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Part 84: Making Friends

Music: Impervious to Love

Music: Glass in the Hand
Hey, Mr Hyde, how about choosing some music from the jukebox?
I'm interested to see what kind of music you pick.

Mr Hyde, didn't my dad ask you to do something?
Yeah right. Thanks for the reminder.

Music: Impervious to Love

Jukebox The jukebox is illuminated with all manner of coloured neon lights.

Gotta pick something good. Nothing like a bit of pressure.

Since Straight Chaser played on the radio, it's now unlocked for our listening pleasure.

You guys can play whatever you want. There's a full list of musics we have heard in the quote below.

This should do the trick.

Everything's on the house tonight, Mr Hyde!
That's real kind of you.

Since inviting Tony to come down here, he's been in a world of his own.

Hey, Hyde!
Hi, Tony.

Different vibe in here than usual. Someone's picked some good music tonight!
Yeah, Sidney asked me to choose something.

Tony's next dialogue changes depending on the track we pick.

Tony's Music Review posted:

Music: Mulling It Over
Music: Distant Memory
Music: Deep Distrust
Music: Razzle Dazzle
Music: Secrets
Music: Silent Tears
Yeah, I can feel it.
This always was one for the sentimental people.
Spot on.

Music: Sharpened Blade
Music: Resolution
I know this one... It's pretty powerful. Makes you sit down and think.
Is that so?

Music: Gusty Town
Music: Blue Lady
Music: Heating Up
Music: Town Dyed Purple
Music: Hidden Proof
Not the most uplifting song in the world.
I guess it figures that you chose it.

Music: Shadowy Men
Music: Dancing Cat
This is an awesome song, one of my favourites.
Is that so?

Music: Ace of Diamonds
Music: Precocious Circumstances
Music: Glass in the Hand
Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Joke's On You
Music: Clearing the Mist
This is a real uplifting number.
The kind of thing that puts you on top of the world.
I see what you mean.

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall
Music: Impervious to Love
Music: Sobering Dream
Music: Contemplation
Good choice! It really works given that it's Christmas Eve, and all.
Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Music: Creeping Shadow
Never thought you'd be the kind of guy to pick a tune like this.

Music: A Drink in the Evening
No special dialogue here.

Music: Belief
Yeah, this one's you, through and through.
I know where you were coming from when you chose this one.
You got me.

Music: Insomnia (Last Window)
New Music: Straight Chaser
Music: Serenity
Music: Over Easy
Music: The Long Night (Last Window)
Couldn't have picked a better one myself.
Nice choice!

Music: Legless Tango
Music: Lonely Goodbye
Music: Dream's End
I didn't found these musics in my jukebox. Probably because I load state everytime I show off a Game Over.

What'll it be, Hyde?
What're you having?
Me? Well, seeing as it's Christmas Eve...
I suppose the most obvious choice would be champagne! A few glasses of that and something swanky to nibble on as we go.
Perhaps a couple of sips of that 20-year-old brandy, too.
Sounds like you've planned the whole thing. Pretty extravagant, too.
And why not?
It's Christmas Eve. Time to get a little wild!
Sounds like you're serious.

I heard about how he invited you down here for drinks on the house.
Damn, so you knew all along?
Yeah, I have ways of making people talk.
Aw man, so I've gone and embarrassed myself again in front of you.
Don't take it so hard.

Did you just say what I think you said?
Say what?
Unless I'm already drunk... I thought you said something about us being friends.
Yeah, it might have slipped out.
Ha ha ha!
What's so funny?
Ha ha ha ha!
Come on, did I suddenly become a comedian or something?

Hope Kyle doesn't end up punching Tony

You said that me and you were friends.
Dunno what it is, but happiness seems to be in the air today.
I feel like I've been given a present from Santa.
Has it really been that good?
It sure has.
Sidney offers to pay for my drinks, and you declare that we're friends...
Also, I just took a call from the director of the radio show that aired my song.
The director?
He called you?
Yeah, according to him, the fans were all over it.

Now I'm beginning to see what put you in your good mood.
You see!
This could even be my return to professional music!
That'd certainly be a bonus.
I can't say I'm not a little worried, though.
Worried? Why's that?
I'm worried about the demo tape.
The director told me he'd be happy to hand the record label a demo tape. Thing is, before he can do that, I need to put one together.
Without any cash, how am I going to afford studio time? If I had that, I'm sure I could knock together an awesome demo tape.

Look, Tony...

You know what this means: It's voting time