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Part 75: Typing

Welp. Time to meet this ~elusive~ person we wouldn't have ever meet if not for Betty.

Music: Dancing Cat
So it was you in Betty's room just now?
Yeah, that's right.
For a moment, I was certain it was that other person who'd paid her a visit.

(Which person?)

I guess that means you came to see Betty then, too.
Yes, I did. I was there to collect the key that I'd lent her.

(Collect the key?)

Music: Gusty Town

Show cheque for $1000
Does this mean you won the prize draw, Mr Hyde?
I was so sure that $1000 cheque was mine...
Show ring
That ring looks quite expensive. I feel like I've seen it before somewhere...

Who did you think it was?

Who do you mean? Who did you think had come to see her?

Her boyfriend?
The last time I went to see her in her room, he was also there.
What's his name?
I didn't ask, sorry.
What can you tell me about him?
Let me think...
Well, there was something I didn't like about him. And he certainly doesn't live in this building.

I don't think the latter is an actual issue, Charles.

Which key did she borrow?

Which key did she borrow?

205? That's vacant, isn't it?
Why have you got the key to that room in the first place?
I've been looking after it for Billy.
Ah right, your friend.

Billy has been mentioned several times, like the person who was accused by Marie.

Yes, Billy Christy. He was here until the end of last month.
We went to the same university. Even though he's moved out, we still meet each other from time to time at university. When I spoke to him three days ago, he asked if I could return the spare keys for room 205 to Mrs Patrice.
The spare key?
Yes, that's right.
Apparently, he couldn't find the spare keys when he was moving out. So he couldn't give it back to Mrs Patrice in person. He managed to find it in the end though, when he checked through his things again. That's the key that Betty borrowed.

(Why did Betty need it?)

If you remember, Kyle also has a spare key. It's in room 202...which makes it effectively useless.

Why did Betty need the spare key?

Why did Betty need the spare key?
She just asked me for it one day.
When she heard that I was looking after it for Billy, she said she wanted to borrow it.
What made Betty ask to borrow the spare key to room 205 in the first place?

This should've been a huge red flag.

Her boyfriend?
I was on my way to return the key to Mrs Patrice, but she wasn't home. While I was in the lobby, Betty and her boyfriend turned up. That was when I told them that I was looking after the key. Then Betty's boyfriend said something to her and she asked to borrow the key.
Why the hell would he want to see the room?

Because they want to fuck and didn't want Tony to hear them?

That's a question I can't answer, I'm afraid. He just stared at me while she asked,
and I got the impression he's not someone I'd want to refuse...
So that's how it happened, and why I went to Betty's room to get the key just now.

Music stops
Hey, Charles.
Would you lend me the spare key, too?
Lend it to you? Why?
Well, we're all going to be leaving here soon... I thought I'd like to take one last look around,it'd be nice to see what room 205's like.

...Really? That's your excuse?

I really have to get it back to Mrs Patrice, though.
I'll make sure you have it back in no time. What do you say?
Okay, Mr Hyde, why not.

Wait, that works?

But I expect it back as soon as you've finished looking at the room!
Don't sweat it, it'll be back before you know it.

I'm going back to my room now.

Charles finishes speaking and heads off.

With the key on hand, we can actually examine this door.

Buzz It'd really give me a buzz if this actually got me a response.
(But this is a vacant room, so I'm not really expecting one.)

Use spare key to room 205 on knob

I use the spare key and unlock the door to room 205.

*Kyle goes in*

(So Rex and Betty came in here, did they?)

Welcome to Room 205. It's pretty much empty.

Music: Hidden Proof

Bottles Some bottles have been left lying on the floor. They're not completely empty.
(Did this trash get left in here when the last resident moved out?)
Left cabinet The varnish in this cabinet has rubbed off in places.
(There's dust on it everywhere except the top.)
(It must have been dusted for a reason. Did someone come in here? And if so, what for?)
Right drawers There are drawers on this side of the cabinet.

Papers There are some sheets of paper inside the drawer.

The window in this room is much larger than the others for some reason.

Window There's a vacant lot behind the apartment building.
(That doesn't strike me as especially odd.)

Left cupboard This cupboard is for storing crockery, but it's completely empty.
Bottom cupboard The cupboard doors look like they could fall apart if I try to open them.
Right cupboard Like all the rooms, there's a cupboard in this corner with a lock on it. It looks burnt.
(Some hot oil must have splashed on it.)
In hindsight it's not a bright idea to put a cupboard right next to the stove like that.
Stove The stove looks rusted in some places. Someone should have taken better care of it.
Exhaust The same built-in extractor that's supplied with every room.
(Up close I can see it's covered in spider webs.)
Top left shelf There are cupboards above the sink, just like in my apartment.
Top right shelf Parts of the cupboard doors are discoloured and brown.
Kitchen sink There's a thick layer of dust on the sink.
Bottom left shelf The drawers look old and dirty.
Bottom right shelf The cupboards at the bottom look a little grimy.
Mirror The mirror casts a dull reflection of the light from the rest of the room.
Sink shelf Someone must have spilt a lot of water on this shelf. It's looking damp and mouldy.
Wash sink The wash basin is covered in dust and water stains.

Left closet The hinges are broken on the closet doors.
(It's impossible to close them.)
Right closet This closet's falling apart.

Black object There appears to be something on a shelf in the closet.

Typewriter There's a typewriter on the shelf in the closet.

What's a typewriter doing here?
(Hang on, a typewriter? The order sheets I got were all done using a typewriter.)
(Could this be the one they were typed on?)

I take the typewriter out of the closet and place it onto the tabletop.

We now have to examine the typewriter again.

Typewriter Now the typewriter is on the desk.

Zoomed-in typewriter There's a typewriter I took out of the closet.

(Damn, no paper.)

It's now time for another challenge: Where will we get a paper?

...That's what I would normally do, but I'm going to respect your intelligence and assume you guys remember what we see 5 minutes ago.

Papers There are some sheets of paper inside the drawer.

I take the sheets of paper.

Use sheets of paper on typewriter

Now, just feed in a sheet...
All set. Now to try typing something.

Welp. Let's try again. (Note how the typewriter now has paper in it with more lying next to it.)

This is the updated zoomed-in typewriter screen. We have to examine the type writer here if we failed the minigame.

Meaning we have to examine the typewriter for a minimum of 5 times, with 2 more every time we fail. It's a pathetically easy minigame, but still.

(Looks like there's no denying that the order sheet was typed on this typewriter.)
(Maybe that explains why Rex was so keen to get in here. Wait...)
(That might mean that Betty knows something she's not letting on about, too.)

Music: Overstepped Memory


Looks like it's time to go back to Betty.

I've got something to ask you, Betty.
It's about room 205.
Room 205?
You'd better come in.