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Part 78: Meeting an Old Friend

Music: Razzle Dazzle

Music: Mulling It Over

With all that's been on my mind lately, I realise that I've been less irritated by Christmas. Less than usual, anyway. Now, though, it doesn't take me long to return to my former self.

I pass parents and children, lovers, their faces brimming with happiness, all of them clutching their precious Christmas gifts. I hate this time of year.

Christmas songs are the worst

Before me, in front of a nearby building, stands a huge brightly-lit Christmas tree.

Before I know it, I find I've been staring at the star for the last few minutes. I've been trying no to, but I finally give in and think about what Christmas means to me.

My dad had just been killed and my mom had fled to this town with me in tow. We'd just started our new lives in Manhattan. My mom and I walked the streets of Manhattan that day, not knowing a soul. It was Christmas Eve then, too. Neither my mom nor I dared to buy anything or look at anything, or even talk. We just kept silently walking hand in hand through the cold wintry streets. That was the day I learned to hate the sound of Christmas songs.

The promise I made to Rachel about tonight rings in my ears as I make my way back.

Music: Heating Up

And so we start this chapter with Kyle grumbling about Christmas. Somehow I'm not surprised.

*buzzing sound*

Who's that?

It's Mila!

Music: Sorrowful Nightfall
Hello, Kyle.
Are you on your own?
Kyle, I...
I wanted to tell you something, Kyle.
Tell me something? What is it?
I... I...
Did something happen to you? Come in, we can talk inside.

Mila's overworld sprite is kinda terrible. Especially the part around her eyes.

I'm sorry I wasn't here when you called in the other day, Mila.
That's alright.
I should've let you know I was coming first, anyway.
At least, that's what Rachel said.
She told me to call before I come and see you next time.
I see.
As far as I knew, we were planning on meeting up tonight.
Rachel told you about dinner, right?
Yes, she told me.

We're never going to directly meet Rachel in this game, are we?

Got something better lined up?
No, not me.
That's what I came to tell you, Kyle.
She can't come and have dinner with us.
Why not? I thought she was looking forward to it.


When did that happen?
Just this morning.
There was a call from the hospital this morning saying that he'd been admitted.
Rachel left shortly afterwards.
Why the hell didn't somebody tell me about this straight away?
Ed said not to. He was very clear about it.
He said it was just the same old same old, nothing to fuss about.

Pot, meet kettle

Kyle, what did he mean by "same old same old"?
His heart, that's what.
He has a heart problem. If he gets stressed, he gets these spasms in his heart.
He's been told a million times to go to the hospital if he's not feeling right!
Are you worried about him, Kyle?
Damn right I am! His laid-back attitude about this really pisses me off!
I can see.

(I heard exactly the same thing about you from Ed...)

But with somebody as capable as Rachel nearby, I'm a little less worried.
If anything happens, no matter how much Ed protests, Rachel lets me know.
That's just what she told me, too.
If anything happens to him, she'll let you know.
Glad to hear we're on the same wavelength.
Anyway, I'm really sorry that we have to take a rain check on that meal.
I promise I'll make it up to you once he's out of the woods.
I'll take you and Rachel out for a meal then.

Translation/Spoiler: Mila will not appear in any future chapter.

What? Tomorrow? You're already leaving?
I've got to finish a picture.
I have to get my winter project done as soon as I can.
I sometimes think I take too much time with my pictures. The time just flies by.
Can't be helped, I suppose.

*phone rings*

Wonder if that's Rachel.
Can I answer it?
Sure, go ahead.

*Mila walks to the phone and picks it up*

Music stops

Yes, that's right.
I'll pass you over.
It's not Rachel, Kyle.
Then who is it?
I don't know, but it's a woman.
The plot thickens.

*Kyle takes the phone*

Music: Ace of Diamonds

Who was the girl answering the phone?
Just a friend.
I see. Well, it is Christmas Eve, I suppose. I'm happy for you Kyle. Happy that you're not planning on spending the rest of the day by yourself.
Slow down there. She really is just a friend. You shouldn't go jumping to conclusions.
Oh, I see. Aren't you going to tell me a bit about her?
Now's not really the time, Mom.
I'm not trying to back you into a corner or anything. You don't have to tell me. I'm not going to hold on too long, just so you know.

A package?
Yes, you know, a present. It is Christmas after all!
That's not like you, Mom. Didn't we agree that we wouldn't do all that exchanging gifts business?
But it's a special year this year. This Christmas you're the same age as your father was. Merry Christmas, Kyle. *hangs up*

Before we continue talking to Mila, we'll take a look at our new descriptions.

Music: Sobering Dream

Betty's description was updated after our confrontation with her.

Frank and Hugh's descriptions were updated after Ed's last phone call.

I think Dylan's description was updated around the time we used his magnifying glass? I'm not sure.

Rex's description changes very slightly that I didn't notice it at first. I don't remember when it's updated, but it's sometime after confrontation with Marie in Chapter 4.