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Part 160: Spoiler Update Q

What kind of agreement did you have?

What kind of agreement did you have with Gregory?
He was intending to leave the world of crime behind him and start afresh.
But he wasn't able to break his ties with his old acquaintances.
So I made him a promise. If he lent his talents to assisting me with my investigation, I would make certain incidents from his past go away.
And the police force would ensure that all ties he had to his past were severed.
And did he bite and agree to your proposal?
Not at first. He seemed to be somewhat against the idea.
In order to gain his trust, I needed to take a different approach. As an act of good faith, I gave him something he'd find difficult to refuse.
What was it?

There's no need to act so surprised. It was commonplace in operations like this.
That's the sort of thing we did back then for people who assisted us...

What was it that happened to you?

What happened to you?
Mr Hyde...
I don't see how that has anything to do with what you want to talk about.
What if I were to bring a member of Gregory's family here? Would you be willing to tell them everything?
But how on earth would you...
You leave that to me.
Don't go anywhere. I'll be back as soon as I can.

*Kyle exits the room*

Music: Deep Distrust

The package that Jeanie sent us...

It has Chris' final belongings.

Key There's a car key inside the box in the package.

(So it was Frank who gave this key to Dad.)

Sorry to have kept you waiting.
So where's the member of Gregory's family, Mr Hyde?
Right here. Me.

Music: Sharpened Blade
I've got something you need to see.
Here. *gives the key*
Th-this is...
Yeah. This is the same car key you gave to Gregory 25 years ago.
it was discovered on the body of a man in a downtown parking lot not too long afterwards.
This is one of the items my dad left me.
Wha-what did you just say?!

25 years ago, after deciding to wash his hands of crime, he left the house on his final job. Three days later, he still hadn't returned home to his family.
The police were investigating the murder at one point, but they quickly broke it off. The case remains unsolved to this day.
Frank, I'm Chris's son.
And that's why I have the right to hear what you've got to say. You're gonna tell me all about the promise you made to my father,
and exactly what happened at the end. You're gonna tell me everything.

Music: Razzle Dazzle
To get the proof we needed to expose Condor, I made Gregory a promise 25 years ago.
From his point of view, this job posed considerable risk. He agreed to take on the job knowing it would be his last. For the sake of his family.
When we made our promise, he looked me directly in the eyes and said: "Can I really trust you?"
I didn't answer, but just nodded.
I never intended that nod to be a lie, but...
What happened?
That night, he broke into the manager's office as we'd planned, got the safe open, and took out the contents. Then, from the darkened room, he shone the signal. But no matter how many times he repeated it...
Nobody sent him the response he was expecting.
Why not? Why didn't you send in the cavalry like planned?

That night, while I was at the designated spot, Speck handed me a single note. The message was clear.
It said that my wife's condition had worsened and that I should go to the hospital at once.
Naturally I went, leaving Speck to preside over the scene.
So to summarise, I fled to see my wife while Gregory was still inside doing the job.
Gregory must've thought I was dutifully waiting in position outside the hotel. After he'd signalled me, he simply had to wait for the reinforcements to arrive.
But I'd already departed to be by my beloved's die.
Speck's plan had been a complete success.
Speck's plan?

No sooner had I reached the hospital than it became clear and I hurried back.
Speck maintained that he'd been given the note, but not known what the contents were.
And he also said that he had seen nothing like a signal from the manager's office.
So he spun a web of lies that had you convinced?
He did. He was a member of the force and I had no reason to disbelieve him. It was only later that I learned the truth behind the night's events.

If only I'd known that Speck was working with Condor all those years ago... I would never have left him in charge of the scene.
And maybe your father would still be alive today.
And that's everything, is it?
It is.
That's the truth behind the death of the safecracker 25 years ago.
Don't you have anything to say?
Now that you ask, I'm not sure I do.
Funny as it may sound, I don't blame you for what happened.
In fact, all I can think about right now
is how he must've felt during those final moments.
Of course.
Tell me one thing, Mr Hyde...

I only found out a little while ago. It was written in Michael's diary.
You mean to say you found his diary?
Yeah, I found it, alright.
You're not gonna like the fact that there's nothing related to Hugh Speck in there, though.
Oh, I see...
While we're on the subject, you said you had a discussion with Michael's son... Just to put my mind at ease, could you please let me know...
Sorry to disappoint you, but he didn't tell me anything that you'd find useful.
I see.
Nevertheless, I'd very much like the opportunity to talk to him myself.
That's gonna be tough. He left not long after I spoke to him.
He left? Are you telling me he lived here, in this building?
He sure did. He was in room 306.
You mean, that man...
I had no idea...
Don't take it so hard.
I'll find you the proof you need to nail Speck.
Mr Hyde...
In fact, I intend to expose everything these apartments have been hiding.

All you need to do is keep your nose out and wait for me to get it done.
Why you arrogant little...
Just trying to keep you out of the line of fire. Leave the dangerous stuff to me.
Well, I suppose you have proven yourself useful. I'll back down. For now.
But please, take this with you. *gives something*
(This is... It's the other half of the torn postcard I got from Will.)

This item represents the only clue I found while searching the fourth floor. Take it with you. It might help. I take it you're still eager to hear what Mrs Patrice has to say?
Damn right I am! There's plenty of things I have to ask that lady.
But she won't be too excited to talk to me, will she?
Then leave that part to me. I'll make sure she understands you're not in league with Nile.
If it all goes according to plan, there's every chance she'll emerge from her room.
Okay, I'll leave that to you.
Good luck, Mr Hyde.

Music stops
Just one last thing, Frank.
What is it?

Music: Distant Memory
We had a drink together once. I remember thinking to myself at the time that he was a lot tougher than he looked. He never had much to say, but what he did say he said with the utmost poignancy. He told me about his kid wanting to be a baseball star when he grew up... In fact, when he was telling me this, he came across as a run-of-the-mill kind of guy.
I see...

Music stops
Okay, I need to make a move. I'm wasting time.

I leave Frank's room.

(The postcard that Michael left behind... The Condor key...)
(The disappearance of the Scarlet Star and proof of Speck's wrongdoing.)
(There are obviously still secrets that people could get hurt over. Just how much does Mags know about them, though?)

That's certainly a unique confrontation. Now we know several things:

We also know that Frank is very grumpy and hard to please, but that's nothing new. So let's see what happens if we fail to do what he wants.

Music: Resolution

Did you buy information from him?

Did you buy information from him?

I wasn't willing to risk everything on trivial acts like that.
Then how exactly were you involved?
I think it's about time you talked straight with me, Frank.

Loop and skip.

Bought Gregory off

He tried to buy Gregory off.

He has vastly different things in mind.
Then what was he planning?

Loop and skip.

Music: Sharpened Blade

What kind of agreement did you have?

What was it that happened to you?

None of the others questions cause any Game Over.

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