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Part 6: Slowly Onwards to Mt. Gabel

Chapter 5 – Slowly Onwards to Mt. Gabel

Where we last left off, Sabrina had offered Lang and Maya a room at her inn, sheltering them from the evil Doplin soldiers we had just escaped.

We awake the next day, and head downstairs.

”I might have a bit of a sleeping problem.”

Sabrina: “Things have finally calmed down quite a bit outside.”

Sabrina: “So…What do you plan on doing now?”

“I don’t…I don’t really know…”

“I have to find that guy, the one that stole the Aqualith from my town…But I haven’t gotten any leads!”

Sabrina: “What kind of man was he? This guy you’re looking for?”

“He’s no human ‘man,’ that’s for sure! He had gold eyes…”

Someone reacts upon hearing that.

Joe: “It’s no place for people to get anywhere near…”

Sabrina: “So maybe…Maybe Maya is trying to tell us that a mountain has something to do with the fellow you’re looking for…?”

Joe: “Hey, wait just a minute! Don’t tell me you’re planning on going there!!”

You get a dialogue choice, but as usual, it amounts to “dither like a moron” or “just fucking do it”.

“I don’t know if there’s any connection, but I’ll find out when I get there. I’m going!”

Joe: “Hmph! It’s not like going on a picnic, you know! It’s dangerous, I tell you!”

The scene ends there. We are now free to go. But first, let’s chat with the inn people, I guess?

Sabrina gives us a Heal Leaf and a Venom Cure.

We get a dialogue choice where we can be pointlessly suspicious of the woman who helped us a great deal up till now, and is even helping us more for free. That’s stupid, so we just thank her plainly.

“Thank you, Sabrina.”

Sabrina: “Think nothing of it. Just make sure you look out for that sweet girl, lover boy!”

I just want to take this moment to point out that Maya is canonically 14 here. With Lang at 17, hanky-panky would only be legal in very specific countries (or US states with Romeo and Juliet laws). That won’t stop the game from shipping them, however. Whether they can actually be a couple, well, you’ll find out…

Cocky Lang has no interest in being a “bad guy”.

“No, no. I’m a good guy.”

”The best of guys, you might say.”

Nils: “I think people are usually more…What’s that word? Hum…humble.”

”Only because they didn’t take down the MIGHTIEST knight in the kingdom!”

The others don’t have anything particularly interesting to say, so we decide to head out. The castle will still be looking for us, so we’re bound to need to be stealthy. Perhaps we should acquire some hooded robes, or maybe scale the walls…

Now Playing – Difference of Social Status

Or we could just walk outside unmolested.

The Japanese comes out to “Jousai toshi Darakin”, or “Fortified City Darakin”. Citadel is perfectly fitting here.

This dude isn’t even trying to capture us. Also he missed the memo that two Mystics escaped the castle.

This guy serves as a tutorial for the game’s combat functions. Probably would have been more useful if he was in Nohl.

He can also teach you an Art, but you can easily learn said Art long before you meet him, so it’s only useful if you’ve been playing without looking up all the Art combinations. If you already know it, he is impressed, but you get nothing else.

Darakin’s shops introduce us to a new function: combining items.

You can “combine” just about any type of item in the game. Weapons, armour, accessories, even healing items.

For weapons and armour, you use materials you get from random encounters to strengthen them. We’ve been getting item drops marked with a jewel symbol occasionally, and these are what you use to improve your gear. Eventually, combining will let you get the best weapons and armour in the game.

Accessories are unique insofar as combining them will create a new accessory with some of the skills of the accessories used to make them, as well as some new ones, potentially. This will let us break the game later on.

Items are far simpler. You can just make stronger ones by combining lesser healing items, like using 2 Heal Powders to make a Heal Leaf.

Miura: “It’s called the Forest Maze, and no one who entered has ever made it out.”

We heard earlier that Maya was found near said Forest Maze.

Miura: “But someday, I’m going to try it! Because I’m the world’s greatest adventurer!”

Miura: “Oh, and before I forget, here’s my book! Don’t worry, it’s already signed!”

We get another readable item, like the Darakin Rag.

On the road again: I have made many attempts, yet have failed each time. Here, I will record the paths I have traversed so far.

On the road again: To overcome all obstacles, that is the essence of an explorer!! Give up? Never! Not I!!

(I do like this guy’s moxy.)

You wouldn’t know it, but this woman tucked away in the back of the town is critical to the plot.

Seeing as she mentioned nobility, why don’t we go have a look at the rich district?

As you might expect, it’s full of obnoxious jackasses. There isn’t a single person here that doesn’t look down on you.

And yes, that’s a statue of our favourite Fascist-Theocratic monarch Doplin in the fountain.

Not even the rich asshole guards actually realise we’re the ones they’re looking for.

Not even the ones who bring up that they’re looking for us.

Will we ever learn what the Holy Order of Banderas is actually about?

”You poor, poor boy.”

Barton: “Maybe I should bring a little ray of sunshine into your drab existence. It’s just a cheap card, but it’s yours!”

Barton gives us the VIP Card. This is an extremely useful item that makes a whole bunch of stores in the game give us access to better gear. Barton might be a rich jackass, but at least he’s good for something.

Cocky Lang doesn’t take this shit.

“Are you really a clerk?! Ever hear of customer service?!”

Shank: “Shaddup! Anyone without money is no customer of mine! In this store, I’m God! You got that?”

”Well ‘God’, me and my thousands of gold made from killing Golems in Gale Canyon are walking out the door.”

We’ve had enough of the rich assholes for a day.

Interestingly, Veska has moved out of her house to come here and look wistfully at where she used to live. It’s a point in this games favour that it puts an uncommon amount of effort into random NPCs (even if some are relevant later on).

We decide to leave Darakin.

The Forest Maze we’ve heard so much about can now be visited. Why not?

This is the first translation that’s a bit off, or at least deliberately changed. It comes out to “Mayoi no mori Warudo”, or “Lost Forest Wald”. Forest Maze isn’t a bad translation, but it’s clear “Wald” seems placed here like a name. It’s also the German word for forest, so it’s either a name or a tautology.

(Something’s holding her back…Is she scared of this forest?)

The game is clearly making it sound like a bad idea to go further. But what’s the worst that can happen?

Ah. That’s what.

Obviously we are very definitely not supposed to try going through the Forest Maze.

We decide to head somewhere nicer. Maybe Nohl?

Or maybe Gale Canyon. Here, we see Bubba really did bury Elfin.

We are also given the opportunity to place the Friendship Ring we got as loot on Elfin’s grave. It’s a sellable item, but we choose to place it here. Because we’re a nice guy?

We return to Nohl, and a short cut scene greets us as the gates.

“Uhhh…One thing led to another…and we ended up travelling together.”

”Also she gave me a lead on the Aqualith, so that’s good, right?”

Dein’s still here, and still a massive douche.

We give him sass.

“Oh, and what have YOU been doing? Must be tough work getting a tan all day then getting your beauty sleep at night.”

Dein: “…Shut up! I’ve been working on something that will…Damn it! You’re still a loser!”

We find Maya in town, communing with barnyard animals.

By the way, remember how we rode a sheep in Chapter 0?

We can do it in front of Maya.

And she judges us.

Friendly reminder that Nancy is our adoptive sister.

If you try to claim you’re intimate, Nancy straight up laughs at Lang. It’s the most pathetic thing. Fortunately, we didn’t vote to make Lang a creep, and choose to say we’re just friends.

“Wha…? We became friends, and it just worked out that way. It’s nothing.”

“…Oh really?”

“Are you sure?”

“I swear!”

“…Something seems fishy…Whatever! I’ll believe you this time! But if you’re hiding something from me, you’re gonna get it later!”

”Hey wait a minute, why the hell is it any of your business what my relationship is with her anyway!?”

”Because of very important reasons that you wouldn’t understand.”

If we talk to Nancy again, she says:

“So what if I’m a bossy loudmouth! *hmph!!* What?! What’re YOU looking at?!!!!”

Lang never called her that, so who did?

We have apprehended the culprit.

“If only Nancy were a little more feminine…Then men wouldn’t be able to get enough of her, right?”

We get to choose to agree, say “It’s no use”, or say Nancy’s fine as is. Can you guess what we’re choosing?

“Really? I think Nancy’s fine just the way she is. At least, that’s my opinion.”

“Huh? What’s the matter with you, boy? Did she knock a screw loose, jolting you awake every morning?”

”No, you misunderstand me. I don’t mean that I like and enjoy how rough she is with me or anything. But that’s who Nancy is. I’m not going to say she should change to suit my preferences. I wouldn’t want anyone to tell me I’m NOT awesome.”

”Also, maybe remember you’re her dad, and refrain from commenting on her attractiveness to men? Also also, maybe don’t idolise women for being INCAPABLE OF SPEECH.”

”….maybe I should be more like Maya for a bit…”

We decide to leave Nohl and its crazy residents behind.

Now you might think we have nowhere to go but Mt. Gabel, but we’re gonna go back to Darakin very quickly.

What’s this?

Goodness gracious, one of Doplin’s guards is actually doing his job!

Guard: “This girl looks like the Mystic that escaped from the castle. I’m trying to question her, but she won’t say a word!”

We then get a choice: lie to the guard, or lie to the guard. I’m only kidding as much as the other option than lying is “bluffing” where we just tell him a different lie.

“Haven’t you heard…? The one that escaped from the castle was a big, strong soldier!”

Guard: “What?! What are you talking about?”

“If you think I’m lying, ask at the castle yourself! I’ll watch this girl until you get back.”

Guard: “Hmph! Of all the darnedest…Okay, I’ll go ask!”

”Good thing the guards around here a rock stupid, eh Maya?”

Lang sequesters Maya in the inn for the duration of their visit to Darakin, but we’ll never have to deal with guards doing their jobs again.

Now we’re going to Mt. Gabel!

Apparently a “Gabel” can be either an archaic form of English taxation or a fork in Middle High German. No, I have no idea what the devs were going for here.

It’s only been one dungeon since Baki were a thing, and they’re already re-using them. For shame, game.

Mt. Gabel’s answer to Golems. They hit like trucks, but they’re great for EXP.

Now Playing – Everyday Tranquility

We arrive at this shack, and Maya goes running up to find out if anyone’s there.

She decides to check around back when no one answers the door, and finds this guy.

“Kid?! I’m not a kid!”

“Hmm, is that a fact…? So…What’s your name?”

“Lang. And you?”

“Me? My name is…”

Yes, this is our third main character, but he won’t be officially joining us for a wee bit yet.

“Kazan. I’m just an old man living alone in these remote mountains.”

Now Playing – Beast of Darkness

“It’s only a matter of time before this place starts dying too.”

Another Origin. Lang steps back at the sight of it.

“I’ve been trying to use my Origin to breath some life into the earth, but…”

“Rivas…It’s good to see you again.”

“Anyone can see that something’s wrong. All it takes is one look at the mountains…”

“Well then…Are you also aware that this change is the work of just one Mystic?”

“What?! That’s impossible…No one has an Origin that strong!”

“This Mystic does. He holds the Supreme Origin…As the name implies, his Origin has seemingly unlimited power…”

We heard Doplin mention someone having a Supreme Origin last time. It stands to reason Rivas means the same person.

Dun dun duuuuuuun!

“You know about that gold-eyed man?! Where is he?!”

“What’s your connection to this man, kid?”

“He…He stole the Aqualith from my village!”

“In order to get the Aqualith back…”

“You’ve got to find him. That’s why you’re after him.”

I choose “I don’t know” because we really don’t beyond “Mystics have Origins and marks”.

“I don’t know…Everyone keeps calling me a Mystic, but I don’t know what that means…”

“I guess it’s safe to say that your Origin hasn’t awoken yet.”

“Hmm…Okay, listen up, kid. I’ll explain it to you.”

“Origins are sentient manifestations of the forces of nature.”

“Origins have a soul that lives inside with the soul of the human host. Those of us with two souls are called…Mystics.”

“The man you’re chasing, Gold Eyes, is a Mystic for sure.”

“And one that appears to have infinite power. Or at least strong enough to affect the entire world.”

“He’s not just another human. He’s something else entirely. Do you see that now?”

“I knew that! That may all be true, but I’m still going to get the Aqualith back from him!”

“Tell me where he is! Please!”

“Jeez, you don’t get it yet, do you? Don’t go charging off right now. You’ll get killed for sure.”

”But when I charged off from Nohl, I ended up killing the MIGHTIEST knight in Darakin!”

“It’s okay. I just washed the sheets and my cooking has really improved. Ha ha ha!”

“Hey, wait! I still need information!”

“Slow down, kid. You’re staying here tonight too.”

“There’s still a lot you don’t understand.”

Everyone heads inside, the scene ends, and a new one begins on the dawn of the next day.

We find Kazan practising his punches, overlooking the mountains.

“So you’re up. Morning, kid.”

“You know, there’s a reason I train like this every morning.”

“I have to be ready to fulfil my mission in life when the time comes.”

“Your mission in life…?”

“Perhaps destiny would be a better word.”

“About what it means to have this power…And why I was entrusted with it.”

“I finally decided that Origins…And Mystics were put here to protect the world. At least that’s what I’ve come to believe.”

“Maybe that’s hard for you to understand since your Origin hasn’t awoken yet.”

“A destiny for me to fulfill…?”

Suddenly, there’s a loud roar.

While Kazan takes mummy, we fight bubby.

For the first time, we actually cause a status effect with Red Whirlwind. Bubby Galduke doesn’t even get a single attack in.

Click below to see Kazan’s Origin in action.

Deva blasts Mummy Galduke off the mountain.

“What were they doing here…?”

Rivas tries and fails to restore the now trampled plants.

“Look, they smashed everything. There’s nothing left…”

“I may be able to rip open the earth, but I can’t make a single flower bloom…I can only help the healing process.”

“This power we share with Origins…It’s tied to the will of the host.”

“It can be used to destroy, or it can be used to help the wounded and those in pain. It all depends on the host.”

“Well, kid…As far as I can tell, you’ve got a good heart. And you’re also a Mystic.”

“If you’re planning to go up against Gold Eyes and his Supreme Origin to get that Aqualith back…Your only chance is that other spirit inside of you. You’ve got to wake it up.”

“The other spirit…?”

“That power is lying dormant inside you. Free your mind and call to it. It will awaken. I’m sure of it.”

“Power..? Inside of me?”

“In your present condition, you won’t get that rock back and you’ll end up dead.”

“Then what should I do?! How can I tap the power inside of me?!”

“There is only one way…You must stare into the very face of death. You must push yourself to the brink.”

”Pretty sure I’ve done that a lot. First Gold Eyes’ demon fingered my chest, then the nauseating siblings beat my ass, and there was a few times against those Golems in Gale Canyon…”

”Eh, well, you know, you need a certain power level, purity of heart, yada yada…”

Cocky Lang is no wuss.

“If that’s the only way to awaken the power inside of me then…I’ll do it! I’m ready to try. I have to!”

“Okay! Follow me.”

“You’ll find a cave at the summit. There’s a spirit called the Mountain Morg that lives there.”

“He’s usually very gentle, but he’ll try to kill anything that attacks him.”

“I know it’s sounds a bit barbaric, but you’re going to attack him.”

“You will find yourself fighting for your life. I’m sure of it. I’ll wait here with Maya.”

We are now free to go on. Alone once again.

We shall leave things here for now. Join me next time, where we finally get our Stand, our third party member, and finally leave Mt. Gabel.