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Part 41: Searching the Laundry (Room)

Music: Shadowy Men

We can press and then pick the other option to get into the question screen with Tony, but fuck Tony.

If we do press, Frank will mention about Tony being the type of guy to resort to his fists. That is extremely accurate.

You're a shifty looking guy, that's why I'm asking you.
Just own up to what you did and we can put this matter behind us!
How can I own up to something I didn't do?
It's not my fault you forgot where you put it!
I may be old, but my memory is intact. I wouldn't forget something like that!
All I did was put it down temporarily,
And then you showed up and stole it!
You better stop throwing those accusations around real quick! I don't care how old you are, I'll take this to the next level!

Maybe I am!
If that's what it takes to make you see sense!

Fuck Tony. Seriously.

Tony's still fuming as he leaves the conversation.

There's no doubt in my mind that he is responsible for this.

Frank leaves me with those words and walks off.

(What the hell happened here?)
(Frank said that something's been stolen from him...)
(And seems certain it was taken by Tony.)

We can knock on both Tony's and Frank's door to get more info. Let's start with Tony since he's closer.


Music: Shadowy Men
Hey Tony!
That was a pretty big argument you got into back there.
Mind telling me more about it?
Oh, that... That was nothing. No need to worry about it.
He just made a mistake, is all.
Something of his went missing, right?
Yeah. His tape recorder.
The one he always carries round with him during his strolls.
Can't say I've noticed. What's it like?

When he's on his walkabouts, he always has it in his hand. He seems to spend a lot of time walking around muttering stuff into that thing.
Everyone in the building's seen him do it.
Anyway, he started grilling me because the thing's gone missing.
But why does he think you have anything to do with it?
I have no idea. He's just got everything mixed up and wants someone to blame.
Now you've got me thinking about it again, I'm getting all pissed off!
Look, I don't wanna be rude, but I'm gonna get out of here for a while.

Tony leaves.

(Tony seems to be really agitated by this.)

Music: Overstepped Memory

I don't believe you, Tony . Let's ask Frank instead.


Music: Blue Lady
Now then, if you and Tony are quite finished, I have things I would like to ask.
I overheard you saying that you lost something.
That's true.
I've lost my trusty tape recorder.
But lost isn't really the word. It was stolen by him!
How can you be certain it was him?
That's obvious. He's a lousy, two-bit thief!
What makes you think that?

And I had my tape recorder right up until the time I met Tony.
I don't have time to stand here and discuss it now.
I'm a busy man, so if you don't mind.

Frank retreats into his room.

Knock again "Please leave me be, I'm a busy man." I can still hear Frank's voice from inside the room.

Okay then. Off to the basement we go.

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Sorrowful Nightfall

Of course, there's things to examine in the basement.

Music: Hidden Proof

Mop There's a dirty mop stood up against the locker. The mop head is missing more than a few strands.
Locker It's a slightly dented locker.

Towels Some dirty towels are piled up on the top shelf.
(Keeping the building this clean has gotta make some towels dirty, right?)
Mops The things in this bucket are all for cleaning the floors...and those are clean already.

There's the laundry and storage room here. We're going to the storage room first.

Knock No response, of course. Not sure why I'm knocking on the door of the storage room.

The door is unlocked, so we can just go inside.

Top left box Just a dirty cardboard box on a steel shelf.
Top right box It's a shabby-looking wooden box.
Bottom left box There's a soiled cardboard box on the shelf. I can't open it.
Bottom right boxes Some old cardboard boxes are piled up on the bottom shelf. They're taped up, so I can't open them.
(I'll bet it's just cleaning supplies and stuff anyway.)

Left box A cardboard box. It looks smaller than the others.
Middle box I feel like there's a lot of shelf space here for so few cardboard boxes.
TV There's an old TV down here. It won't turn on. Not sure why I tried since there's no reason it would be plugged in.
Lamp It's a dusty old lamp.
(It looks like it's been here for a long time.)
Flashlights These shelves have all sort of things on them. Even a pair of flashlights.
Right boxes There are a couple of boxes piled up on the bottom shelf. They each have a label reading "Unused equipment".

Desk This desk seriously needs a dust and a clean.
Frames Some empty picture frames. Maybe one day they will return for their calling.
Box There's an open box on top of the cabinet.
Left cabinet It's one of those wooden cabinets. I certainly love cabinets.
(If you wiped this one off a bit I'll bet it could still be used.)
Left chair This rickety old chair could do with being thrown out.
(I bet all this old furniture could tell a story. Shame I don't speak furniture.)
You should go to Rokkenjima then.
Right chair The material on this chair is looking very worn and discoloured.
Right cabinet The doors on that cabinet are wide open. Nothing inside, though. Rats.
Footstool There's a poor, lonely-looking footstool. The legs don't feel too stable. I think its life as a footstool is over.

Looks like the tape isn't in the storage. Let's see if it's in the laundry.


Left machine It's a large washing machine. It's showing the signs of heavy use.
(I always use this one. Me and this machine have been through a lot together.)
Middle machine It's a large washing machine. I think this one's broken. Nothing happens when I push the buttons.
Right machine It's a washing machine with a big capacity. The glass in the door certainly looks like it could use a wash.
TV It's an old television on a stand.
(It won't turn on. Maybe it's broken.)
Shelf The TV stand has a communal TV on it and some magazines at the bottom.
Magazines The bottom of the TV stand is full of magazines and free newspapers.
(You know, I've never really bothered to look at the magazines in here.)
Plant There's a pot plant in the corner of the room. Each branch has a lot of thin leaves on it.

Trash can Nothing in the trash but some screwed up pieces of paper.
Locker There's a locker in the corner. I think I'll take a look inside.

Detergents There's a handy supply of detergent in a basket at the bottom of the locker.

Left machine One of six communal washing machines. I can see where it's been repainted. The colours don't quite match up.
Left basket The laundry basket's looking past its prime. It has a few big holes in the bottom.
Middle machine It's a large washing machine. Not quite industrial size, but still pretty big. No one's left anything inside it.
Right basket There's a wicker laundry basket on top of the machine. It's totally empty.
(There was something in here earlier that Tony forgot, but it looks like he realised.)
I don't know if we can see the thing Tony missed, but I'm not going back to check.
Right machine I'm glad there are so many washing machines. It'd be annoying if they were all in use. This one works, but it has a slightly broken door and won't always close properly.
(There's sort of a trick to closing it.)

Chair 4 There are four matching stools around the table. They're less than comfortable.
Chair 3 The legs on this stool don't look like they're screwed in too well.
(Hope nobody's planning to sit on it.)
Table There's atable in the middle of the room. It's white. I'd like to sit in here with my thoughts when I do my laundry.
Bottles Some empty bottles of detergent have been left on the table.
(Someone's just been leaving their empty bottles lying around. I bet it was Tony.)
Chair 1 The seats on these stools look like they're made of oak.
Chair 2 The stools all feel rough and damaged.

Unlike the ring, the tape recorder can be seen clearly.

Tape recorder

What's that? Is there something under the table?
Could it be...

I pick up the broken tape recorder.

It must've cracked when it fell from the table.
(Guess I'd better return it to its owner.)

I'm still not convinced Tony is innocent. At least in this case.