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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 24: Getting Scammed

Music: Heating Up

You might remember that Kyle has his wallet in his suitcase.

Suitcase My case is lying flat on the table.


$380. Not everything, but almost there.
(Now to scrape together the last $20 and pay up.)

You might also remember that Kyle has more money in...

Who's there?

You've gotta be kidding me.

Music: Shadowy Men
Hey there!
What did I do to deserve this early morning visit?
You're not trying to get me involved in any more shady arguments, are you?
Nah, man, it's nothing like that.
Then what is it?
It's something you're gonna want to hear, Hyde!
What makes you think I'll want to hear anything you have to say?

Tony is just ignoring Kyle right now.

Basically, I got wind of a sure-fire way of winning big bucks.
There's no way we can lose, man. No risk at all.
You stand to get ten times the amount of cash you put in! Ten times!
(Ten times does sound good.)
If it's that good, why aren't you there raking it in?
Yeah, well, that's the thing. There's a minimum amount you need to start and I don't even have that.
(There's definitely something fishy about this.)
So that's what I came to talk to you about, buddy.
If we pool our resources, we could make a killing!
(I'm wasting my time just listening to this crap.)

We learned our lesson: we must press every time we can.

Let me think...

This is obviously a scam.

You sure this is legit?

You sure this is legit?

Yeah, I think I can see my way clear to lending you some.

Wait, what?

Knew you'd see sense, man.

Please don't be an idiot, Kyle

The guy who let me in on the secret is already rolling in dough.
Is that right?
Thing is, I don't have that kind of cash on me. This is all I got.

Oh no

What have you done!!!

Thanks, man!
Now all you gotta do is sit back and wait.

*Tony leaves *

(Why'd he rush off like that? I've got a bad feeling about this.)
Not my day. Tony's blabbing made me miss the phone.

Music: Heating Up
What's done is done. Let's just see if Kyle still has enough cash to pay the rent after giving most of his money to what is OBVIOUSLY a scam.

(Hold on... Wonder if Tony's ever planning to return the money.)
(Wouldn't put it past him to forget. Better make sure.)

Music: Overstepped Memory
Just after a few steps...

Music: Dancing Cat
Mr Hyde, you haven't seen Tony, have you?
Actually, he just paid me a visit.
He came to tell me about a sure-fire deal he'd been let in on.
So he came to you too with his crazy scheme?
Yeah, just this morning.
I hope you didn't fall for his story and hand over any cash, Mr Hyde.
Actually, I did.

And I still don't understand why

Oh no, how much did he swindle out of you?
Gave him pretty much all the cash I had on me.

Music: Joke's On You

I knew it!

He doesn't have any sure-fire scheme, he'll just gamble it all away.
He didn't say anything about gambling!
Well, he wouldn't have been able to convince you if he did, would he?
Truth is, he's been betting on the horses a lot recently and just can't stop.
He came and tried to get money out of me too, but I was wise to his game.
From now on, whatever you do, don't lend Tony any money.
He'll never return it and anything he wins goes right into the nearest bar.
Can't believe I fell for it.

Music: Dream's End
(What the hell was I thinking? Can't believe Tony managed to haul me in like that.)

I see. Wish I'd never bothered listening to your crazy story.

Tony: 3
Mags: 1


On another note, I think I can see now why Ed would dream of Kyle lying dead on the street.

Music: Shadowy Men

Maybe somehow Kyle won't be dumb in the other choice?

How much do you need?

So how much do you need to get started?

Of course not

$1000? That's pretty steep!
Do you really need that much just to start?
Yeah, that's why I'm strapped, man.
Seems that's part of the rules. If you come up short, you can't join.
Got it.

And then Kyle gave the money to Tony. The ringing stops basically right around this time. Of course, this also leads to the same Game Over.

So you see, the right thing to do here is not to press. This kind of situation NEVER came up in Hotel Dusk, which is why I got this Game Over in my first playthrough.

You're gonna lend me some cash, right?
My phone's ringing. I really should answer it.
Aw, come on, man. Help me out here.
I'm in a tight spot and I really need your support right now.

(A tight spot?)

Sorry, I'm gonna get that.

Music: Heating Up

It's nice being able to grab the phone from far away. If we talk to the scammer...

I'm gonna be waiting right here.
When you're done with your call, we need to finish our chat.
Yeah, whatever. Knock yourself out.

The phone's ringing.

I heard a stern voice on the other end of the phone.

Who is this?

Music: Blue Lady

Mrs Patrice!
I'd just like to say that I'd like the rent paid in full by the end of the day.
B-by the end of the day?
Yes, Mr Hyde. Thank you and goodbye.
Yeah, see you. *hangs up*

Now this really complicates matters.
What the hell am I supposed to do now?

I'll tell you the first thing we're going to do next: Getting rid of Tony.