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Part 17: Questing on the side

Chapter 16 – Questing on the side

Where last we left off, we had just braved the dull terror of the Thunder Mine, slain the Storm Idol and claimed the ThunderWind Stone we needed to reach the isle of Drokonia, where the Pyrolith lies.

Heading back to Darek’s Haunt and setting sail on the Blood Hawk would be a normal person’s objective.

But we’re going sidequesting instead!

There are a few new quests since we last checked. This will be the trend from now on: we pass plot milestones and unlock new quests. New ones will also unlock from completing certain side quests.

We take up the one about finding the Lypster.

I pointed out Fujima before. Kenjiro knockoff.

Fujima: “I’m Fujima, the one that sent the quest in to the Guild. Glad to meet you! What I want is a Lypster. Got that? NOT a Lyps! A L-y-p-s-t-e-r! It’s not a living creature. It’s an item. In this business, you need something to soothe your spirit and make your calm. I hear all the Lyps get together and have a party…Oh, yeah! I just remembered! My peddler buddy gave me a good piece of information! He said the Lyps gather in the forest just beyond Gale Canyon. You might find one there!”

There’s only one forest beyond Gale Canyon. He means Hunter’s Wood.

In the Woods, we find Lyps running around the same way we do. Touching them leads to an encounter. These are easy to win, because we’re even slaying the upgraded Lyps faster than these things can act.

None of these normal Lyps have what we want. Where can we find the Lypster we’re after? Where do you think?

That’s right, exactly where everything happens in Hunter’s Wood! Where we fought the Gather Crab, Avalon, and saw the Eclipse start!

Now Playing – Elfin

You can’t tell at a glance, but one of the Lyps running around in the Gather Crab grove is the special one we’re looking for. Touching it starts an encounter with a special Red Lyps and one regular.

The Red Lyps can take a beating. I have to have all of my characters attack to bring it down in one round. But nonetheless, it goes down in one round. This does give its buddy the chance to run away, but that doesn’t matter.

Obtaining the Lypster causes all the other Lyps to despawn, meaning we just have regular random encounters to deal with on the way out.

Unlike many guild quests, there’s a camp chat associated with getting the Lypster.

“Don’t sell it! We’ve got to take it with us, or we can’t complete our quest!”

“Why not?! We might get more money selling it than from the Guild’s reward.”

“No way! Look, this is a Quest! We’ve got to turn it over!”

Now let’s do as Maya says and turn in the Lypster.

Despite claiming the Lypster isn’t a creature, it’s actually moving here. What is it, a mechanical doll?

Fujima: “Than you for everything! Please take this as a small token of my appreciation. But you get your real reward money at the Guild.”

He gives us a Vaccine Syringe. This is a usable item that prevents status ailments on one character for a battle. This will be very useful at certain stages of the game.

Fujima: “What a great thing the Guild is! I’m happy! You’re happy! What could be better?”

We return to the guild and collect our 60000. The next quest on our list is “My Daughter is Lost!” Sonnet informs us that Count Lonatello, the quest giver, is staying at the Three-Star Hotel in Darakin. Does that name sound familiar?

Yes, that’s right, this is the same room with the sewer entrance. I think you know what this means.

All the people in the hotel have something to say about Cammie’s disappearance, but it’s just stuff that makes it clear she’s gone through the sewer grate. So down we go!

As far as I know, there’s no hints as to where in the sewers this Cammie has run off to, so you get the delightful task of wandering aimlessly until you find her. Yay!

Here are the Necroskels I mentioned getting pallet swapped in the Thunder Mine.

And in the corner here is an Evil Jelly, the pallet swap of the Jelly Melts we fought here before and in the Thunder Mine. Better in every way, but they decided not to use them in Thunder Mine.

Around where we found Kazan’s Hyper Art scroll, we find Cammie.

I assume she’s doing her own dramatic narration here.

Cammy: “This is like a bad play! Stick around for act two!...Assuming I make it out of here. Since I’m already in character, let’s try a cute, girlish scream…”

Cammy: “Goodness! I can do better than that!”

Unlike everything I’ve faced to date, these Warmongers are actually a threat.

To start with, their ambushing us gives them a free shot at us. Furthermore, due to sucking at remembering which of my keys aligns with which PS2 button, their Hate Force attacks often do upwards of 2000 damage, which is most of our character’s health right now.

This attack causes the Spellbound status, preventing us from using Arts. Arts have long since replaced Origins as our greatest damage dealer, so this is a huge hindrance.

Of course, struggle as I might, I come out on top. This ends up being more endurance match than actual problem.

Yes, this is basically the same fight, but with no ambush, despite them attacking from behind. We dispatch them somewhat easier this time.

Cammy: “Hmm…Not quite what I wanted on my headstone, but…”

“Cammy…? Did you try to smoke the glowing moss?”

Cammy: “Huh? How did you know my name?”

“That’s easy to explain…we were…"

There’s a cut where Lang presumably explains being hired by the guild.

Cammy: “I get it. You were hired by the Guild. You’re a sight for sore eyes. I could just kiss you!”

Cammy: “I can’t wait to get home and take a bath! I must reek of the sewers! You don’t mind if I leave before you, right? Thanks!”

”I mean you could easily get killed by-“

“…and she’s gone…”

We go back to Cammy’s father.

Cammy’s just fine, so we head back to the guild.

We get a “Lion Heart” in addition to the 80K cash reward.

It’s armour for Sharon. Since, you know, her outfit is just a bra and pantaloons?

The weird part here is Lonatello had this and, what, figured Sharon needed a new bra? Hopefully this wasn’t his daughters…

The next quest to take up is “The Golden Giant”. This directs us to go kill the eponymous Golden Giant in Gale Canyon.

Unlike the Warmongers, Gorgoneon here isn’t very tough. He has a lot of HP, but his attacks are all bland and don’t hit us hard enough to make us worry.

I told you these two would show up in guild quests, remember?

“Stop that, Balzac. Can’t you see he’s scared?”

”Scared!? ME!? Those are fighting words! Draw, bitch!”

“But me want scare boy. Boy kill my monster.”

“Enough already!”

“Stow it, Balzac. Come on, Balzac, let’s get going. Ta-ta, Lang.”

”But did you hear that guys? My reputation precedes me!”


”Stow it, Master.”

”Why doesn’t my reputation precede me!? I’m the great, undefeated Sharon!”

”Can we please just go?”

We make our way back to the guild.

We get the “Gaia Blade” on top of our money. As mentioned, this is an earth based weapon. This will vacillate in usefulness based on when an enemy is weak or immune to earth.

The last quest we have to do at this juncture is “Mysterious Contagion”. This has us go to Yuno to inquire about a disease that has cropped up there.

That guy dying on the bed is Simba, Kazan’s old student who he got drunk with when we first came here.

Suda: “It’s the Apolu Fever that hit us several years ago. The old nightmare has returned to our village…We need Gunang Weed to make a medicine for the disease. When this plague last attacked our village, a doctor by the name of Hugo had the herb…”

Hugo is the bloke in Tanza that buys rare monster parts from us. He is also a medical doctor. So we gotta go talk to him to find out about the Gunang Weed.

By the way, you think Maya and/or Kazan have anything to say about Simba dying and Yuno being in peril?

Nope! Camp chatting just gets us generic dialogue to remind us about going to Drokonia.

Now let’s go to Tanza.

“Are you Hugo? Listen…”

Hugp: “I see…What?! Apolu Fever? That’s terrible! I want to make the medicine right away, but…”

“What is it?”

Hugo: “Gunang Weed is such a rare herb. I don’t have any with me. It might be in bloom now. You can find Gunang Weed in The Forest Maze…It only grows near water.”

Now our destination is the Forest Maze.

Oh look, it’s these two lunkheads again.

“It’s no time for making excuses! And it’s your own fault for dropping the Mizel Red Sand that we bought from the peddler!”

“You rush me! Baaaaa! Balzac need food! Badly! No more walk!”

We could just walk past them and carry on, but…

I’m gonna show you the jerk option.

”Jerk Lang” posted:

But we decide not to be a jerk canonically.

“Stop hogging it! Gimme some of that!...Oh!!!! I’m not really hungry. I was just joking!!”

”Your acting is about as convincing as Sharon’s.”

”But she isn’t convincing at all!”

That’s it for the lunkheads. Now we find the Gunang Weed.

There it is, the wee plant next to the water/rocks. We pick it up and head on out.

You can interact with the wee waterfall here to recover HP and MP too. Not all of it, though. But as long as you have camping supplies, you can just rest at the camping spot for full recover instead.

Funnily enough, it’s not Hugo that needs to prepare the weed. Suda can do that instead.

The lunkheads have managed to get through to Yuno too. If you went to Tanza, you’d actually see them standing in their usual spot, and then would find them here, as if they got into and out of the Forest Maze at record speed.

Suda: “Simba! Drink this! It’s medicine, brought by Lang!”

Simba: “Unnngh…I need to drink this? G-g-gulp.”

Suda: “It may not take effect immediately, but the fever will break by tomorrow.”

Simba: “I-Is that so…? Thanks, Lang…Forgive me, but let me sleep now…”

Yes, this whole sequence played out with no visuals. I guess they needed to save the animation budget for Balzac’s meat craze?

We are now free to leave.

Simba’s son gives us this if we talk to him. It’s a decorative item for the house.

And with that, we have completed all available quests at this point in time. More will unlock after certain events, like clearing Drokonia.

At first I thought he was reacting to us being a creepy peeper, but no, he’s just using the latest nickname to be acquired.

Naturally, Cocky Lang is owning his reputation.

“That’s me. What’s the matter? Hard to believe?”

Stekin: *gasp!* Wow! You must be stronger than you look! You gave me quite a start!”

Stekin will keep using your latest nickname when you talk to him here.

Now, let’s go see some non-guild side quests, shall we?

As I mentioned before, that Kafil bloke sitting in jail here in Kravia is the subject of a side quest. To start it, you need to grab a note from a table in Doplin Castle’s dungeon.

Rosemary and Karen are a pair of NPCs living in the Darakin slums. Now that we’ve read the letter, we can go talk to them about it.

When they mention Kafil in their conversation, Lang will bring him up.

The pair are overjoyed at the news. In any other case, you might think this was the end of it, but we know where Kafil is, don’t we?

Now that we know who he is, we can help get him out.

The guard offers to let Kafil out for a bribe. 100000 is pretty steep, more than most of the current guild quest awards. This is why it’s better to do later when you’re flush with cash.

The guard releases Kafil in inky blackness. Legaia 2 once again displays its lack of budget.

Finding Kafil in Darakin nets us the “Last Dragon” sword as a reward. However, it’s not as good as the Gaia Blade we got from the guild. But hey, at least we’re done, right?

Here’s another random thing we can experience right now.

After having passed through Kravia, checking this grave will trigger a small event. As you can see, Kazan walks to this grave as part of his little Yuno routine, so if you follow him around, you’ll find it. It’s tucked to the right of Yuno’s entrance, so it’s very easy to miss.

After having checked it out, a new camp chat will occur, but only when camped outside Yuno specifically.

“Hey Lang. Know what? The grave at the entrance to Yuno…isn’t normal.”


“Somebody died there long ago. And everybody saw a spirit wandering around there…So the mayor built a grave there. The ghost hasn’t been seen since.”

“I see…”

“But…I head this from Rona. There was a man with dirty clothes wandering around there the other night. Do you remember the grave being a bit tilted?”

“Hey! Stop it! Or I won’t be able to sleep tonight!”

“The other night? Do you mean the night we came to Yuno? I wasn’t going to say anything, but I visited Maya’s family grave in the middle of the night.”

“Whew! That’s it! It must have been you, Kazan! Yep! That’s gotta be it!”

(So…Why is the grave tilted, then?)

Now, if we go to Kravia and camp chat…

“Hey Lang. Have you heard? ….The rumor that the second floor of the bar in Kravia is haunted?”

“What? By a ghost?”

“They said someone went upstairs to check on a noise. But…nobody was there! Just a cup filled with warm coffee, and some food on a plate…”

“Didn’t somebody just run off without paying?”

“No way! It has to be a ghost! Nobody saw anyone go in! What’s more, the bartender swears nobody was there! Lang, let’s check it out!”

We get to choose. Yes, no, or ask Sharon along. We’ll ask Sharon.

“Sounds interesting. Can I ask Sharon to join us, too?”

“I’ll pass. I just can’t stand ghosts, spirits, or…well, anything that sounds scary!”

“So there’s things out there that scare even Sharon…All right…I’ll go.”

“Great! Thanks! I’ll wait for you in front of the bar. It’s decided, then!”

Entering Kravia gives us this little scene. We have to manually go find Maya in town.

Talking to her here initiates the scene.

Other Mysterious Voice: “All that fighting we did…All gone to waste…!”

“And I don’t think anybody went downstairs…”

“Yikes! You scared me!”

Belisia: “Years ago, they hunted down all of the Mystics in this town. My husband is just a regular human, but he fought alongside the Mystics. But then he never came home. I can still hear my husband’s voice here, though…his voice from that time long ago…I believe my husband’s going to come home someday. I know it in my heart…”

Belisia: “I’m sorry. You don’t want to hear about all of this! Never mind what I just said. Now then! Let’s go downstairs.”

We are then teleported downstairs.

There’s nothing more to do or say here. But if we exit and do a camp chat…

“What’s wrong with you two? Why are you so quiet? Ah, I know! You went to the bar in Kravia to find a ghost, right? There’s no such thing as ghosts! You’re disappointed because you didn’t find one, aren’t you?”

”How the fuck do you think ghosts can’t be real when we’re all Mystics? Anyway…”

“Actually…There was one…The raging fury….of a murdered Mystic…”

“Stop! Stop it! Don’t scare me, okay? I can’t take it!”

“But it’s true…The workers there still see it to this day.”

“Eeeek! C’mon, give me a break! Please? I’m begging you!”

“The fury of Kravia, eh? Long ago, many Mystics were…”

“Hey! Why do you keep torturing me? Why?! Maya! I didn’t know you liked ghost stories!”

“No…I don’t really…I’m just curious.”

This gives Maya the “Occult Lover” nickname. And that’s the only reward. But as I mentioned, nicknames don’t actually do anything, so we basically got nothing.

I will leave things here for now.

Join me next time, where we finally go to Drokonia….or do we?