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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 33: Chapter 3 Quiz

Music: Clearing the Mist

I collected all the money I had in my wallet, but I was still short. There was more inside an empty whiskey bottle, but I needed to break it open. I asked Dylan for something to use, and he lent me...

A jigsaw puzzle
No, that's not it. The jigsaw puzzle was inside Dylan's room, hanging on the wall in a frame.
An answer phone
No, that's not it. The answer phone is in my room. I doubt it could be used to smash open a bottle.

It could, but you'll probably break the phone too.

A hammer

Right. Dylan lent me his hammer. I used it to smash open the bottle and retrieve the cash.

Skipping through Tony's attempts to swindle you, huh?

As it turned out, Marie also owed Mags some money, which surprised me a little. I met Marie in the lobby, but we were interrupted when someone came in. It was...

No, that's not who it was. Tony paid me a visit earlier when he came to my room.
No, that's not who it was. I met up with Sidney when I went to Lucky's Café.


It was none other than Rex Foster who came in when we were talking. As soon as Marie saw Rex, she fled back to the safety of her room.

When I got there, I found a letter addressed to Marie from an insurance company. After I handed it over to her, she told me about...

A quiz application form
No, that's not it. She never mentioned the Lucky's Café quiz.
Paying the rent
No, that's not it. We barely even touched on the subject of unpaid rent.

A bugging device

Right. She told me about a bugging device she'd found in her room.

She had some information to share with me about Rex Foster. She told me some interesting facts about him, including his job as...

A musician
No, that's not it. Tony's the only musician around here.
An ex-detective
No, that's not it. There's only one ex-detective that I know of in this building, and that's me.

Watch as it's revealed later that there's more musicians and ex-detectives here.

An insurance claim investigator

Right. It turns out that Rex is an insurance claims investigator.

I headed to Lucky's Café and found a second bugging device, so I confronted Rex about it. He shared some eye-opening facts about Marie with me. He told me...

Ed's ex-boss was a candidate for mayor
No, that's not it. I heard about Ed's Ex-boss running for mayor from Rachel. As far as I know, Rex has no idea who Ed is.
Marie's husband and brother worked at the hotel
No, that's not it. I didn't hear about that from Rex.

She was suspected of insurance fraud

Right. Rex said that he had some suspicions about the death of Marie's husband, and was looking around for evidence to back them up.
Also, 13 years ago, Marie's brother died in similar circumstances. She became the sole beneficiary of the payout from his insurance policy.

I put the pressure on Rex and he told me some interesting facts, not only about Marie, but also about the past before this building became an apartment block. This is what he told me... He said that the person with all the facts about the Scarlet Star was my dad. It was those words that prompted me to make a decision I couldn't make before. I decided that I'd take a closer look into the mysterious order sheet I received. I started to consider that the Scarlet Star that went missing 25 years ago may be in some way connected to the death of my dad. And in the dead of night, for the first time in years, I called my mom. When I got her on the phone, I asked her about what happened all those years ago.

And we're not going to hear the call itself? Okay then.