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Part 56: Eating and Drinking, Episode 3

All right. Now let's NOT get punched, shall we?

Show wax

Music: Shadowy Men

I hand Tony the wax.

It's a brand new product that's guaranteed to put the shine on anything. Just apply some of this and it'll be gleaming in no time.
So this'll work on my guitar too?
Bet this stuff doesn't come cheap though, right?
I thought you'd say that. Thing is, this stuff's very cheap.
How cheap?
Only $3.
$3? It's a deal!
Here's your cash.
Nice doing business with you.

Be seeing you.

Tony goes back into his room.

(Not too shabby. Glad Tony decided to take one of my items off my hands.)
(That's that. I've sold two items to people living here in this building. Perhaps now Ed'll cut me some slack.)
(No time to waste. I'll get him on the phone right away.)

That's nice and all, but lazy Kyle here refuses to sell any more items after he's done. So what happens if we sell the wax to Tony first?


Can you spare a moment?
I've got something I'd like to show you.
What is it?
What with it being Christmas soon...
I thought you might be interested in some good bits and pieces.

Show snow globe

How about this?

I pass Tony the snow globe.

Wow, a snow globe!
It's a pretty good one, too! I used to play with one just like this when I was a kid.
Yeah, you and me both.
The snow inside never melts and it's always such a nice thing to look at. The more I stare at it, the more it reminds me of all things pure and still.
Now you're beginning to sound a little like a musician! Definitely sounding different from usual anyway.
That right?
So, how much do you want for it?
How does $3 sound?
Sounds like we got ourselves a deal.
Here's your cash.
Nice doing business with you.

Catch you later, man!

Tony goes back inside his room.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Knock Tony's door again "Can it wait? I'm in the middle of writing a new song."

Okay, I understand.

We can't actually sell Tony the snow globe, though, with it already being sold to Marie and all.

Music: Heating Up


Time to get my job back.

Music: Serenity
It's me, is Ed around?
Yes, I'll just grab him.

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Just wanted to let you know I've passed your little test. I sold some of my items to the people living here.
You did, did you? Faster than I expected, too.

We took 6 updates for it. Well, half of it is for alternate timelines, but even that's still very long.

I worked out what they needed and offered some suitable items from my stock.
Clever. So you finally realised what it takes to sell things, huh? Well congratulations, you're no longer fired. Now get your ass over to the office pronto!

We're no longer fired!

Hang on, Ed, there's a favour I need to ask you.
I'm fresh out of favours, Hyde. Don't push it!
Let me stay here and work instead of coming back to the office.
And naturally you must have a good reason for that?

Oh, right. That mysterious message. We've been an actual salesman for so long that I almost forgot.

So I wanna stay here until I get to the bottom of it.
So you know who the client is now, I suppose?
No, I haven't figured that part out yet. But I've been promised some more information about that and the reward soon.
Just tell me why, Hyde. Why are you so hell-bent on completing this order? I mean, the thing went missing 25 years ago. What makes you think you can find it now?
I'm not sure, but the order must've come straight to me for a reason. The person who sent it to me must believe that I can get to the bottom of it. You've probably heard from my mom by now, but the case on Dad's murder will be re-opened. I've been thinking about it, and here's what I believe:
Something tells me that if I can locate the item on the order sheet I can find out more about his death.

Do you even know what kind of game you're in, Ed?

Just call it a gut feeling.
Gut feeling, eh? That's the Hyde I know, alright.
Okay, you won me over. I'll let you deal with this order, despite my better judgement. The only condition is you come up with the goods without fail! From today onwards, that crummy apartment you call home is your office!

The developers now have an excuse not to let us explore Red Crown!

Roger that, Ed.
Aside from the stuff you've already got Rachel looking into, is there anything else you'd find useful for your investigations?
You ever heard of a guy named Frank Raver? He's older than you. Used to be an LAPD cop.
Frank Raver? The name rings a bell, but I can't put a face to him. Why are you so interested in him?
He lives in this building. He's been loking into the events that happened 13 years ago. Seems he's keen on solving the case that never got solved.The victim's name was Kathy McGrath. She was the wife of the hotel's owner.
Okay. I'll see if I can call in a couple of favours and dig up some dirt on the guy.
I owe you, Ed.

*Ed hangs up*

Music stops
(Things are looking up. Seems I can focus my efforts on that order now. Before I do anything though, I'd better put all these things back in my box.)

(I think it's time I tried to find out a bit more about this building.)
(When I think about who's likely to know the most about the history of this place,)
(The one who springs to mind is Sidney, the café owner.)

And Mags, but I don't think she'd be willing to share.

(That reminds me, I haven't eaten anything since this morning.)
(Maybe I'll head down there and grab a bite to eat.)

Music: Heating Up
Music: Overstepped Memory
Off to the café we go. We're overdue for a food porn since we're missing one last chapter.

(Looks like the place is empty.)

Music: Glass in the Hand

Welcome to Lucky's Café!
Hi, Claire. What's today's coffee?
It's straight Mandheling.
It's from Indonesia and has a distinctive aroma and a strong taste to match.
Sounds good. I'll take one of those and a large plate of pasta carbonara.
Let me guess... You want that with mushrooms and coarsely ground pepper?
You got it, Mr Hyde!
Feel free to take your usual seat too.

Here you go!

And a plate of carbonara!

The pasta's fettuccine, and the bacon is hand-smoked by Dad.
It looks and smells wonderful.
Sure does! Enjoy!

Claire leaves the table and heads off elsewhere.

Music: Over Easy
There's a freshly-made cup of coffee and a piping hot plate of carbonara on the table.

Hi there, Mr Hyde.


Music: Glass in the Hand

How're you enjoying today's coffee?
The initial taste's pretty mild, but it certainly has some depth to it.
Doesn't it just.
It's not everyone who can discern the taste of Mandheling.
I like the full-bodied texture, too.
You really know your coffee, Mr Hyde.
Plus, this carbonara is something else.
Glad you mentioned it. It's one of my own creations!
Is that pride I'm sensing?
You got it! This place prides itself on the food as well as the coffee, you know. Friendly staff, too, and the best service you'll find anywhere round these parts!
It's got everything.

I still can't believe we have to close the place at the end of the month!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it to come out quite that loudly.
Have you found a new place to set the café up in yet?
No, not yet unfortunately. To be honest, just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Can't say I'm looking forward to starting all over again.
12 years, that's quite a run.
If you add that to the time I spent working at the old place, it's 18 years in total.
You knew all about this place when it was a hotel, right?
That's right.
There's some stuff I'd like to know about then. Could you tell me what kind of hotel it was?
Actually, I can do better than that, I've got a picture if you'd like to see?
Even better.

*Sidney grabs the photo*

Here it is in all its glory. That's how the place looked 13 years ago.

We've seen this photo when examining the café much earlier.

(Who knows, maybe a 13-year-old photo of the hotel will come in handy?)
Mind if I hang on to this for a while?
Not at all. Just bring it back when you're done.

Sidney says his piece and moves away from the table.

Wow, we took 4 hours to eat fettuccine carbonara, drink Mandheling coffee, and get a photo.

Yes, I know this is because Kyle went to a movie, but