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Legaia 2: Duel Saga

by LJN92

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Original Thread: There's little Dueling in this Saga - Let's Play Legaia 2: Duel Saga



Legend of Legaia was a PSX RPG from the turn of the millennia. Whatever anyone’s thoughts on the game, it was considered a solid game at the time it was made. Some might even describe it as a classic, even if it’s not as well-known as something like the Final Fantasy games.

This is not a Let’s Play of Legend of Legaia.

Legaia 2: Duel Saga is what one would call a “sequel in name only”. It was released 3 odd years after Legend of Legaia in 2001 (in Japan). Due to some creative differences, the makers cut loose the writer from the first game and the result was something that not only barely resembled its predecessor but was also painfully mediocre. Some might even call it atrocious.

I am firmly in the camp that calls Legaia 2 a bad game, but not an irredeemable game. There are moments of interesting content and genuine thought put into this game that mean it isn’t a total wash. Besides that, however, the gameplay is pedestrian, the plot is boring and bad, and there’s some content in this game that makes me want to puke.

But hey, maybe we’ll have some fun doing a goofy Let’s Play of the game, eh?

Why this game?

Well, aside from the fact that I can find certain kinds of bad content entertaining....

I have a small history with this game and Legaia 1. Way back when I was a wee lad, I would frequently rent games from the local stores. I rented both of the Legaia games, but because I was a rock stupid kid, I was never able to complete them. I would keep renting them out in hopes of completing them, but never did.

Legaia 1 I was only ever able to find in this one store when I lived out in this semi-rural community. When we moved into the nearby city, I wasn’t able to find it in any store. It wasn’t until high school that I would borrow the game from a friend and finally complete it. The game is hardly that special, but the journey of trying to complete it made it memorable.

Legaia 2 I rented after moving to the city. I didn’t fully understand some of the things that were silly about the game and had a higher tolerance for tedious gameplay than I do now. I got a fair way through Legaia 2, but wouldn’t complete it until I was an adult. By then I’d realised it was a pretty dumb game, but it was still memorable as like Legaia 1 I’d gone through such an ordeal trying to complete it.

As at least one other person has already LP’d Legaia 1, I figured I’d take up the mantle of LPing Legaia 2. It also has far more silly content to make light of than its predecessor.

What about Legend of Legaia?

As the games are barely connected to one another, you don’t need to know anything about Legaia 1 to understand Legaia 2, so don’t worry about that. I will be actively pointing out any links between the two games, but they’ll be minimal.

What to expect of me

This is the first Let’s Play I’ve ever done on this forum, so I’m hardly going to turn out a masterpiece on my first try. I may be awkward, I may be inept, but bear with me, and maybe we’ll at least have fun. I promise to improve as best I can.

I am also a poor boy from a poor family, so I don’t have the money for fancy recording equipment and other tools. This is all gonna be whatever I can cobble together for free, so forgive any substandard presentation on my part.

Finally, I am not a completionist even when I’m not detailing a game for other’s entertainment. If there is content in this game that is too arcane and complicated to reach, I will not seek it out. I will not make every item, nor fight every enemy. I will detail as much as possible, but mainly focus on putting out a piece of entertainment, not one of perfection.

It’s not the actual gameplay that will be interesting anyway. No, I think people will come here to laugh at the game in spite of its best efforts.

Also, no spoilers, naturally. I want people to be surprised by how dumb this game can be.

Table of Contents

Chapter 0 - Generically Humble Beginnings
Chapter 1 - The Crabby Woods
Chapter 2 - Lang meets his Dream Boy
Chapter 3 - Grind Canyon
Chapter 4 - The Fascist-Theocratic-Feudal Kingdom of Darakin
Chapter 5 - Slowly Onwards to Mt. Gabel
Chapter 6 - In the Hall of the Mountain Morg
Chapter 7 - Two Sewers for the Price of One
Chapter 8 - Storming the Castle
Chapter 9 - The Day of Black Sun
Chapter 10 - Lang's DESTINY
Chapter 11 - My Sharon-a
Chapter 12 - Chapter 8 Redux
Chapter 13 - Meandering Aimlessly
Chapter 14 - Pirates of Darek's Haunt
Chapter 15 - Dull and Grey
Chapter 16 - Questing on the side
Chapter 17 - The Drokonia Fake Out
Chapter 18 - Only a Sibling Elegy
Chapter 19 - The Death of a Moustached Bean Bag
Chapter 20 - Meander the World and the Seven Seas
Chapter 21 - The Tournament Arc
Chapter 22 - Raussicaä of the Tower of the Wind
Chapter 23 - Sekuhara Ojii-san
Chapter 24 - So near, yet so far
Chapter 25 - Interdimensional Showdown
Chapter 26 - Welcome to the Arena
Chapter 27 - Arts, Cooking and Secrets, oh my!
Chapter 28 - Hope Conquers All
Chapter 29 - The End of Legaia
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