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Part 4: Ethan Explains it all 4 - The Midnight Riders' music saves lives!

Howdy y'all! This finale rocks for a few reasons. Well four reasons mostly and those reasons are: Ox, Smitty, Jake and Dusty aka The Midnight Riders. The Midnight Riders are probably the best rock 'n' roll band of all time (even the albums that ain't no good). These guys are to Coach what Jimmy Gibbs Jr. is to Ellis. See for more info. Yup, that's right. Valve set up a website with entries from the band. Well, mostly Jake, but he eats farts so whatever.

The first song is

Midnight Ride, which flows into a remix of the Tank theme called...

Midnight Tank!

The second song is my fave, One Bad Man from the hit album "Born Yesterday"

which goes into another remix of the Tank theme called "One Bad Tank"

As songs go they are pretty simple stuff, especially One Bad Man, but they both rule because the Midnight Riders rule. The only bad thing is that in Versus the other team will probably quit before you get to the finale or the survivors won't make it to a second tank to let you hear One Bad Tank.

For the Christmas after L4D2 was released a Christmas charity record they recorded called "All I want for Christmas (is to kick your ass)"
which is really good for a song written and recorded in under an hour!

This has been your bad music update and I'll be covering the different horde musics from each campaign and how they sound like something Jake would write (shitty).