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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 132: Jukebox

Shadow Lost in the Darkness
Played during some confessions and the intro

Mulling It Over
Played during beginning of chapters

Distant Memory
Played during Kyle's musings and the intro

Sharpened Blade
Played during the questioning section of confrontations

Deep Distrust
Played during some confessions and exploration/examination in Chapter 10

Gusty Town
Played when questioning

Shadowy Men
Played when talking to Tony

Gullible Lady
Played during some confessions

Dancing Cat
Played when talking to Betty or Charles

Blue Lady
Plays when talking to Mags or Frank

Ace of Diamonds
Played when talking to Dylan, Marie, Jeanie or Will

Precocious Circumstances
Played during Pinkie Rabbit commercials

Glass in the Hand
Played when talking to Sidney or Claire

Played when talking to Mila

Silent Tears
Played during some confessions and the intro

Overstepped Memory
Played when exploring the apartments

Heating Up
Played when exploring or examining Kyle's room

Town Dyed Purple
Played when talking to Rex or Will

Sorrowful Nightfall
Played when exploring the basement or roof

Creeping Shadow
Played when exploring the 4th floor

A Drink in the Evening
Played when exploring Lucky's Café at day

Impervious to Love
Played when exploring Lucky's Café at night

Hidden Proof
Played when examining the apartments

Yellow Desert
Played during the credits

Journey's End
Played during the credits

Joke's On You
Played when a Game Over is imminent

Legless Tango
Played when Kyle is about to get evicted

Sobering Dream
Played during the menus

Played during some confessions

Razzle Dazzle
Played during beginning-of-chapter intros

Played when listening to Tony's song

Played when listening to the record from Sidney

Promise (music box)
Played when dealing with the music box

Lonely Goodbye
Played during a few imminent Game Overs

Clearing the Mist
Played during end-of-chapter quizzes

Play It Again
Music from Hotel Dusk

On the Rocks
Music from Hotel Dusk

Violet Sky (Hotel Dusk)
Violet Sky (Last Window)
Played during the end of the game

Sunset Men (Hotel Dusk)
Sunset Men (Last Window)
Played during Mags' final confession

Hangover Blues
Music from Hotel Dusk

Easy Feeling
Music from Hotel Dusk

Insomnia (Hotel Dusk)
Insomnia (Last Window)
Played when forgetting to ask required questions

Played during the pressing section of confrontations

Straight Chaser
Played when tuning in to the radio

Slow Steps
Music from Hotel Dusk

Rainy Night
Music from Hotel Dusk

Music from Hotel Dusk

Dream's End
Played during Game Overs

Played when talking to Rachel

Over Easy (Hotel Dusk)
Over Easy
Played during food porns

The Long Night (Hotel Dusk)
The Long Night (Last Window)
Played during the beginning of the game