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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 39: Disabling an Alarm

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall

Now let's actually do what Dylan says. We don't want people coming up here, after all.

Control panel

The switch for the alarm is in the "on" position.
(I'd better remember to disable this before trying the door.)

Well, the alarm won't ring anymore, but the door won't actually open yet.


This must be the other control panel Dylan was on about.

Let's see here...

What we have to do now is...

The cover just came off!

This is the tricky one. One possible solution I read is to use the screwdriver on it. The screwdriver will slowly unscrew the last bolt and we have to hold the glass so it doesn't fall off and cause a Game Over. Unfortunately, I can't pick up the screwdriver. Kyle won't leave this floor.

Which is why I have to use another technique.

The technique is similar to the one I used for the control panel. Stopping time (pausing the emulator) and then moving very fast (frame advance). On an actual DS we can use two fingers instead.

Now the fire door should open.

Let's check it out.


(So this is the fourth floor. Seems what I heard was right. It's still just like a hotel up here.)
(Okay, time to have a look around.)

New Music: Creeping Shadow

The music is certainly...different than normal. But we must investigate this floor, so off we go.

Music: Joke's On You
Crap, that's not good!
Great, now I'm trapped in here.

Oh, right. I forgot the door handle doesn't work from inside.

(Wait a minute! Dylan said he'd come and get me after 30 minutes.)
(So I can just hang back until then and he'll open the door.)

*time passes*

(Where in the hell is he? Guess I'm not going anywhere.)

I wait, trapped behind the fourth floor fire door in the unrenovated hallway.

Dammit, it's definitely been more than 30 minutes!
Maybe Dylan just thought he'd leave me here to rot. If I ever get out of here, he'd better pray I don't find him...

Music: Dream's End
(Wish I'd paid a bit more attention to Dylan about keeping that door open.)

Damn. What the hell am I gonna do if nobody opens that door?

I'm stuck here on the fourth floor. Outstanding.

Tony: 3
Mags: 2
Dylan: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1

I'm blaming Dylan because he's the one who didn't come on time. It could also be Kyle being impatient and turns out it has just been 3 minutes.

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall

Now let's actually do what Dylan told us to.

Doorstop There's a wooden doorstop inside the toolbox.

Well, there's the doorstop Dylan told me about.

After that, we enter the room. Instead of pressing on, we turn back to the door.

Music: Creeping Shadow

Knock I suspect no one's coming.
You don't say?

Use doorstop on the gap

I place the doorstop underneath the fire door.

Now we're finally able to investigate the fourth floor. We might actually get more buzz puns!

Knock Nothing. This is like a bad knock knock joke, and I'm the punchline.
Buzz Why did these doors need buzzers when this place was a hotel anyway?
(What? It's not opening. Looks like the door's locked.)

Buzz No way anyone's gonna come to the door. It's im-buzz-able.
(It won't open. Looks like this door is locked too.)
Knob (again) Turning the locked doorknob is unlikely to be the way I get into this room.

Knock I'm certain nobody's listening. It doesn't matter how much I knock.
Buzz If I stand here too long, the buzzards will start circling.
(This one won't open either. It's locked good and proper.)

Buzz No response. What a buzzkill.
(Not my day. This one's locked too.)
(Knowing my luck, the whole floor is locked up tight.)

I sure hope risking 2 Game Overs to come to this floor doesn't go to waste.

Knock I don't hear any footsteps. I'm probably better off not waiting too long for an answer.
Buzz Nothing. Well, the fourth floor ain't exactly buzzing.
(No luck with this one either.)
(Are there any rooms left that I haven't checked?)

Just one left, actually.

Plate 4...0...4. This must be room 404.
Knock I might as well be knocking on the wall for all the good it's doing.
Buzz This is all just a lot of buzz over nothing.
(This room seems to be unlocked.)

(There's a distinctly moist smell in here. So the hotel rooms have been left like this for all these years...)

We can actually do something here!

Before we do that, though, let's see the updated profiles after Marie's confrontation.

Music: Sobering Dream

Our map is also changed, now with the 4th floor included. No wonder this hotel went out of business; they numbered the rooms to fuck with the guests, after all!