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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 28: Eating and Drinking, Episode 2

Music: Gusty Town

What kind of person was your husband?

What kind of person was your husband?
He was a musician.
He was really into his jazz and played the saxophone.

Ah, all of those memories. If he'd still been alive,
Chances are I would never have gotten involved in the leasing of apartments.
If only I could switch things back to how they were 13 years ago...

(13 years ago?)

What happened 13 years ago?

What happened 13 years ago?
Lots of things happened, Mr Hyde.
My husband passed away and I became a widow, for one.

(How did he die?)

Then I bought this building, which was still an out-of-business hotel.

What a coincidence that Dunning also bought an out-of-business hotel!

Did that incident I asked you about before happen then too?
Come now, Mr Hyde. I admire your persistence, but I think I made myself clear regarding the gossip.

(What gossip would that be?)

What was the cause of your husband's death?

What was the cause of your husband's death?
It was an accident. Just an unforeseen accident.

Yep. She's definitely regretting this decision.

Yeah, that's right. My dad died when I was still a nine-year-old kid.
What happened to him, if I may ask?
He was murdered.
And the worst part is, the killer never got busted.
That's terrible.
In my experience, people tend to find it hard to detach from the past.

So all this gossip is about 13 years ago?

So all this gossip is about 13 years ago?
I'm growing a little tired of this line of questioning, Mr Hyde.
Who told you about this, anyway?
I don't think it matters where I heard it from. I'm more interested in hearing what you know about it.

Normally, this would be an ideal point for a choice. Choosing to rat out Sidney will make her get mad at him, which in turn makes him mad at Kyle, causing a Game Over.

Especially if there's any truth in it or not.
None whatsoever. It's just a malicious gossip, like I said.
And that's what you're sticking to, is it?
Please, Mr Hyde, do me the courtesy of forgetting about it.
I won't take kindly to you raising it again in my presence.


It was very stimulating talking to you, Mr Hyde.
Yeah, for me too.
Think it's about time I headed off anyway.

I leave Mags's apartment.

Music stops
(I still can't quite swallow the story about the incident 13 years ago being gossip.)
(I need to get some more info out of Sidney.)
Good timing too, my stomach's beginning to sound like a bullfrog. I can grab a bite and speak to the old man at the same time.

Warning: More food porn incoming.

Music: Overstepped Memory

(No sign of Rex.)

Music: Glass in the Hand
Come on in!
Welcome to Lucky's Café!
Hey, Claire. What's today's coffee?
It's a strong Colombian blend.
It goes very well with cream, too. Care to sample a cup?
I'll just have it black. And a jumbo burger with a side of fries.
Sure, let me make a note of that...
Throw in plenty of cheese and pickles, but hold the tomato, okay?
Sure thing!


How many times do I have to tell you? You gotta memorise customers' orders first time.

I hope so, for your sake.
You're usually spot on with things like that.
Never mind him.

That's a wide variety of sprites that I don't remember if they're being used anytime else or not.

No second chances in this trade, I'm afraid!
Yeah, okay, Dad. You've made your point.

Claire heads off in the direction of the kitchen.

Made my point? She's got some cheek!
Just a piece of friendly advice, but you might want to ease up on her a little.
Take it from me, Mr Hyde, what that girl needs is a firm hand.
In my opinion, it's a father's right to get a little angry once in a while.
Gets the point across, you know. Ha ha!

I have a feeling that one of their confrontation will involve their family troubles. Just a hunch.

Can I bend your ear for a minute?
What's up?
It's about what you told me yesterday. You know, the incident from 13 years ago.
That again?
What kind of incident was it, exactly?
Mr Hyde, I'm pretty sure I made myself clear.
I just thought I'd mention it to you seeing as we were chatting...
But I've got nothing more to add. Would you mind just dropping it?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Just answer me this, though.
Why does Mrs Patrice seem to be trying to cover something up regarding the incident?

To us? What's that supposed to mean!?

It's not exactly good for business making it public that a murder happened here.
You have to understand that she put everything into the running of this place. She took on the business by herself and has had her fair share of troubles.
I didn't want to add to them so I agreed to keep the incident to myself.
What happened yesterday was just a little slip on my part.
Guess I figured that we're all going to be leaving soon and it couldn't do any harm.
Be best for everyone if you could just forget you ever heard about it.
I suppose you're right.
By the way... Are you any good at puzzles?
Never met one I couldn't solve.

You just haven't met that many puzzles.

Then it looks like you're the right man for the job.
If you're really that good, you should make short work of this. *gives something to Kyle*
Not exactly what I was expecting.
It's a quiz-entry form with a kind of crossword puzzle.

This crossword is part of an optional sidequest.

What kind of quiz is this, anyway?
Just a little idea we cooked up. We call it "Lucky's Thank-you Quiz".
It's just a bit of innocent fun and a way to thank all our loyal customers. Get your answers in by December 22nd for your chance to net a cool $1000.

It's $3,063.58 after inflation.

Not a penny less.
So, fancy your chances, do you, Mr Hyde? I thought it'd help boost people's spirits seeing as we're all leaving soon.
Of course, this place is going to close as well.
There are five keywords in the quiz and they are all somewhere in the café. Why not give it a shot!

Sidney moves away.

Think I'll make my way to my usual seat.

Here you go!

Today's coffee, and a burger with a side of fries.

Lots of pickles and cheese, but no tomato, just like you said. The burger was grilled to perfection and is medium-rare as you like it.


Claire walks away from the table.

Music: Over Easy
Now I've got a delicious-looking burger and freshly made coffee in front of me.

You still haven't tried the stew, you know

Music: A Drink in the Evening
Now that we Kyle finished eating, let's look at the Crossword.

It's time for another Audience Participation

The challenge is: Fill out this Crossword. If you're right, the word made out of the lettered squares will be an actual word.

Just like the Sidney said; the answers can be found within the café, so try looking back at the part where I examined it. This one is optional, but it should be done before December 22nd (Chapter 5).