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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 22: Chapter 2 Quiz

Music: Clearing the Mist

My alarm clock woke me up as usual but, just after I got myself back to sleep, the phone rang and got me up again. The one who woke me up with the ridiculously early phone call was...

No, that's not who it was. The call from Rachel came afterwards.
No, that's not who it was. Tony never called me that morning.


It was Mom who decided it would be a good time to call then. She's currently living in New Jersey by herself.

Both she and Mom had some very similar stuff to tell me. They both said...

They wanted to know about work.
No, that's not it. Rachel already knows about my work situation. Mom was the only one who asked about my work.
That Ed was still angry.
No, that's not it. Only Rachel mentioned that Ed was still mad at me. Mom doesn't know about me getting fired...yet.

They had been called by Rex Foster.

That's right. Both Rachel and Mom said that they received phone calls from the same caller. They said his name was Rex Foster and they were keen to find out whether he was an acquaintance of mine or not.

Tony got me caught up in some crazy situation, just like always. Who was the second floor occupant that swore Tony stole her ring?

No, that's not who it was. Betty poked her head out when she heard Tony raving on, and told him to take the commotion elsewhere.
No, that's not who it was. Mags didn't make an appearance on the second floor at all. She did turn up on the fourth, though.


It was Marie from room 206.
She'd somehow got it into her head that Tony was a master jewel thief. I was coerced into taking a look around Marie's room to prove Tony's innocence. Turns out the ring had just fallen between some furniture.

As we talked, he mentioned that he knew I used to be a detective. Tony got that info from...

No, that's not who it was. Frank from 302 turned up on the third floor at a different time.
No, that's not who it was. Charles let me know about the fire that broke out on the fourth floor... But Tony didn't get the info about my past from him.


After squeezing him for facts, he finally told me that it came from Dylan.
Dylan's the quiet guy who lives in 304. He takes care of the general repairs around here. He found my name in an article from a four-year-old newspaper. Funny how coincidences like these seem to happen around me.

Figured I'd head down there, grab a coffee and take a breather. Imagine my surprise at finding none other than Rex Foster there. The café owner told me Rex had been asking questions. He was asking about...

The jewellery theft
No, that's not it. I head about the jewellery theft directly from the café owner.
The fire in the apartment building
No, that's not it. I heard about the fire that broke out here from Charles.

An incident 13 years ago

Right. The owner told me that Rex had asked about what happened 13 years ago, when the apartments were still a hotel.
He turned out to be the same guy who'd been calling around for info about me. Now I find out he's after facts surrounding what happened in the past here. Unluckily for me, he chose not to let me in on his secret and left.

Despite the apartments being due to close, I spent the entire day embroiled in conversations with the other residents. Turned out to be pretty useful for gathering facts on past and present events here. Especially the unsolved murder that happened 13 years ago. The sudden appearance of Rex Foster in the café today made me feel uneasy, and sent my mind spinning back to the mysterious order sheet I found in my room. I think I'm just beginning to register the fact that there's something more to this building than meets the eye. There's some sort of secret to be found here, I'm sure of it.