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by 1234567890num

Part 109: More Snitching

As usual, the ringing pager means that we should go back to our room.


...Seriously, Dylan. Cut it out. You're creeping out pretty much everyone in the thread already.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Oh, Mr Hyde.
What do you want?
Nothing much.
Well, it must be something or you wouldn't be hanging around outside my room.
Steady on, I'm not up to anything.
I'm just taking care of some maintenance.
I thought it would be a good time to check the second floor doors.
I see.
So, anyway, Mr Hyde...

It took only 10 dialog boxes to get down to the meat, huh?

I saw him head up to the roof in the elevator.
Yeah, what else did you see?
What did he want up there?
You know, stuff.
But do you know what he did before he headed up to the roof? I do. He took a trip to room 206, Marie's place, that's what. Don't you think it's a little strange? In my opinion, they're into something together.
I've got better things to do than listen to your crap, Dylan.
I couldn't care less what Rex wanted up there on the roof.
Are you sure about that?
I'm pretty sure you're actually quite interested.
Yeah? And when did you become a psychologist?

How could I possibly believe you're not interested after seeing that?
Look, Dylan!
I just want to know.
What happened up there?

What we should say here is obvious, so of course we're going to pick the other option first.

Marie's being threatened by Nile

Marie's being threatened by Nile.

But what's Nile, Mr Hyde?
it's the name of an organised crime syndicate.
Why would a group of criminals want to threaten somebody like Marie, though?
I don't have time to go into the details.
Oh, okay.
Still, the more I think about it, she's quite a suspicious character.
What makes you say that?
Well, she is. I doubt an organised group of criminals would waste their time on her if she wasn't.
maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself, Dylan!

That's a sound advice, one that you should've taken yourself

Anyway, Mr Hyde, I must be going.

Dylan looks flustered as he walks away.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Heating Up

With that done, it's time to make a call to Rachel...


Time to give Rachel a call.

*buzzing sound*

Who's that?

This definitely can't be good

Mr Hyde!
What is it?

Music: Joke's On You
I'm disgusted!
What? Why?
Dylan just paid me a visit.
He asked if I'd tell him more about my connection to Nile!
He did what?
I can't believe I was ever stupid enough to think I could trust you!
Had I only known how you treat the people around you...
I would never have opened up and told you what I knew!
Calm down...
I know now! The only person I can count on is myself!

Nile are going to find me... I've got nowhere else to run...

Please don't...

I may as well just join them and be done with it!

That's not what I expected you to say but it's somehow even worse considering their track record...

*Marie leaves*

Music: Dream's End
Come on...
(When did I get so sloppy? If only I hadn't blabbed to Dylan.)

How did I let it get to this?
Things couldn't be any worse.

Tony: 7
Dylan: 7
Mags: 5
Frank: 4
Charles: 3
Betty: 2
Sidney: 2
Marie: 2
Rex: 1
Will: 1
Punch: 7

Dylan have caught up to Tony! That's impressive

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Rex won't be coming round here anymore

Rex won't be coming round here anymore.
That's what he said right before he left.
You're right about me being up there too. He and I were putting the record straight.
That's when he told me that he won't be showing his face round here again.
Does that mean he got what he came for?
I guess it does.
Wasn't he looking into the insurance policy Marie's late husband set up?
That's right, isn't it? Did he prove that she was trying to get away with fraud?

If we lie, that should finally get Dylan off our back, right?

Yeah, he sure did

Yeah, he sure did.

I knew it had to be something serious.
You got that right.
Anyway, Mr Hyde, I must be going.

Dylan looks flustered as he walks away.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Heating Up

Finally, some peace. Let's use this opportunity to...


Time to give Rachel a call.

*buzzing sound*

Who's that?

What now?

...This also can't be good

Mrs Patrice...
Mr Hyde, can I have a word with you?
What's up?

Music: Legless Tango
Dylan just told me about Mrs Rivet from room 206.
He did?
I have to thank you, Mr Hyde.
Had he not spoken to me, I wouldn't have known.
Who'd have thought that she'd be involved in something as underhanded as fraud?

You did what?!
Mrs Patrice, I think there's been a misunderstanding.
oh, how so, Mr Hyde? You aren't trying to defend her actions, are you?
I can tell you now, there's no helping people like that.
No, actually it's my fault. I gave Dylan some bad information.
Bad information?!
I'm really sorry.
Mr Hyde, I can't believe you made a mistake like this! Why would you purposefully tell him something that wasn't true?
I've just been to tell Mrs Rivet to vacate the premises!
Not only have you caused this catastrophe, but you've also cost me my reputation!I've got no time for people like you. I want you out of this building at once!

*Mags leaves*

Music: Dream's End
(When did I get so sloppy? I never stopped to think that trying to throw him off the scent would come to this.)

Damn... How did things come to this?
Things couldn't possibly be any worse.

Dylan: 8
Tony: 7
Mags: 5
Frank: 4
Charles: 3
Betty: 2
Sidney: 2
Marie: 2
Rex: 1
Will: 1
Punch: 7

Well, look at the bright side: At least you didn't cause Marie to join Nile!

Also, Dylan has finally taken the lead!