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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 66: Taking the Elevator

Music: Blue Lady

I guess we shouldn't tattle on Dylan, much as I wanted to.

No reason, it just sprung to mind.

No reason, it just sprung to mind.
Mr Hyde! Things like that shouldn't be blurted out unless you've got reason to do so!
You're right. I'm sorry.
Why on earth would you even think about something like that?
I just heard about this kind of thing a while back. People making threats, doing all kinds of nasty things to get owner to sell up.
Well, I can't deny that these things happen, that's for sure.
More often than you might think.
Mrs Patrice?
It's my head...
Are you alright?
I do apologise, I sometimes have episodes like this. I get a really sharp pain in my head all of a sudden.
I'm going to have to leave you for now.

Mrs Patrice heads back to her room.

I'm sure she's just fine

(So it looks like our beloved vending machine's going to disappear tomorrow.)

Music: Overstepped Memory
We then check that the café is closed and go to the vending machine.

We get 8 coins in Chapter 3 and we can spend 1 each chapter, so it seemed like we got exactly enough. But it seemed like we won't get to spend them all.

Did you notice that the bottles came out of different slots?

I open the bottle and glug the whole thing down.

Now that's satisfying.
And if I'm lucky I might have won a prize.

Since this is our last chance to buy drinks, let's buy some more (using savestates).

I open the bottle and glug the whole thing down.

Mmm, delicious.
Now, let's see if I get a prize.

We still don't get another prize. After that, the pager beeps and we go up the sta...

...You know what, I know it's slower, but let's use the elevator instead.

Pressing the button opens the door with an unskippable animation. I'll show it later, when we're forced to use the elevator (spoilers).

Ignore the pager icon on the top left. Rachel can wait until we finish exploring the elevator.

Music: Hidden Proof

There's an L-shaped bench in the corner of the elevator.

Yes, that's it. We can't specifically examine the cabinet in the bench.

If we want to go to other floors we have to examine this spot.

Bell button I push the emergency call button.
R button I push the button for the roof.
3/2/1 button I press the elevator's third/second/first floor button.
Open/close button I push the button that opens/closes the elevator doors.
4 button The button for the fourth floor is covered up.
I wonder why just this button is covered up?

Pushing R/3/2/1 button brings us to the respective floors (and automatically opens the door with an unskippable animation). Close and bell buttons do nothing. Open button just brings us outside (without any animation).

This means we can actually go to the roof now. I won't bother since there's pretty much nothing there right now. Instead, we'll just go to the second floor (I'll show the door opening later).

Music: Overstepped Memory

After using an elevator, we're dropped off in front of it. Shocking, I know. Dylan's not here, so let's just go back to our room.

Music: Shadowy Men
Have you been out?
Just been to the lobby to get something to drink. Woke up with one hell of a dry throat.
Sounds like someone can't take their liquor!
I can still feel it sloshing around.

Hey, watch it!
Come on, you got to admit, you didn't really have that much.
Maybe not, but after hearing your song...
I think all that bourbon went straight to my head!
Good excuse.
Well it was good for me to have an audience for once. It really helped me sing.
Hey, Tony... (Last night I had the pleasure of listening to the latest song he's written.)

♪But not everyone can keep up with it.

It wasn't half bad. Your song, I mean.
Don't act so surprised. I'm not so proud that I can't compliment someone on a fine piece of work, you know.
So it appealed to you...
Yeah, it did. Is that bad?

Hey, what's that supposed to mean?!
Nothing, man, just yanking your chain!
I'm just seriously stoked that you liked the song, that's all.
You've got a radio in your room, right?
Yeah, I got one. Why?
Have you ever listened to a show called Rock 'n' Soul?
Can't say I have.
Do me a favour and listen to it today.
Truth is, I got a call from one of their producers that I used to know, and he promised to try out a demo tape I sent. Says he'll see what the audence thinks.
Your song's going to be on the radio?
Yeah, it's been quite a while. It'll be on at 11AM.
I'm heading out now to see if I can find somewhere with the radio switched on.
That way I can see how the people listening react when it comes on.

Tony seems to be in high spirits as he leaves.

It's nice seeing Tony not being an asshole and actually getting productive

(Rock 'n' Soul... 11 o'clock, huh? I suppose I could find the time to give it a listen.)

Music: Overstepped Memory
Music: Heating Up

While we're waiting for that time, we have a phone call to make.


Time to give Rachel a call.

Music: Serenity
Hi Rachel, it's me. What's up?
I've uncovered some info on Condor like you asked. It seems that the symbol Hotel Cape West used was that of a condor.
Their symbol?
Yes. When the hotel was still in business, they designed a mark in the shape of a condor. It was the official symbol of Hotel Cape West.
That's interesting.
There's something else, Kyle. Something I'd like to ask you. It's been on my mind for a while now.
Sure, what is it?
It's Ed. He's out at the moment, meeting with some friend of his from the LAPD. He told me he was meeting this friend to get more information on Frank Raver like you asked.
Well, when you asked about Frank Raver yesterday...Ed told you that he'd heard the name, but didn't hold the guy.
That's right.