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Part 29: Getting Tired of Apologies

Music: Glass in the Hand
Can I help you with anything, Mr Hyde?
No, not really.

Is there something I can help you with, Mr Hyde?
No, not really.

If we completed the crossword correctly, we can give it to Sidney. We havent, though, so we'll just go out.

Music: A Drink in the Evening

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Oh, it's you, Marie.
Glad I caught you.
I just wanted to apologise for my behaviour yesterday.
No problem. I had a word with Tony and managed to smooth things over. You've got nothing to worry about from him.

Kyle: At least about theft. However, you do need to worry about scams from him.

Thank you very much.

I hope I haven't given you a reason to hate me.

Losing a diamond ring tends to do that to people. At least you didn't caused any Game Over.

Trust me, it takes a lot more than that to make me hate a person. I try not to take things too seriously. I'm an easygoing kind of guy.

Kyle: The only person I really hate is a plagiarizing writer. The guy who tried to frame me for robbery is a close second.

Probably best if we just forget the whole thing happened.
You're very kind.
It's not kindness, I just don't want to waste any more time on it.
I... I...
(Why's she crying?)
Hey, there's no need to get upset.
Ever since I lost my husband things have been very tough for me but after talking to you, I've been able to relax and open up a little. I feel less stressed and worked up than usual.
I'm sorry, Mr Hyde. I must be getting on your nerves.

Maybe a little.

Perhaps a little.
You've been apologising for ages now.
I'm not the kind of guy who likes to be apologised to over and over.

Marie is so sad...

You don't beat around the bush, yo uyou, Mr Hyde?
I find it's easier all round if I speak my mind. Leaves nothing to the imagination.
But, Marie... If you've got something you want to say to me...
Just spit it out. There's no sense in keeping it to yourself.

I believe you've just been to see Mrs Patrice.

How does she know about that?

Right, I had some business to discuss with her.
What did she have to say to you?
Why do you ask?
I mean, did I come up in the conversation at all?
I see where this is going. Are you worried about her telling me your rent?
So she did talk about me.
I thought as much.
I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm short of money right now and can't pay my rent.
So you're completely broke?
I mean, do you have any sort of income at all?
Kind of.

When I receive it, I'll be able to settle the rent.
I see.

The door opens and somebody comes in.

Music: Town Dyed Purple
(Great, it's Rex Foster.)

Marie, what's the matter?
It's nothing, please don't worry about it.
I think I'm going to leave, Mr Hyde.

Marie makes a quick exit.

What is it?
Rex Foster...
What're you still doing lurking around here?
I've got no business with you, Hyde.
I just came round to pay a little visit to someone in this building.

(A visit? To who?)

I'm sure Marie running away and this stalker visiting have nothing to do with each other!

Music: Gusty Town

Read note
What's with the notebook?
Write note
Taking notes there?
Show room 202 key, pager
It's not mine.
Show $5
Is this your cash?
Show others
What did you get that out for?

Who have you come to visit?

Who have you come to visit?
There's someone here who I have business with.

Sidney or Claire? I mean, if he's going to stakeout at the café, he has to buy a drink (read: do business), right?

Hold it right there!

The first choice just says What business do you have with me?

The person's in this building?

The person's in this building?
You mean you haven't made any connections yet?
I'm asking the questions here!
And you'd better make with some answers fast!
Yeah, they're right here in this building.
Someone with a shadier past than an ex-cop who put a bullet in his partner.

(Someone with a shadier past?)

Is that who you're tracking?

Someone with a shadier past... So that's who you're tracking, is it?
Bet you're dying to know who it is, aren't you?
I have a feeling that you're not going to tell me even if I ask, though.
To be honest, I haven't got the energy.

Spoiler: He's still going to do this anyway.

Have you now?
So you wouldn't even be interested if I told you it's a woman you know?
(So he's been tracking a woman, has he?)
I think we've said all that can be said for now.
I'll be seeing you, Kyle.

Rex walks off.

(So he's tailing some broad in this building?)
(Could it be Marie he's after?)

Good to see that you're still capable of putting 2 and 2 together.

Rex isn't inside the café yet.

Music: Town Dyed Purple
What are you doing here?
Nothing much, just hanging.
People don't take too kindly to vermin. I suggest you get your ass out of here.
Last time I looked, Kyle, you didn't own this lobby.
Nothing you could possibly say is gonna make me leave.

Not even if Kyle warns Mags?

We'll see about that.
Maybe I've got the prefect way to get rid of you.
What's this? Detective Hyde losing his temper?
I wouldn't waste my time or energy on scum like you.
It's just not worth getting my hands dirty.
Hey, that's a low blow, even by your standards.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Unfortunately, we can't actually report him to anyone, so we begins another round of wandering around.

The object of interest can be found here. It's easy to find if you actually pay attention to the map.

Music: Hidden Proof

The letter itself blends in to the scenery surprisingly well.

Bench There's a wooden bench by the wall.


Huh? There's something lying on the floor.

I pick up the item from the floor.

The address label says it's for Marie Rivet.

I take the insurance letter.

(Guess I'd better give it to Marie.)

Welcome to Crossword Corner! This is a new segment of the LP where we'll take a look at goon's try at solving the crossword and where I'll be giving out cryptic hints in spoiler tags. So far, we have:

(From Hobgoblin2099 and DariusLikewise)

Unfortunately, Kyle won't comment on whether it's right or wrong until we filled them all, and even then he won't differentiate between getting it partially wrong and completely wrong.

That is why I can't tell you guys whether it's right or not, so please try to fill up all of these when trying to solve it.

Today's hint: There's a reason I choose those colors for the banner.