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Part 85: Playing Billiards

Music: Whichever one you picked in the last update

The thread has spoken, and we're going to be giving the money to Tony.

Would $1000 be enough?

Would $1000 be enough?
Yeah, with that kind of cash I could put together somethign that'd blow their minds!
If that's the case, why don't you take this?

But, this is...
It's a cheque for $1000, and it's bona fide too! Take it.
Ho-hold on...
I can't take this, man.
Sure you can. Do what you said. Put together that demo tape and knock 'em dead.
But what if the tape doesn't make it?
Lay off the modesty, it doesn't suit you. This is your chance to get back in the saddle.
I know, but still...
Listen, Tony, you need this money, right?
There are fans out there waiting for you to get your ass back in gear.

Just take the damn thing.
And you're sure about this?
Never been surer.
And you'd better make it disappear before I change my mind.
You're the man, Hyde!
You won't regret it either, I'm not gonna waste this chance!

This is very different from the time we got a Game Over by handing Tony $400.

It's nice to see how he's improved a lot since we first met him

So are you ready for a crazy night together with me, Hyde?
Until you said that, I was.
I'm pretty sure you're gonna be passed out and on the floor before me though!
We're just two guys drinking together on Christmas Eve. What could possibly go wrong?
That's what I'm talking about!
Ha ha!


Well, Sidney, it's only gonna get louder!
Yeah, I gathered that. No sense in going hungry, though. Food's on the way.
Shouldn't be too much longer now.
You're just trying to slow us down!
Not at all, but I will say this. You've got the entire night, so why rush?

I sense a minigame coming up.

Sidney leaves us to ponder his words.

Well, you wanna play?
Sure, why not?
Then it's on!

I'm a little busy right now. Just hang back, play some billiards with Tony, and your food will be out shortly.

Since Tony is accompanying us, we're now too wide to fit between the chairs, thus preventing us from talking to Claire. Collision detection!

Music: Shadowy Men

So, are you some kind of hustler, or what?
Back in the day, maybe, but it's been a while since I played.
How about you?
I'm not bad, I play a bit.
A bit, huh?
How about we make a proper game out of this?
Now you're speaking my language!
How much you wanna lay down?
Good question.

Sing? Here?
Yeah. Make it the song I heard on the radio the other day. I'd like to hear that again.
It's a deal! If you win, I'll do a live set!
But if you lose, I'm gonna make you buy me a glass of this place's best beverage!
Fair's fair, you're on.
Now that's a deal and there's no going back on it!
Looks like I'm finally gonna get a taste from Sidney's secret stash!
Save that kind of talk for if you win!
So, how're we gonna play this?

Yeah, the rules are simple: Hit the cue ball into the rest and sink as many as you can. Just be careful you don't sink the cue ball. Then you'll get a big fat zero.
The person with the highest number of balls potted is crowned the winner.
So it's a one-shot match?
Exactly. How does best-of-three sound? The first to score more than one wins.
I got it.
Are you ready?

It's time for another sports minigame! It's still more reasonable than hallway bowling.

We can practice right now since we only have one chance, but we don't have to win and I have savestates, so we'll just go ahead.

Yeah, prepare to lose!

Yeah, prepare to lose!
I'll go first then.
Break a leg.
No need for luck when you're as great as me!

Music: Whichever one you picked in the last update

Like with bowling from Hotel Dusk, this minigame relies heavily on RNG.

Uh... I wasn't really paying attention. Yeah.
You're up.

Controlling this minigame is very random and finicky. Just hid as hard as you can and hope for the best.

Not bad, Hyde, not bad at all. Guess you win this one.

How many balls Tony manages to get is pretty much completely random.

Eh, not my greatest shot.
You're up, Hyde.


Hah! That's it?
Oh yeah, Tony's the man!

Uh... I wasn't really paying attention. Yeah.
You're up.

Tony has various reactions depending on how many balls we/he get. I won't bother showing them all off.

Yes, I'm posting GIF for every shot just to show how random the balls move.

2-1 to you. Guess that means you win the game.

I love how Kyle's face is.

Tony actually has a reaction for every single possible score in the match. Needless to say, I won't be getting them all.

Music: Shadowy Men
Can't believe I lost!
Victory, sweet victory!
You sure you ain't a hustler? Where'd you learn those moves?
Me and a friend I knew back then used to spend a lot of our time at a pool hall.
You must've spent some serious time playing there.
You managed to squeeze all that practice in while busting those perps?
Pretty much.
Was your friend in the force too?
Yeah, that's right. We were practically inseparable.
Was he a good guy? A fine upstanding citizen like yourself?

Nice save.

I hope you don't think I'm weird for saying this, but...
there's something really cool about two Manhattan cops playing pool in a bar.
(Looking back, it was pretty good fun. Billiards requires concentration and strategy, which Bradley and I appreciated a lot. We'd play it every chance we could get back in the day.)

Billiards generally requires strategy. This billiards minigame requires luck.

If you could meet me from back then, you'd be shocked.

I was kinda slick back then myself.
You're still a pretty cool guy now too, you know.
A little more tired-looking perhaps, but still.
Hey, watch it!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
About that song I promised you...
I've not got my guitar. How about I visit your place later and play there?
About that.
I'd like to change the plan slightly.
Instead of playing it for me, there's someone else I'd like you to play it to.
Oh yeah? Who's that?
That fan of yours.

Are you serious?
Yeah, so do me a favour and play them that new song of yours.
Sure, consider it done!
They're gonna love it.

This entire conversation will only happen if we win. Otherwise...

Tony's match reactions posted:


Aha ha ha!
Hate to rub it in, but I beat your sorry ass!
(Yeah, guess I'm not as good as I used to be.)


I mean, a draw? Where's the fun in that?
(Yeah, I guess I'm not as good as I used to be.)

Music: Glass in the Hand
You two seem really focused. How's it going?

What's everybody doing back here?
Tony and I are having a little friendly competition.
That looks like fun, can I join in too?
You can count me in as well if you think you're up to the challenge.

Looks like we have new challengers.

Okay, time for me to take a break.
I'll leave the rest up to you.
If you need me, I'll be having a drink at the bar.