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Part 147: Spoiler Update D

Will McGrath!

Will McGrath!
You already know my name.
Come on, do you take me for an idiot? Your name's Will McGrath!
Can you actually hear yourself?
Have you got any proof to back up your outrageous claims?

Show passport

Take a look at this.
That's my...
Right, it's your passport.

Your real name is...

Will McGrath, that's your real name after all!
It is. Well done.
That's me, Will McGrath.

Music: Resolution

You started this conversation, remember?
Maybe it's going to take a bullet to shut you up after all...
Yeah, I'll take a rain check on that.
Besides, I doubt you've got the balls to shoot me right here in this place.
That's what you think, is it?
Think about it.

And I'm sure you aren't looking for any more publicity.
Brave words for someone in your position.
So anyway, now I've blown your cover, Mr McGrath, what to do about it? Luckily for you, I'm not gonna rat you out to the police. If you must know, I only snuck in here to find out something I've been investigating, in the hope of unveiling the truth.
And I think you can shed some light on it.
I see.
Well, Mr Hyde, would you care to share it with me?
What exactly are you looking for? What do you mean by "truth"?
That's easy.
I wanna know about 25 years ago.
Once I found out you were Will McGrath, I realised that you were connected to the murder that happened 13 years ago.
Me? Connected to a murder?
And how do you figure that?

Because you're the victim's son

Because you're the victim's son.
I'm afraid not.
The victim of the murder 13 years ago, Kathy McGrath, was the manager's wife.
McGrath's a common enough name. Just because we share it doesn't mean I'm related.
You seem to enjoy jumping to conclusions.
There's no jumping here, it's all based on evidence I have.
If that's the case, please show me.

Show torn postcard

Take a look at this.
I opened up the toy camera inside your case.
The postcard I found inside bore the name Michael McGrath.
The same name as the husband of the victim, Kathy, 13 years ago. He was the manager of the hotel at the time.
Why have you been hiding it?
Now that you've shown me this, I suppose there's no sense in denying it...
You're right, Mr Hyde... I'm her son.

It all makes sense now! Damn, I'd never have guessed you were related to the victim.
No use in keeping quiet now. You may as well talk.
What do you want me to say?
Tell me everything! I want to hear exactly what you hope to gain from all this.
I have absolutely no idea what you're saying.
I live here under a false name, I'll grant you that.
I'm a guy who does a job I'd rather the other tenants didn't know about.
The same guy whose mother was murdered in the past. How's that for the truth? So, now you know everything, what do you have to say?
Wow, that was almost half convincing. You think I was born yesterday?

Last chance, spill it!
What have you been doing in this building?
What were you trying to gain by using me?
Time for you to cut the bull and tell me the truth.
Why are you living here in this building? What are you up to?
Nothing, I'm just a tenant.

You expect me to believe that?

You're looking for the culprit!

You're looking for the culprit!
The what?
The case surrounding your mother's murder was never solved, so you're here trying to find out who the culprit is.
Maybe I am, what of it?
Some of what you're saying is close to the truth, but you're not quite on the money.
Mr McGrath. Do not get cryptic with me.
I'm not searching for my mother's murderer.

Mr Hyde...
You and I have shared very similar experiences. Both of us have had a parent murdered.
Your father was killed 25 years ago and my mother 13 years ago.
Both cases remain unsolved.
What're you getting at?
However, though our pasts are distinctly similar, we have adopted different approaches.
You were once a detective, yet you chose not to look into your father's case.
You're even living in a place that may still be able to shed light on things, but do nothing.
You're not even trying to find out the truth.
And that's the reason I'm so angered by you.

Are you for real?

So the order sheet was your doing!

So the order sheet was your doing!
That would be telling.
Come on, you told me this much. No sense in stopping here.
Which direction were you trying to point me in?
That's simple...
And what did you mean with what you said just now? You said we had distinctly different approaches to our respective parts...
Tell me what you meant by that!
It's all about something that I possess, but you don't.
A burning desire to get even with the person who is responsible.
I'll not rest until the person responsible for my mother's death has been made to pay.

Music: Sharpened Blade

So who killed Kathy?

So who killed Kathy?
The main person responsible is already dead.
But their accomplice is still around.
Their accomplice?
Are you referring to...

Mrs Patrice?
Marie Rivet?