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Part 5: Ethan Explains it all 5 - Man vs Tank

Howdy y'all, time to learn about being a zombie!

If you want the chatty version, go watch the Versus videos for No Mercy in the L4D1 LP, we go over how everything works in that.

Ok, here's the deal with Versus: one team controls the infected and tries to stop/do as much damage as possible to the survivors before they get to the end. You get points per person for distance with a bonus 25 points for everyone alive in the saferoom at the end. Whichever team has the most points plays Survivor team first, because going second gives you an advantage of knowing where the item spawns and the general area of where a Tank or Witch will be. You lose all equipment in between maps so everyone is on a level playing field in terms of items.

Defibs and healthpacks outside of the saferoom are much less common and using a defib gets you -25 points, so it basically counter acts the survivor bonus for whoever you revive, so you better make sure they make it to the saferoom.

The special infected hud tells you how long until your fellow infected respawn, how much health they have and how much time until their abilities are ready to go again. I'll stick a pic in here at some point, but if I don't you'll see in the videos anyway!

The old special infected play much the same in L4D2, except there is basically nowhere to get 25 damage pounces as Hunter and the Boomer projectile is really strange and behaves really oddly, even more so than it did in the first game.

The new infected have some quirks but here is how they work!

The Spitter has very little health and her projectile has a long recharge time and has a maximum range. The maximum range means it just drops straight down when it reaches it or will bounce if it hits something before. It's definitely the least luck based of all the special infected by a mile, once you get the hang of the spit you'll be able to get it to go exactly where you want with ease.

The Charger has loads of health and can't be shoved, but his hit detection for the charge is probably as bad as the Smoker's tongue if not worse because you have to expose yourself so much more and it feels like so much more is lost when it fails. I think all the survivors grease up because you'll sometimes just slide right off them and sometimes you'll just bang into someone and it will act as if you hit a wall and you'll just bounce off. Good times and not frustrating at all.

The Jockey has a really high amount of health too, which is surprising considering his small size, but he's basically a close range Smoker so it makes sense. Is about as reliable as the Hunter in terms of grabbing someone. If you ride someone until they incapacitated it completely drains your charge metre and it takes forever to recharge. The worst thing for a Jockey player is to jump on someone with very little health and instantly incap them and neuter yourself. However, if you incap someone by getting them to hang on to a ledge then your metre refills normally, which encourages you to play the Jockey more effectively when ledges are around.

That's pretty much it really.