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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 31: Listening to the Radio

Music: Heating Up

Kyle's door buzzed after a few steps.

Who is it?

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Mr Hyde, would you mind giving my hammer back?
Yeah, sure. Sorry about that. It completely slipped my mind.
I figured it might have.

It didn't slip MY mind, but you didn't answer when I knocked your door offscreen

Music: Gusty Town

Show $5
Is that just the money you had in your pocket, Mr Hyde?
Show crossword
This is the crossword for the Lucky's Café prize draw, isn't it?
Show others
Is that anything to do with me?

Show hammer

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Here you go.
Did it help you our with your problem?
Yeah, it did the trick.
Glad to hear it.
By the way...
There's something I'd like to ask you, Mr Hyde.
Go on.

He's been hanging around the building recently.
(Yeah, I have. That's Rex Foster.)
I've seen him too.
Is he a detective too?

(What makes you think that?)

Music: Gusty Town
What makes you think he's a detective?

What makes you think he's a detective?
Dunno, the expression in his eyes and the way he carries himself, I suppose. I figured he must be a detective who's searching this place for something.
No offence, but he really didn't strike me as a detective.
Is that so?
Well, if you say so. I guess being an ex-detective, you'd know about these things.
Don't tell me you're disappointed.
Maybe a little. Having a real-life detective around could be exciting. I was going to just walk up and ask him.
What did you plan on saying?

I love those cop shows on TV and thought it'd be great to be involved and all.

Dylan watched too many cop shows.

Are you serious?
Leads? Secret tip-offs? This isn't what it's like in real life, you know! Mark my words, you'd be best steering clear of that guy.
If you say so, Mr Hyde.

Kyle's that guy who has to tell everyone how the TV portrays things wrong.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
While you're here, can I ask you something? Have you noticed anything unusual or out of place in the building lately?
Unusual? Out of place? Around here?

You mean beside the guy with the sunglasses?

Ah! Yes, there was one thing.
Mr Hyde, do you have a radio in your room?
Yeah, I got one.

Can't say I have.
There's some weird noise, like static, that I can't quite identify.
Seems to have happened suddenly and I just can't figure it out. It's been driving me mad for a while now.
Okay, Mr yde, I've got to be somewhere. See you.

Dylan leaves my room and disappears down the hallway.

(Strange noise from the radio? I'd better give it a listen.)

Music: Heating Up

There's no noticeable static when examining the radio earlier. Maybe it'll be there now that Dylan told us about it Rex is downstairs.


Let's see what Dylan was mumbling about.

Unlike last time we used the radio, there's only one song we can listen to.

Music: A Drink in the Evening (with static added)

What's that? I hear...
Music...and voices?
(Hold on. This music's familiar. Where have I heard it before?)
(Kind of reminds me of a place where people are talking and music is playing.)

I'm still glad for the phone shortcut.

The phone's ringing.

*Kyle picks up the phone*

Hey there.

Hey, Rachel.

Music :Serenity

Tell me.
Let me see, he's 38 years old and appears to be an insurance claim investigator.
Insurance claim investigator?

Is wiretapping a natural part of an insurance claim investigator's job?

Well, it looks like he's freelance and comes with his fair share of bad gossip.
What kind of gossip are we talking here?
Word is, if he looks into a claim, the client never receives their cash. Is that any good? I can do some more digging if you like.
Yeah, that'd be helpful.
Will do, sweetie. I'll be in touch as soon as I have more information.
I've got something else I'd like you to check out. I want to find out about Hotel Cape West.
No problem, I'll check it out.
And while you're at it...
There's more?
I didn't tell you before, but... It looks like I've got to clear out of here by the end of the month.
Why's that?
This place has been sold off. Everyone's leaving.

No, it kinda isn't. It's Kyle's own fault for not checking his mail

Tell me about it. I've gotta find myself a new place to live in the meantime. Maybe I'll just had over to your place and crash there.
Yeah, that's not going to happen.
Just kidding.
You, making a joke? Wait, let me get my tape recorder!

Rachel is still great

Ha ha. Anyway, I'll be waiting for your call.

*Rachel hangs up*

(So he's working for an insurance company and looking into people's claims.)
(So much to think about... Bugging devices, strange noise from the radio...)
(I need more info. Think I'll take another sniff around the building.)

Music: Heating Up
Music: Overstepped Memory

Rex is still hanging out in the lobby. Don't know why he doesn't go inside the café. It's not as if he can get more suspicious.

Music: Town Dyed Purple
Spit it out, Rex, I know it was you who planted that device in Marie's room!
I've already told you, I don't know what you're on about! Anyway, how're you gonna prove it without anything to back it up?
(I need some cast-iron proof that he's behind this.)

Music: A Drink in the Evening

Music: Glass in the Hand
Hey, Mr Hyde.
Can you tell me something?
Sure, what is it?

Who was murdered in this hotel 13 years ago?
I'm sorry, Mr Hyde, but I can't tell you.
Do I hear something about a murder?
Oh, Mr Hyde, I told you not to talk about it anymore! Now

Where does Marie usually sit when she's here?
Marie? Let me see... Ah yes, she sits in the same place every time.
Right over there, by the Christmas tree.

Welcome to Lucky's, Mr Hyde.
Can you tell me something?
How can I help?
Where does Marie usually sit when she's here?
Marie? She always sits in the same seat.
Over there, by the Christmas tree.

The static is referring to this place, although it might be harder to recognize if you changed this place's music. The music in the radio will always be the same no matter what you have on the jukebox.

Music: Hidden Proof

Tree There's a Christmas tree standing in the corner.


(Just as I thought. There's a bugging device attached to the tree.)

If we hadn't asked Sidney or Claire, Kyle will ask Sidney about where Marie usually sits.

(I think it's about time Rex and I had another chat.)

It's almost time for a confrontation! An actual one this time!

The thread has solved the crossword, so this will be the final crossword corner. I was originally planning to have this until after our second confrontation (it's sooner than you'd think).

The color on the boxes corresponds to the color of the text.

From Hobgoblin2099, Blue Labrador, FoolyCharged, and Mraagvpeine.

It's kind of tricky to realize when you're playing this yourself.

(This looks fine to me.)
(If I get the chance I'll show it to Sidney.)

So we show it to Sidney.

Music: Glass in the Hand
Oh, have you finished the crossword?
A simple puzzle like that? I could have done it in my sleep!

Yup, you got it.
Not bad, Mr Hyde.

We did it!

Kyle is very proud.

What's this?
It's a slip with your entry number for the prize draw.

This is your proof that you've entered, so take good care of it, okay? The prize draw is on December 23rd. Who knows, you might get lucky.
Got it.
Lemme ask you, Mr Hyde. If you won $1000, what would you spend it on?
I'll think about that if it ever happens.
Ha ha, I guess I should have expected an answer like that.
($1000, huh?)

I'm going to keep the crossword to see the others' response to it. I'll show the entry slip responses later.

Here's another chance on audience participation: Who do we spend the money on? There's three instances where we can do that later in the game and I'll be holding a voting when we get there, but you can think about it from now.