? What are you accomplishing? Protecting your homes? We're not here to destroy them. The Empire is on the verge of collapse. What's left is nothing but children fighting for control. Tell me, do you want to be a part of that? How much longer will you accept the failures of the imperial rulers?

Fade to black...


How can you trust their words now?

Your Highness! Please, get inside! You can't stay out in the open like this!
No! I have to do something! Everyone here is fighting for my sake! How can I turn my back on them at this moment? Listen to me, everyone! You mustn't give up! The General, and all our comrades are fighting for our sake as we speak! We haven't lost yet! We can win! If we succeed today, we'll be on the doorstep of the capital! If we give up now, all our efforts, all the blood that has been spilled, will be for nothing! I know that I'm young and inexperienced, and that I'm not capable of commanding you in battle. The truth is, I didn't even want to become your emperor at first. I only went along with it because others told me it was for the best. I just let them take charge.

That young boy... he never gave up. He never believed that the situation was out of his control. He showed me something very important. He showed me that everyone must do what they can. At this moment, he too is fighting his hardest for us. He's doing what he can, so...

I want to be a good emperor! I want to end this war, so everyone can live like before! So please, please hold on for a little longer!

Music: None

An arrow suddenly strikes Wilhelm.

Your Highness!!
I... I can't give up.
Please stay calm! It only hit your shoulder. You're not in any danger. We have to get you back inside!
Did I... do something stupid?


Where is he!? Where did it come from?
I got him! Come help me!
Protect his Highness! Don't let them get any further!

I couldn't think of an appropriate sound effect

Everyone... they're all fighting for me. Not just for the Empire or for the General, but for me. I never thought I was capable of doing something like this...

Fade to black...

And the Republic soldiers flee the scene.

You did well, kid. I didn't think you had it in you. I guess I don't have to feel any regrets about what I'm doing.

Fade to black...

We need to try it. We don't have a choice.


You... You are from the Kaiser Pass?
You are from Prince Wilhelm's army, I presume? We saw there was a battle going on here. Our supply routes were cut off by these Republicans, but the main army has made no effort to help us. I don't know your reasons for attacking this camp, but we will gladly assist you.
We want your help. If you're low on food, we can take care of that. Let's continue this discussion after we've finished up here.

Fade to black...

Pull out. We've lost the advantage. There's no way we can win anymore.

So it was you, Major. I should've known it from the start.
Actually, I'm a Commander now. I got a promotion in order to lead this assault, you see.
Commander? So that means you're the one responsible for this invasion?
They know very well that they're running out of capable officers. They had no choice but to promote me. I'm surprised by this turn of events, though.
Go home. The Republic's in no shape to start invading other countries. You've got no business here.
The imperial dynasty is about to collapse. Even that young man can't stop it. The Republic needs to expand to maintain itself. What's wrong with giving these people a stable future?
You are only destabilizing this land even further. We would've been close to victory, if it weren't for you. You're trying to ruin everywhere we've built up so far.

It's a shame we're on opposing sides now, Matilda. I would've preferred to have you as an ally.
So would I, Commander.

Fade to black...


I heard about what happened here. Are you all right? How is your injury?
I'm fine, General. It wasn't serious. It hurts a bit, that's all.
So it really happened as I was told. I couldn't believe my ears when I received the message.
But it's true. I saw all of it. It was the prince who won us this battle. If he hadn't stood up, who knows how many would've deserted. It would've been impossible to stop the attack.
Your Highness... Up to now I've refused to admit it, but you've changed since these people arrived here. You are becoming more and more like your father when he was young. You've matured greatly.
General... you honor me too much.

Holy shit, is Grauss actually being nice to us for a change?

Even if you are young and brash, you have courage and a strong sense of justice. Thank you for what you've done for us.
Not to interrupt the back-patting, but we don't even know yet what happened on your side.
The attack was a success. The men at the Kaiser pass have agreed to join our side.
That means we triumphed over the Republic and the Empress at the same time.
Yes, we've strengthened our position with this victory. The capital is in sight now... but both of our enemies have their main forces in the area. We'll need time to think of our next move.
Yeah. Matilda... You're feeling better already?
Oh, forget about that. It was nothing.

We're going back there now. Are you coming with us?
Of course I am! What are you waiting for?


Music: None

Ah, finally. I knew if we placed some of them at a few key points, those people would run into them eventually. So, how did they perform?
Better than expected, but they were still defeated rather easily. Maybe it'd be worth it if we had a thousand of them.
It's good enough. They're prototypes after all. The important part is that we have the data we need. Well, that means we'll just have to wait now.
Is that all we're going to do? I thought the Empress was our ally.
Yes. They've already asked for our help, but we don't have orders to interfere yet. The boss doesn't like the Empire at all. If it weren't for Ortas pushing him, we wouldn't even be here. Just wait. We're getting to the critical point soon. We can't stay out of this conflict forever. But you know, the boss already has his own plans.

Next time: Augustus makes his move.