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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 157: Spoiler Update N

What was your plan 25 years ago?

Okay, Frank, let's start with this.
What was your plan from 25 years ago to catch Condor?
I decided there was only one way to bring Condor to justice,
and that was to catch them in the act.
Skilled as the Condor group was in conducting systematic jewellery thefts, they were also adept in turning their acquisitions into near-untraceable cash.
But I found out from a staff member that Hotel Cape West was being used to sell the
stolen wares on, and that the jewels were being kept in a safe in the manager's office.
If I could positively identify that the jewels being stored there were what Condor stole,
I would have all the proof I needed to drive the final nail into Condor's coffin.
So that's why you enlisted Gregory's help to crack the safe.

The plan was to have him break into the safe, extract the contents and send me a signal. Then, the police would arrive at the office and confiscate what he extracted. Well, that was what we planned, at least.
What kind of signal had you decided he should send you?
We planned to use the window.
The window?
Yes. He was to enter the manager's office, open the safe and extract the contents.
Once he'd got the jewels, he was to go to the window and use his flashlight. This would let me know that things had gone according to plan.
The police that had been standing by could then raid the premises.

Gregory just...disappeared, so we never went into the building.

What kind of agreement did you have?

What was it that happened to you?

What went wrong?