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Part 19: Eating and Drinking, Episode 1

Music: Glass in the Hand

"Here you go!"

Today's coffee and one of my special desserts.

My own homemade plum truffles!
I took a ripe dried plum, filled it with a wonderfully fruity chocolate ganache, then coated it with a slightly bitter type of chocolate for an edgy flavour.
It all adds up to a deliciously sweet dessert. I hope you like it, Mr Hyde.

When I said about food porn, I mean it.

It certainly looks tasty.
Bon appétit!

Claire drifts away from the table after delivering my order.

New Music: Over Easy
There's an appetising-looking combination of coffee and a dessert on the table.

Unlike most of the remixes from Hotel Dusk, this one is unrecognizable. I would say that this is a completely different song with the same name.

Kyle's expression actually changed from the start of this update. Also, if you think we're not going to get an extensive description of the coffee, you haven't been paying attention to what I said.


Music: Glass in the Hand

Glad to hear it! How're you finding today's blend?
Let me see. Full-flavoured, slightly bitter, and with a fine aroma to boot.
Isn't it spectacular? Got my hands on some top-notch beans.

See what I mean?

I find it pays to add a little more than you think you need to.
Well it sure beats the instant crap.
Ha ha, I'll take that as a compliment.

Sidney is basically

(He's Claire's father, and he owns this place. He can dig his heels in when he wants, but he likes to talk and we get on well.)
Say, what did you think of the dessert? Be honest now!
It was great.
How great exactly?
You know, just...great.
I thought you'd say something like that.
For me, I find that adding some liqueur really sets the taste apart from the rest.

What, you thought we were done with the food discussions?

Adding just the right amount boosts the impact of the ganache. Helps to balance the taste of the plums and cocoa too.
If you tried a dessert I'd put together, chances are you'd be pining for another!
How come you don't tell Claire all this?

She's just no interested in my take on recipes. Tells me to keep them to myself. She's in the habit of ignoring my good advice.

The wording is kinda unclear here. The first time I read it, I thought that Sidney thinks that adding liqueur to the dessert is great. While that's true, it seems that Claire doesn't actually add the liqueur (since that's absent from the description). Obviously I can't check while playing this game myself, so this part was kinda confusing.

Sometimes I think I can even see my ex-wife's personality poking through!
By the way, Mr Hyde...
Do you know the customer sitting over there in the back?
Which one?
Him, over there. The guy in the sunglasses.
Guy in the sunglasses?

(Who the hell is that guy?)
He a friend of yours, Mr Hyde?
Never laid eyes on him before.

It's probably because of different times, but it's strange that everyone including Rachel just assumed the guy who's obviously a stalker is Kyle's friend.

Or maybe it's just an advanced stalking technique. "They won't suspect a thing if I just asked about it plainly "

Strange. He seems to know all about you.
He came round asking questions and everything.
I just figured he must be a friend of yours.
Looks like I got it all wrong, though.

Sidney finishes speaking and leaves the tableside.

(Who is that guy and how does he know about me?)

New Music: A Drink in the Evening

Obviously, we're going to examine everything before approaching the stalker.

Music: Hidden Proof

Right bench It's a bench covered in red leather. It seats two people. The leather looks like it's undergone some repair work.
Window If you look closely, the window has a lot of tiny scratches. I'm so glad I looked closely.
Table The sunlight glistening on the table's surface makes the colour seem lighter than it is.
Bottles A bottle of mustard and a bottle of ketchup. Ah, I can see there's plenty left in both. I was almost worried there for a second.
Poster There's a poster for a drink stuck to the wall.

Zoomed-in poster The poster has a picture of iced tea on it. Think I'll stick with Cool Pop.
Left bench This bench feel really hard, like you're sitting directly on the wood.
(That's what happens when you use the same seats for decades.)
Tree It's a Christmas tree decorated with a veritable rainbow of ornaments.

Door This door leads to the café's billiards room.
(Billiards, huh? I think I'm a little rusty.)
Jukebox An old-fashioned jukebox. Seems a little flashy for this place.
Might as well put a record on I guess.

This is pretty much like Hotel Dusk, where we can listen to songs and that song will be what plays in this area. Again, I'm not changing it because A Drink in the Evening isn't playing anywhere else.
This is also the same jukebox that you can access from the novel. There's 2 modes of shuffle, and I don't know what the lock icon does.

Sign There's a glowing neon sign that reads "Lucky's Café."

Zoomed-in sign The neon text reads "Lucky's Café."

Let's talk to Sidney before examining this one.

Music: Glass in the Hand
Mr Hyde...
Maybe you should go and find out what that guy wants.

I'll get on it. Later, I mean. Spoiler: I won't do it this update.

Cash register The cash register looks like an old model. Not like I'm an expert or anything.
Coffee maker A coffee maker and a juicer. The tools of the trade.
(I guess this is the coffee maker Sidney was talking about.)
Lamps A pair of small lights are hanging from the ceiling.
Menu There's a printed menu on the counter.
Bottles There are condiments on the counter, but not mayonnaise. Oh well, can't have it all.
Counter The counter's so clean I can see my face in it. ...I shouldn't have looked.
Blackboard There's a blackboard above the shelves with the menu written on it.
(This café is famous for its cheap prices and tons of options.)
Left shelf All the dishes have been scrubbed clean and stacked up on the shelves.
Top shelf Some beer bottles are lined up on the shelf.
Middle shelf That shelf holds several stacks of plates. Some notes are stuck up around it too.
Bottom shelf There are some piles of plates and a few whiskey bottles on top of the cupboards.

We can't examine the left half of the café because Kyle will automatically talk to the stalker, but we can examine the billiards room, so let's do that.

Table There's a worn old billiards table in the middle of the room. It's what Lucky's Café is famous for, among other things.
(I used to be a crack shot at billiards back in the day.)
Balls The balls are sitting right in the middle of the table.

Right lamp There's a small spotlight hanging from a rail on the ceiling. Atmospheric.
TV There's a television sitting on a high shelf. It's not turned on. I guess this room is more about the billiards.
Left lamp There's a small spotlight hanging from a rail on the ceiling. Classy.
Counter It's a long counter that must have been custom-built to fit the wall. It's been scrubbed so clean, it sparkles. Sidney and Claire run a tight ship.
(Don't think I've ever used this counter myself.)
Bottles under TV There are two whiskey bottles sitting on the counter. It looks like they're empty bottles that have been left on display.
Other bottles Some whiskey bottles are sat on the counter. Someone's a big whiskey drinker...

Right chair There's a thin wooden chair next to the table.
Left chair There's a thin wooden chair between the table and the door. Like many things here, it's covered in small scratches.
Table It's a small, square table. There's nothing on it. Not a single thing.
Billiards table Naturally, this room has a billiards table.
Door This door leads to the café's restroom.
Cue rack It's a cue rack with several billiard cues sticking up out of it. The cues have all been left here with chalk still on the end.
(Like they were stuck there right after people finished playing a game.)

We can actually go to the restroom, not just examine it.

(So this is the café's restroom. I don't come in here all that often, but whenever I do it's clean as can be.)

This time the toilet itself is a room we can walk in.

Lamp The lamp gives the room an eerie glow.
Mirror There's a mirror above the sink. Looks like the stress is really taking its toll on me... Is that a grey hair?
Sink There's just one sink on the wall. It's made of ceramic.
Dispenser The paper towel dispenser is full up. That's always good to know.
Trash can There's a trash can in the corner of the room. It's completely empty.
(You know, I don't recall ever seeing any trash in there.)
(Someone must always be coming in here to empty it. My guess is Claire or Sidney.)

Toilet The cubicle has a ceramic toilet inside it. It's so clean you could eat off it. But I'd still prefer not to.
Tissue There's a toilet paper holder nailed to the divider

Toilet The toilet is made of ceramic...much like the sink and the other toilet.
Tissue The toilet paper holder is screwed in tight.
(And it looks like the roll has just been replaced.)

We'll talk to him next time. This picture is mostly just so this update doesn't end with a toilet.