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Part 73: Looking at a Ring

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Would you like to see my crystal collection?
Sure, why not.
There are some on the shelves and others on top of the table. Feel free to take a look.

We've examined this room before, so we'll go straight into the magnifying glass.

Music: Hidden Proof

Magnifying glass Dylan has left a small magnifying glass on top of the notebook.

(This must be the magnifying glass Betty told me about.)
Hey, Dylan...

Music: Ace of Diamonds
What is it?
That's a magnifying glass for examining crystals, right?
This one's for examining jewels, but it'll give you some great close-ups of crystals, too.
It's something no enthusiast should be without. You should get one too, Mr Hyde! Mine is great for up to 10-times magnification, so it's perfect for jewels.
I see.
Would you mind if I used this, Dylan?
Not at all, go ahead.
And feel free to take a closer look at some of my stuff, too.

*phone rings*

dylan1: It's my phone.
I'd better get that. Excuse me, Mr Hyde.

(It looks like this call's gonna drag on for a while.)
(Maybe I can use this time to get familiar with that magnifying glass.)

Music: Hidden Proof

We're actually dropped back to the map screen, but we can't even approach Dylan right now, so let's just use the glass.

Use ring with magnifying glass I take a look at Marie's ring through the magnifying glass.

...Sorry. I just got uncomfortable with the thought of attaching anything directly to the eye. It's the main reason I can't use contact lens.

Anyway, we can slide up and down on the screen to move the ring closer/further. And our goal is we know how to spot if this is a real diamond?

Oh well. I'm pretty sure we saw something black on the ring earlier. That looks like a good thing to examine.

Yeah, that. It's still not clear what it is, though, with all the diamond(?) blocking the view.

(I can see something through the diamond.)
(I can't be sure, but it looks like as if there's something engraved on the ring.)

Music stops

This is the continuation to the previous minigame. Just tap the diamond to remove it.

(Huh? There's a design engraved onto the base of the ring.)
(It looks like...)

I put the magnifying glass back on the table.

(The picture in this notebook, it's...)
(Why would Dylan have the same design here as I found on the base of the ring?)

Music: Ace of Diamonds

How did you get on with the magnifying glass?
No problem at all.
It's great examining the tiny details on stones using this, isn't it?
Yeah, it is.
Have you ever thought that there's a tiny planet inside precious stones like these?
A tiny...planet?
If you view the cut edges up close using the magnifying glass, you can see all kinds of grooves, valleys and caves. It's a spectacular sight. I don't think I'll ever tire of looking.
Viewing crystals like this is much more interesting than looking at diamonds. I'm sure you feel the same, right?
Yeah, you got that right.

If this is an Uchikoshi game, there would've been an actual alternate world inside each stones or something like that.

Dylan, have you got a moment?
What is it?
What's that you've drawn in your notebook on the table?
You mean the picture?

A condor?
Yes, that's right. A huge bird from the Andes, that preys on animals.
So why did you draw a condor?
No reason.
I was just trying to recreate something I saw up on the fourth floor.

(Something you saw on the fourth floor?)

Music: Gusty Town

Show reward letter
Is there something about this letter that you need my help with?
Show cheque for $1000
A cheque for $1000. Impressive.
Show ring
(I probably shouldn't show him this.)
This is the game going easy on us. In Hotel Dusk this would've led us straight into a Game Over.

What kind of picture did you see up there?

What kind of picture did you see up there?
One of the rooms up there has a picture of a condor on the wall.
It was stuck in my mind and I thought I'd have a go at drawing it.
Which room was it?

Hey, Dylan...
Thanks for letting me take a look around in here.
Glad you enjoyed yourself.
Thanks again.

I leave Dylan's room.

Music: Insomnia (Last Window)

(What does this symbol mean?)
(Not only that, there was something on Frank's tape, too.)

My initial sweep of room 404, where Kathy McGrath's body was found, is complete.Before vacating this building, I must find the lost items connected with Condor."

(That picture in room 406 has got me thinking...)

Music: Overstepped Memory
Take a guess at what we're going to do.

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall

...It's very obvious, isn't it?

I open the fire door exactly as Dylan said to, then walk through it.

Music: Creeping Shadow

We can't actually go inside any room because all of them are locked (including room 404 and 405), which means that our efforts at getting out of room 405 without alerting Dylan has gone to waste

Knob This door's locked.

(It's not going to budge.)

When I said all doors, of course I'm including this one.


Music: Ace of Diamonds
I had a feeling I'd find you here, Mr Hyde.
I knew you wouldn't be able to resist. You're here to take a look at that ocndor picture, right?

Our next action was so obvious even Dylan guessed it right away.

Yeah. What if I am?
The problem is that the door to this room is locked,
and without the key, you can't get inside to look around.
So it would seem.
You want me to open it up for you?
You've got a key then?
Of course, Mrs Patrice gave me the spare keys. I can get into any room I like. For maintenance purposes, of course.

*Dylan unlocks the door*


*Kyle enters the room*