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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

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Original Thread: A Detective Noir Game with Annoying Neighbors (Last Window: The Secret of Cape West)



What is this game?

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West.

What's it about?

It's a mystery VN created by Cing for the DS. I can't tell you much except that it's a sequel to Hotel Dusk: Room 215.

Wait, what? How come I never heard of this?

That's because Cing went bankrupt before this game made it in America.

So you're going to play this with a translation patch?

Thankfully, no. Cing actually managed to localize and release this game in Europe, complete with English language. However, since the game is localized for Europe but takes place in America it might (I don't actually remember) use both American English and British English. I won't point out whenever this happens, just something to keep in mind when reading.

Do I need to play Hotel Dusk: Room 215 before reading this LP?

Not really. The plot in this game is pretty much independent from the last game, unlike games like VLR where you'll be lost if you skip 999. You can count the returning characters from Hotel Dusk on one hand. I do recommend you to read it, though, since it's great in its own right.

That said, I'm not going to use spoiler tags for that game. THIS LP WILL SPOIL HOTEL DUSK: ROOM 215. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Are you going to do the playthrough twice with NG+ as the main one and collecting the Game Overs in NG as the alternate one?

There's no NG+ this time, but I'm still going to be playing this twice. I'm going to try and get all the Game Overs in the main timeline and getting what I missed in the alternate timeline. I don't know how to get all the Game Overs here, so if I missed something feel free to point it out in the thread with spoiler tags.

So what's the rule on spoilers this time?

Open spoilers for Hotel Dusk, tagged spoilers for what I missed in this game. Please don't post twists in this game, even in spoiler tags.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. December 18th, 1980
Update 1. Getting Fired (Video)
Update 2. Not Being Friends
Update 3. Finding Out about the News
Update 4. Dealing with the Rent
Update 5. Getting the Letters
Update 6. Exploring Kyle's Room
Update 7. Looking Through the Window
Chapter 1 Quiz
Chapter 1 Summary

Chapter 2. December 19th, 1980
Update 8. Learning about Kyle's Mother
Update 9. Watching TV
Update 10. Getting Punched
Update 11. Defusing a Conflict
Update 12. Looking For a Ring
Update 13. Hooking a Ring
Update 14. Calling the Boss Ed
Update 15. Tripping an Alarm
Update 16. Watching a Biography
Update 17. Going to the Café
Update 18. Eating and Drinking, Episode 1
Update 19. Confronting a Stalker
Update 20. Reading a Newspaper
Chapter 2 Quiz
Chapter 2 Summary

Chapter 3. December 20th, 1980
Update 21. Dreaming of Looking through the Window
Update 22. Getting Scammed
Update 23. Buying a Drink
Update 24. Solving a Puzzle
Update 25. Paying the Rent
Update 26. Eating and Drinking, Episode 2
Update 27. Getting Tired of Apologies
Update 28. Returning a Letter
Update 29. Listening to the Radio
Update 30. Rex Foster
Chapter 3 Quiz
Chapter 3 Summary

Chapter 4. December 21st, 1980
Update 31. Taking a Walk to the Park
Update 32. Playing a Game
Update 33. Calling Rachel
Update 34. Marie Rivet
Update 35. Depositing a Letter
Update 36. Disabling an Alarm
Update 37. Getting Punched Again
Update 38. Searching the Laundry (Room)
Update 39. Getting Punched Again Again
Update 40. Returning the Tape Recorder
Update 41. Asking Round
Update 42. Tony Wolf
Update 43. Not Getting Punched
Update 44. Listening to a Tape
Chapter 4 Quiz
Chapter 4 Summary

Chapter 5. December 22nd, 1980
Update 45. Answering the Phones
Update 46. Selling to Charles
Update 47. Searching the Laundry (Machine)
Update 48. Selling to Betty
Update 49. Getting Fired (Again)
Update 50. Selling to Marie
Update 51. Selling to Tony
Update 52. Eating and Drinking, Episode 3
Update 53. Watching a Movie
Update 54. Fixing a Door
Update 55. Returning the Tape
Update 56. Zooming and Enhancing
Update 57. Questioning Charles
Update 58. Questioning Dylan
Update 59. Dylan Fitchar
Chapter 5 Quiz
Chapter 5 Summary

Chapter 6. December 23rd, 1980
Update 60. Reminiscing while Looking Through the Window
Update 61. Taking the Elevator
Update 62. Getting Rich
Update 63. Not Sneaking Around
Update 64. Opening a Jar
Update 65. Leaving Rachel Hanging
Update 66. Receiving a Ring
Update 67. Getting Framed
Update 68. Looking at a Ring
Update 69. Returning a Ring
Update 70. Typing
Update 71. Betty Meyer
Chapter 6 Quiz
Chapter 6 Summary

Chapter 7. December 24th, 1980
Update 72. Meeting an Old Friend
Update 73. Drawing a Picture
Update 74. Visiting the Roof
Update 75. Banging the Elevator
Update 76. Opening the Packages
Update 77. Punching
Update 78. Making Friends
Update 79. Playing Billiards
Update 80. Playing More Billiards
Update 81. Eating and Drinking, Episode 4
Update 82. Drinking Through the Night
Chapter 7 Quiz
Chapter 7 Summary

Chapter 8. December 25th, 1980
Update 83. Admiring the View Outside the Window
Update 84. Counseling Relationships
Update 85. Claire Reagan
Update 86. Sidney Reagan
Update 87. Snitching
Update 88. Margaret Patrice
Update 89. Zooming and Enhancing, Ver 2.0
Update 90. Charles Jeunet
Update 91. Zooming and Blurring
Update 92. Zooming and Enhancing, Ver 3.3
Update 93. Breaking and Entering
Update 94. Steaming
Update 95. Will White
Chapter 8 Quiz
Chapter 8 Summary

Chapter 9. December 26th, 1980
Update 96. Making an Appointment
Update 97. Giving and Receiving Reports
Update 98. Not Returning a Ring
Update 99. The Lady
Update 100. Condor
Update 101. More Snitching
Update 102. Rubbing Our Achievements In
Update 103. Chasing Somebody Off
Update 104. Nile
Update 105. Giving Encouragement
Update 106. Teaming Up
Alternate. Spending Money
Update 107. Dealing with the Music Box
Update 108. Teaming Up Again
Update 109. Exploring the Fourth Floor
Chapter 9 Quiz
Chapter 9 Summary

Chapter 10.
Update 110. Cutting
Update 111. Unlocking
Update 112. Michael McGrath
Update 113. Accusing
Update 114. Knocking
Update 115. Frank Raver
Update 116. George Patrice
Update 117. Spotting
Update 118. Crawling
Update 119. Scarlet Star
Update 120. Chris Hyde
Update 121. Leaving


Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
Chapter 1. An Uneasy Feeling
Chapter 2. Unwelcome Attention
Chapter 3. Phantom Woman
Chapter 4. The Hidden Trap
Chapter 5. The Reward
Chapter 6. Reflection in the Ring
Chapter 7. Remembrance of a Promise
Chapter 8. Mysterious Client
Chapter 9. Confessions
Chapter 10. Scarlet Star
Sealed Files

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