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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 15: Calling the Boss Ed

All right, let's tell Tony the good news. The game won't let us leave until we do that. We can knock on Marie's door, but she just says she doesn't want to see anyone.

Music: Shadowy Men
What is it, man?
I found the ring in Marie's room.
Seriously, you got it?
It'd fallen down the side of her dresser.
I knew it! I knew she'd got her facts all wrong!
She also said she's sorry.

To be fair, that would be my reaction in that situation, too.

It's about time I started hearing some serious apologies.
I think you should go easy on her, Tony.
She's really embarrassed and not exactly proud of what she did. Perhaps you should just let it slide this time.
But you heard what she said about me, right?
Come on, Tony. We're all gonna be clearing out of these apartments soon. Do you really wanna cause any more trouble for yourself?
Yeah, maybe you're right. I think I'm man enough to take this one on the chin. Forgive and forget, and all.
Thanks to you, I'm in the clear.
I can't thank you enough for what you did.
Can't imagine it would've gone this well if I'd asked anyone else.

For all the shit I gave Tony, at least he knows how to forgive and thank other people, even if there might be another motive behind those actions.

Hey, hold on.

How did you find out about my past?

Hey, Tony. How'd you find out?
About me being a detective, I mean.
I heard it from Dylan.
How the hell did he know?
I thought you must've told him or something.
Like I'd tell a guy like him all about my past.
I haven't told anyone living in this building about that.
That so? I just figured that kind of info must've come straight from you.
I was pretty surprised when I heard you used to wear a badge.

If even Tony can guess that, then it must be painfully obvious.

Hey, no need to give me that kind of look. I'm just thinking out loud.
Looks like I crossed the line, huh?

Oh, wow, is that the time? I gotta be at an audition! Catch you later, man.
An audition?
Yeah, and if I make it through, I'm gonna get me a live gig.
And if that happens, drinks are on me!

Don't you have a rent to pay or something?

Music stops
Tony makes his way along the hallway and heads down the stairs towards the lobby.

I won't hold my breath for those drinks.
(There's something about what Tony said... What was it?)

(How does Dylan know about my past?)

(How does Dylan know about my past?)

*Pager beeps*

It's my pager.

But before we do that...


Music: Dancing Cat
You got a problem?
I found Marie's ring.
It was under the dresser all along.

I knew there'd be a more rational explanation.
Looks like you were right on the money.
Not that I really did anything to help, though.
I'm just glad all the shouting and screaming's come to an end.
Yeah, I second that.
Catch you later, Mr Hyde.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Heating Up

You might notice that the phone icon is missing, but there's a new pager icon on the top left. Sadly, we have to manually select the phone if we want to make a call.

Suppose I should give Rachel a call.

Music :Serenity
It's me. What's up?
Ed's just got back. I'll pass you over.

Music: Ace of Diamonds

There's something we need to discuss.
Yeah, well it's a little late to start apologising. I don't care how much you grovel, I'm not going back on my decision.
It's not about me getting fired, Ed.
Then what the hell is it about?
It's about an order. An order that made its way to me directly.
There was an order sheet in my room when I got back yesterday. The message on it was vague, it goes like this: "Find the Scarlet Star that disappeared in Hotel Cape West 25 years ago."
You sure you got your facts straight? Orders shouldn't come directly to you at all. As far as the clients are concerned, they don't even know Kyle Hyde. You haven't been spreading what we deal with behind the scenes, have you?
What do you take me for, an idiot?

You sure have been hanging around plenty of them lately.

In case you forgot, Red Crown ain't your concern any more so just drop it. You can take that piece of paper and burn it.
But Ed...
Plus, it sounds like a bogus order to me. Think about it, who's gonna be after something that went missing 25 years ago? Just drop it. Besides, you've got more important things to do, like finding a job.
I'm hanging up. *hangs up*

(Even if it does turn out to be bogus, how did it make its way to me?)
Speaking of strange, Tony heard I was a detective from Dylan, of all people. Something's not quite right about all this. Think it's about time Dylan and I got better acquainted.

Music: Heating Up
Music: Overstepped Memory
So we go to the 3rd floor.

Huh? There's someone in the hallway.

Dylan can wait. Exploring comes first, since this is the first time we can go up here.

Bench The bench is a little faded from all the sunlight.
Lamp There's a light fixed to the wall. They must have got a bulk discount on these.

Buzz Maybe I'd be more striking if I got a buzz cut. Then people would answer the door to me.

Knock Nothing. I might as well knock it off.
Buzz Maybe they're...buzzy?

Knock No answer. Well, can't knock it till I've tried it.
Buzz No answer when I press the buzzer. Maybe it's buzz-ted?

Most of those puns are really bad

We can't examine door 304 since Dylan's standing right in front of it.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
You got a moment?
I've got some questions I'd like to ask you.
Questions to ask me?
Let me bend your ears for a bit.
Are you going to tell me what it's about?
Tony from 201 told me that you were blabbing about me once being a detective.
That's right. I think I did mention it to him.
But he came and asked me about it first.
He asked you about me?
Must've been about two weeks back.
I was called to his room to take care of a door that wouldn't close properly, and after I fixed it, he asked if I'd like to grab a drink.
That's when he started asking about you.
I remember asking if I knew anything about you.

(Why was he asking about me?)

Music: Gusty Town

Read note
Is that a notebook?
Write note
You taking notes or something?
Show room 202 key
That's not mine.
Show pager
Ah, I see you have a pager.
Show order sheet
Can't say I know anything about this.