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Part 25: Buying a Drink

So, getting back to what you were saying...

Music: Gusty Town

What do you mean by tight spot?

What do you mean by a tight spot?'s nothing, don't worry about it.
You better not be lying to me, Tony.
No way, man. I'd never do that. Besides, you got your own problems, right?
That was Mags on the phone just now. I noticed how you were speaking.

You just know because Kyle directly said "Mrs Patrice" that time.

When she wants something from you, there's no stopping her.
She was on the phone to me not long back.
If I dont strike it rich with this deal, I'm never gonna settle the rent.
(What deal?)

Why weren't you like this before?

That tight spot you let slip was your rent, right?
No, man, what makes you say that?
You're just chasing dreams, Tony. If you gamble away your cash, you're gonna lose.
You think I'm going to lend you cash outta my own pocket just like that?
Maybe you should try working for your money.
That's harsh, you know that?
I got the message. I'm outta here.

Tony leaves looking less than happy.

(Okay, time to get your head straight. What's it gonna be?)

Somehow "What's it gonna be?" translates into "Let's look for more cash." Pinkie Bank should have some.

Music: Heating Up

Pinkie Bank My beloved Pinkie Bank. There's a coin slot on the back of its head.

I'm pretty sure there's some change inside.
I need to get at the money in my Pinkie Bank, but I'd prefer not to have to break it.

Before we try to find a way to rob the bank, let's see if the other cash spot has enough.

Bottle Inside this empty whiskey bottle is a load of money I've saved up.

Got quite a bit saved up too.

We have to lift up the bottle and then flip it.

Maybe if I shake it around...

Nope. Definitely not working.

Well, a little more cash fell out.

This brings the amount to exactly $381.25.

(I'm gonna need to break the bottle to get to the bills. Could smash it on the table, but if I damage the furniture, Mags'd probably have a fit and charge me even more rent.)
Better go find something else to break it with.

Well, better find something to break a bottle then. Mags is busy and won't bother with us right now, so let's see who else is available.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: A Drink in the Evening

Both Claire and Sidney are available. Maybe they can help.

Music: Glass in the Hand
Can I help you with anything, Mr Hyde?
No, not really.

Maybe Sidney will be more helpful than Claire Kyle will actually ask this time.

Hey, Mr Hyde.
I got a favour to ask.
How can I help?
I'm trying to break open this bottle and was wondering if you had something I could use.
Some kind of tool, you mean?
I might be able to help, but I'll need to know what kind of bottle it is.
It's just an old whiskey bottle. Looks pretty thick, though.
I see.

That's what I thought you'd say.
Don't think I've got one here in the café.
To be fair, it's not the kind of thing you tend to find in a place like this.
Thanks all the same. I'll keep looking around.
Good luck.

That's actually very helpful! I think we know who would have a hammer. Before that, though...

Music: A Drink in the Evening
Music: Overstepped Memory

Since we got the quarters now, we can actually use this machine. You might remember that there's a contest about the bottle cap.

Use quarters on vending machine

(Hmm, what'll it be...)

I think we all know how to use a vending machine. There's 6 flavors, with Cherry and Grape in the black area between the screens. I choose Grape because the online randomizer picked it first.

I open the bottle and glug the whole thing down.

Sadly, we can't present each drink to everyone

Ah, that hits the spot.
I wonder if I've won anything?
This bottle cap...

Sadly, we can only buy one drink per chapter. Kyle will just say that he's not thirsty if we try to buy more.

Dylan should have a hammer, being a repairman and all. Not to mention that he's the only other person around. We can go directly to him without asking Sidney, if you're wondering.


Oh, it's you, Mr Hyde.
Dylan, I've got something I need your help with.
You think I can help you somehow?
Here's hoping.
Okay, well, glad to be of service. Why don't you come on inside, and we can talk.

*Kyle enters Dylan's room*

(So this is where Dylan calls home.)

Sadly, we can't examine the room right now.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
So, Mr Hyde, you were saying something about needing my help?
Yeah, I need to borrow something. I'm pretty sure you've got what I need...
Well, don't keep me hanging. What is it?
A hammer.
A hammer?
You do have one, don't you?
Wouldn't be able to call myself a repair man if I didn't, now, would I?
But why do you need to borrow my hammer, Mr Hyde?

The first option sounds suspicious. Let's pick it!

I've got something to take care of.

I've got something to take care of.

Not really...
You're gonna have to be a little more specific if you want to borrow it, Mr Hyde.
I told you, it's nothing.
Let me make it simple. You either tell me why you need it, or the deal's off.

No way I'm telling you anything.

No way I'm telling you anything.

I never said it was a secret. (Yeah, like I'm going to make myself a laughing stock by telling you my problem.)
Mr Hyde!
There's something fishy about all this. I think I'm going to have to refuse.
I think you'd better leave.
Alright, alright, I'm leaving.

I quickly make my way out of Dylan's room.

Soon after that, we hear some footsteps.

Music: Joke's On You
Mr Hyde.
I've just had an interesting chat with Dylan regarding you.
He claims you went to him, and asked to borrow something for an odd reason.
Would you kindly explain to me why you need to borrow a hammer?
I sincerely hope you don't plan on causing any trouble in the near future.
It never crossed my mind.

It's just like I said, Mrs Patrice...
Mr Hyde just came to my room and requested that I lend him my hammer.

I know Kyle is being suspicious, but do you really need to call Mags immediately?

I see, Dylan.
Mr. Hyde...
Would you mind coming to my room? At once.
You serious?
I'll be blunt. Are you planning on causing some sort of trouble here? As the owner of these premises, it's my duty to maintain order.
Now, hold on...
Yes, Mrs Patrice, that sounds like a good idea.
Now now, Dylan, not so fast.
I'd like you to come to my room too.
Wh-why do I need to be there?

Music stops

This is the first time we see Mags' room. Obviously, we can't examine this place now.

This apartment building does not belong to you, is that clear? I expect all my tenants to consider the other residents before doing anything rash.
Mrs Patrice, I can assure you...
Please don't interrupt!
Okay, sorry.
Dylan, this applies to you as well.
I understand. It won't happen again.

I'm glad we all finally see eye to eye on this. But to prove to me you're both sorry for the trouble you've caused... I'd like you to assist the other guests with their removals. I expect your unfailing support right up until the building is empty.
Are you serious?
I think it's a completely justified course of action.

Music: Dream's End
You call this justified?
(How did it get to this? Why the hell didn't I just tell Dylan the truth?)

Damn it!
Looks like there's no hope for me finding the Scarlet Star now.

Tony: 3
Mags: 1
Dylan: 1

This one is understandable, at least.