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Part 42: Getting Punched Again Again

Music: Overstepped Memory

Now that we have the tape recorder, we should return it to Frank.

Knock No answer. Well, can't knock it till I've tried it.

That's the same response as usual.

(Not in? What a pain. Too busy searching for your recorder to actually get it back, eh?)

What did you expect. Him to just sit around while you found the tape?

*beeping noise*

It's my pager.

So back to Kyle's room we go.

Music: Heating Up


Time to get Rachel on the phone.

Music :Serenity
It's me. You have an update for me?
Yes, I've unearthed some extra information on Rex Foster.
What is it?
Before we went into insurance investigations, he worked as a reporter for a magazine.
What kind of magazine?
it was called Los Angeles Beat. It was a weekly publication that covered current affairs. Looks like it was pretty classy, too.
How does a guy working for a decent magazine like that end up doing dirty work like this?
That's the question.

I know one possible reason:

You got anything on the hotel?
Not yet I'm afraid. I've still got a few leads to follow up on, though.
I didn't mean to have you work through Sonday, Rachel.
It's no problem, I didn't have any plans anyway. Plus, it's nice to hear your voice.
Yeah, yours too.

*Rachel hangs up*

(I nearly forgot... Better go and see if Frank's back.)

Music: Heating Up
Off we go back to...

Tony's door's open!

Or maybe not. We'll just see through the door...

Music: Overstepped Memory

How did Frank get into Tony's room, anyway? Does he somehow know how to lockpick?

Knob (or the space between the door)

What're you doing in here?

Let's ignore Frank for now and investigate this place. And then thank him for opening the door for us.

Mr Hyde.
I'd appreciate it if you left me in peace.

That's what happened when we try to examine anything.

I was about to leave you alone. I'm going to bother you now that you prevented me from searching this place!

Music: Blue Lady
What is it?
What're you doing in here?
I can assure you, I'm not doing anything that could be considered illegal.

Really? Breaking and entering isn't illegal? Also interesting that this is the first justification he tries.

Not that it's any of your business anyway.
I'm not interested in being lied to. Tell me the truth. This is Tony's room and I don't see him around. How did you get in and why are you here?

Let's let Frank explain himself.

The door was open when I got here, so I wondered if he was still in.

Nice try. The door was closed before the phone call. Try again.

I've been waiting for him to return.
I'll come back again later.

Music stops
Frank leaves Tony's room and shuffles off down the hallway.

Kyle, you're going to just let him leave? Okay then.


What the hell're you doing in here, Hyde?
The door was open when I passed and I saw Frank lurking around inside.

True, but this is pretty much the EXACT SAME excuse as Frank's. The part about the door, I mean.

Go on.
In fact, I just managed to get him out of here.

Music: Joke's On You
I don't want to hear excuses!

Just tell me why the hell you're in my room!
I just met that old fool, Frank, in the hallway. He told me that you were poking around in my room.
So you're just going to believe what he's telling you, is that it, Tony?
Shut your stinking mouth! You're no different from that meddling old fool!
Just calm down!
I never thought you'd stoop to this, man. You're the worst.
It's not like that, Tony!
Get your hands off me!

Fun fact: The only reason I used a different GIF this time is because of the different backdrop. Absolutely no other reason.

I really have nothing left to say after this happened twice already.

Music: Dream's End
(Damn! Can't believe that old crank set me up like this.)

That idiot...

He trusted Frank (who just accused him of stealing his stuff) over Kyle (who just helped him after being accused 2 days ago).

Tony: 5
Mags: 2
Dylan: 2
Rex: 1
Marie: 1
Frank: 1

I'm blaming BOTH Tony and Frank this time! Double points!

Music: Blue Lady

Back to this choice, we're actually going to press him this time.


Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?
Keep your voice down, will you?
I'm not deaf, so there's no need to shout!
If you want me to keep my voice down, start talking. What're you doing in Tony's room?
I know he's hiding it somewhere.

He didn't take your tape recorder, Frank.
Would you care to explain exactly how you can be so sure?
I found your tape recorder.
You what?
So there's no reason why you need to search Tony's room.
If you've got it, please return it to me at once.
I have something extremely important in that tape recorder.

(What's so important?)

I'll give it back to you...
But before I do, I'd like you to answer my questions.

Music: Gusty Town

Read note
I would appreciate it if you looked at me while we're talking.
Write note
I demand to know what you're writing about me.
Show room 202 key
That doesn't belong to me.
Show pager
You carry a pager around with you?
Show $5
Hmph. A buck or two won't get you anywhere on its own.
That's the sad truth
Show bugging device
What are you doing with a device like that?
Show winning bottle cap or Pinkie Rabbit Land
Stop wasting my time, Mr Hyde.
Show order sheet
What's this supposed to be? I don't know anything about it.
Show old invitation
That invitation...
It's from 13 years ago.
Yes, we know. Thank you for reading it.
Show broken tape recorder
(I'll give him back his precious tape recorder once he answers my questions.)
Show others
What about it?