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Part 44: Asking Round

Music: Shadowy Men
Hey, Hyde!

At least that's a good sign.

Sorry for coming into your room without permission.
Don't sweat it, it's no problem.
I just met old man Raver.
He told me you found his tape recorder and returned it to him.
Yes, that's right.
He also said that he came to see me, and noticed that the door was open. You came in when you saw him inside, and asked him some questions.
That pretty much covers it, right?
Pretty much.

That ended surprisingly well.

Did you hear anything about the tape, Tony?
What tape?
Frank said that there was a tape inside the tape recorder, but it's missing now.
Yeah, actually he did say something like that.
Don't know where it could be though.
(Tony doesn't know about it either...)
Maybe it's time you eased up on playing detective, Hyde.
Stop thinking about his tape and take it easy.
Now I stop to think about it, it's been quite a while since you've been in my room.
You're right.
One more thing though, Tony.

Music: Gusty Town

Show $5 (or $385)
Really? You're lending me money? Thanks, I owe you one.
I'm kidding, man. Lighten up!
You don't get to joke about that!
Show crossword
Is that the crossword you have to solve to enter the prize draw?
Show entry slip
Oh, you entered the prize draw? Didn't know you were into that kind of thing.
Show winning bottle cap
Isn't that a winning bottle cap from the vending machine? Lucky dog.
Show Pinkie Rabbit Land
A Pinkie Rabbit Land game?
I guess even a serious guy like you has gotta lighten up sometimes.
Show order sheet
I don't get what it is you're showing me.
Show others
What about it?

Did you leave a letter in my room?

Did you leave a letter in my door a little while back?
A letter? Nothing to do with me.
I've never even considered writing you a letter, man.
You're telling me the truth, right?
Cross my heart.
I mean, I write letters from time to time...
Just not to you!
Who'd you write to?
Thought you'd have guessed by now.

I REALLY doubt Tony knows he's not her type.

I've got this plan for us to give each other presents at Christmas.
Problem is, I just can't seem to get the wording right!
Tell me, Tony, where'd you lay your hands on that letter paper and envelope?
They were given to me.
By who?
I got them from Dylan, you know, the guy from the third floor.

(You got them from Dylan?)

Hey Hyde, why don't you hang out here for a while?
I'll let you hear my latest song.
Think I'll take a rain check on that. I've got a few things I need to sort out.
Oh, okay. Maybe next time.

*Kyle exits the room*

Music: Overstepped Memory
So now we go to Dylan's room.

Or Dylan can just show up. How convenient.

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Hi, Mr Hyde.
Dylan, I wanted to ask you something.
Ask me something? What is it?

Music: Gusty Town

Did you give Tony the paper and envelope?

Did you give Tony letter paper and an envelope?
Yeah, that was me alright.
Is there some sort of problem?
I just wondered where you got them from.
Actually, they were given to me too. I got them as a present for all my hard work.
They were from Mrs Patrice.

(You got them from Mags?)

I figured I had no use for them so I passed them on to Tony.
I see.
So you haven't put a letter in my door recently?
A letter?
Certainly not me. Why would I be writing you letters?
If I have something I need to say to you, I'd rather just come and say it.
Yeah, I expect you would.
Why are you asking, anyway?
It's nothing, I was just thinking about something.
If you're really curious about something to do with that letter set,
Maybe you should pay a visit to Mrs Patrice and ask her directly.

Well, I have to see her anyway to return something I borrowed from her.
Come on, let's go.
Fair enough.

Music: Overstepped Memory

This is our first time walking around with someone else. The map screen now has someone else walking alongside Kyle.

The partner won't actually affect anything, so we go to Mags' room.


It's nothing special, we just bumped into each other as we were both heading here.
I came over to return these to you.
Here you go.

Why, thank you, Dylan.
Okay, now I can leave you both to it. See you later!

Dylan hurries off.

What were those keys?
They're the spare keys to the apartments.
Dylan occasionally has need to borrow them from me.
For one, it's necessary for when he's doing certain types of maintenance.
Okay, that makes sense.
So, Mr Hyde, to what do I owe this pleasure?
I just wanted to ask you something, actually.
Oh, and what might that be?

Music: Gusty Town

Show old invitation
This is...

Did you give Dylan a letter set?

Did you give Dylan a letter set?
A letter set?
Oh yes, I remember. Yes, I did give one to him.
I see.
Yes, I remember it clearly now.
Can you recall where you got it from?
Why, Mr Hyde, would you like a set too?
If that's the case, I'm going to have to disappoint you. That was the last one I had.
If you're really keen though, you could try buying one yourself.

They aren't very expensive, either.
(Interesting. So I can pick up an identical set quite easily. So much for that.)

Yep. Most of this update is completely pointless!

Have you left a letter in my door recently?
A letter?
Well, I put a copy of the closure notice in your mailbox, but nothing more.
Have you not checked it yet?
Actually, I've already read that letter.

Is that all you came here to ask me, Mr Hyde?
Yeah, that's just about it. Sorry to have bothered you.
Oh, actually there was something else...
There was?
Mr Wolf from room 201 has promised to settle his rent after all.
Tony said that, did he?
He did.
He called me earlier to assure me that he'll be settling his debt soon.
That's good news.
It is. Now, I must be going.

Mags returns to the comfort of her room.

I just can't get it out of my head. Who could have sent me that order sheet?

Guess I should set my mind to uncovering a little more on the Scarlet Star, first.

Music: Heating Up
Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Sorrowful Nightfall
Unless one of the other rooms are opened somehow, I don't think you'll find anything there.

(Looks like whatever's in there had the sense to use the doorstop, too.)
(Time to find out who it is.)

Although we keep the doorstop?

Anyway, the doors are still locked, so we go to the one unlocked room.

Music: Creeping Shadow

(I recognise that figure.)

What're you doing here?

We meet Frank in a place where neither of us are supposed to be here. This seems familiar.

Music: Blue Lady
Mr Raver. What brings you all the way up here?
And just how has that got anything to do with you?
It hasn't, but isn't the fourth floor off-limits to everyone?
I am well aware of that.
But I could ask you the same question, Mr Hyde.
Why are you skulking around where you shouldn't be?
I kind of stumbled up here, and it didn't take me long to see the fire door was open.
I thought Dylan must've been inside, so I poked my head in.
Except, I didn't find Dylan. I found you. So, I'll ask you again, what are you doing up here?
I came here...
I mean, I arrived here much like you.

This excuse also seems familiar.

I saw that nobody was here and thought that someone had forgotten to close the door.
I'm going to have to give Dylan a piece of my mind when I see him.

Frank stops our discussion there and leaves the room.

(He must be a fool if he thinks I'm buying that story.)
(What could he have been doing here?)

We can't go out the door before we see what Frank's looking for, so we do that.

Music: Creeping Shadow


Hmm, seems to be empty.
(Huh? There's an imprint of something at the back.)
(What could've been kept in here?)

How did you miss this earlier?