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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 89: Chapter 7 Quiz

Music: Clearing the Mist (This is what actually plays)
Music: Promise (This is what I recommend listening)

I walked into town, heard the festive songs and returned home. Then, my buzzer went. I opened the door and saw someone waiting there. It was...

No, that's not who it was. I met Tony in the lobby.
No, that's not who it was. My mom wasn't the person who'd come to see me in my room.


I opened the door only to see Mila standing there. She told me that Ed had been admitted to the hospital and Rachel was looking after him.

However, Mila said she'd rather take a look at something on the roof. What did Mila want to look at?

The view
No, that's not it. She wasn't really interested in the view.
The elevator
No, that's not it. She wasn't really interested in the elevator.

The lighthouse

Right. She said she wanted to see the lighthouse on the roof up close.
We headed up to the roof to do some sightseeing. It was the first time we'd chatted properly in ages.

The package was addressed to Mags, and I took it to her in person. As sono as she saw it, she started shaking and asked me to open it instead. What was it that Mags thought the package might contain?

A watch
No, that's not it. She never thought that there might be a watch inside.
A chicken
No, that's ridiculous. Why would she think there might be a chicken inside?

Maybe she thought it was a dead chicken meant to scare her?

A bomb

Right. She thought that the package might contain a bomb of some sort.
She went on to tell me about why she thought a bomb might be inside. Apparently, she'd received a threat in the form of a letter in the past.

Once I heard Ed's condition had improved I relaxed a little. I took a look at the package that Mom had sent. What was it I found inside?

No, that's not it. I got the wine from Mila as a present from Rachel.
A picture of me
No, that's not it. Mila drew the picture of me as a present.

A card, a baseball and a key

Right. There were several things in the package from Mom: a card, a baseball and a key.
The card explained that the other two items were from Dad's case.

As it turns out, Sidney had already promised to treat Tony that evening, anyway. We all ended up playing a few games of billiards. Who offered me a drink after that?

No, that's not who it was. Betty came and invited Tony out.
No, that's not who it was. Charles didn't even come to the café.


It was none other than Will White who offered his company over drinks.
I declined, and instead shared some drinks and conversation with Sidney until late.

I reflect on the things that have happened over the last few days. Right after getting the notification that this place will be closed, certain facts about the building's past came to light. The fact that my dad is somehow connected to the events that happened here... I wonder what I'll feel when all the mysteries of the past are solved. I wonder what I'll find out about my dad...