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Part 7: Toxa Episode 7 Chapter 4 - Vigilance Pt.2

Toxa Episode 7 Chapter 4 pt.2

Music:Unknown Title XIV

So last, we had just fought of the Akueldo attack on Vigilance in Kainas. Troy got introduced to everyone and boy is he a character.
Time to figure out what to do next.

"Yes, sir!"
"Toxa and Misty, will you join us?"
"Not at all, sir!"

Actually Toxa WILL be joining the meeting, so I don't know why he is declining here.

"They will talk about getting the thieves. Either the Knights will do it or we will."
"It's too dangerous to go after the thieves, isn't it?"
"Don't worry. Nothing has been decided yet."

On the opposite side of the room, Ele have more pressing concerns.

Ele doesn't wan't to create it herself, as it would just be sour water.

"Yes you! Aren't you a servant?"
"I am a trainee. I'm also a member of Vigilance."

I wonder what Kun's name is in the japanese version of the game. Is it the same?
How would that even work out with their honorifics? Kun-kun?
Also look at his face. He has the most "what" face I've ever seen.

Music: Unknown Title XIII

"This isn't a training excercise. Besides I don't think it's our job."
"Then who exactly is going to take over?"
"People with no brains, like you!"
"I don't think we're going to get along..."

The game actually spells out the contraction we're to were. But for the sake of less confusion I'll just correct it.

"I don't kiss up to others to make friends."

"Exactly... Lacryma, what do you think?"
"This is a great opportunity to regulate criminal activity."
"I agree with Lacryma, but I think we should get assistance from the Knights."

Yeah, lets go get help from the military while they are fighting a rebellion. Good job fantasy police.

"That sounds great, but we also have to be pragmatic here."
"We can send a million troops out, but if we can't find them, that's just plain stupid."
"But we do know! Misty knows where the fortress of the thieves is."
"That's great!"

"Oh really..."

Holy shit Amano, what did you do? LOOK AT THAT! That's it. LP over. I can't deal with this.

"If you say so..."
"Very well... I guess everyone is for controlling the activities of thieves except for Troy."
"Alright, I'm in. However I'm not responsible for whatever happens."
"We will leave here tomorow at noon. Be prepared"
"Duran's group, Lacryma's group and the Knights will execute the operation."
"Any questions?"
"How do you want to divide our numbers?"
"I'll take care of it tomorow morning. Any other questions? No? Then the meeting's over."
"Duran, Toxa and Misty stay here."

Lacryma leaves

"I recommend that you leave Posha out of this operation."
"For what reason?"
"She is not a warrior.."
"She may not be a fighter, but she has a medical license. That is reason enough."
"Then I request that Posha be placed on Duran's team."
"You just don't like her, do you?"
"Posha can be a distraction to Lacryma. We can't afford to make mistakes during this operation."
"I know Lacryma cares about Posha... But I don't think it's a good idea to make decisions behind her back."
"I agree with Duran. She should make that decision on her own."
"It is obvious that Lacryma will be opposed to the idea."

Not even halfway through yet folks. There is alot of things getting talked about this last bit of chapter 4.

Back in the hall.
Music: Vigilance Committee

"What are you talking about? You helped save the town."
"That's because Duran and Rimzan were there. I'd be..."

"Is it a big operation?"
"Yes, but the first thing we'll do is scout out their location."

"How did you find out where the thieves are hiding?"
"Misty seems to know the place..."
"I see."
"Wait a minute. Please explain..."
"We'll be taking alot of risks on this operation."
"Whoever is reluctant can leave now..."
"Count me in! I have no problem getting those thieves!"
"This operation is going to take place on Shinon territory. Of course I'll go!"

"y,yes ma'am... I'll go..."

Back in the meeting room
Music: Unknown Title XIV

"That's a lot"
"That's not a lot. We can still handle them. Think positive or else we lose."
"The Knights will be the main force and we will back them up."
"We don't have enough people who can create Phantoms..."

Bachstail just comes in wtihout knocking. Kind of a rude dude.

"I'll be staying with you for a while."
"Bachstail!? Where were you all this time?"
"In Pales... It's a great place for a person like me..."
"Are you part of Vigilance?"

Could Amano be the originator of the derp faces you see nowadays? Look at that. Damn

"Did you see Lacryma?"
"Yeah, just now. She hasn't changed a bit."
"Yes, she did... And it's your fault."
"Look, it was a mutual agreement..."
"What do you want from us!? You'll only cause..."
"Duran, don't be so hard on him. He is still our friend."

Like I could keep using that Rimzan smile face for the rest of this update...

"Do you need any help, Rimzan? If you're going to defeat the thieves, I bet you need more people."
"Will you help us?"
"Actually, I'm back for that same reason, I want to join Vigilance again."

Let's summarize. Vigilance will attack the thieves with the help of the Knights. Misty tells them that there are a total of 7 hideouts.
Just as Duran notes they don't have enough people who can create Phantoms, Bachstail appears.
A guy who is connected to Lacryma and a person Duran isn't particularly fond of.

Let's go check out how Akueldo is doing.

Music: Unknown Title XIII

So it seems the regent of Idorus is working together with Akueldo. That could explain how the "thieves" were so well equipped with Kartia.
Remember, most of our Text's were obtained from these thieves and they've always been a step forward in regards to Phantoms.
Unfortunately for them, they were storing most of the Texts in chests and pots instead of using it themselves.

However the relationship between Akueldo and Idorus seem to be rather weak as Lord Vandor doesn't trust Idorus to get him
the Texts he needs. But brute forcing things have a way of making noise and attracting unwanted attention.
What really seems stupid is that they were going for a covert op. And then decide to just blatantly attack a village.
They succeeded in getting the Text sure, but now Vigilance is aware of something being wrong.

"It's hard to believe that Misty has betrayed..."
"It's a fact. She has hindered our plans twice."
"As her sibling, I should take care of her. Permission to terminate Misty, sir!"
"You have my permission, Asty..."
"Thank you very much, sir."

"Vandor, do as you please..."
"Go to Idorus and control the thieves. You'll know what to do."
"Yes, sir."
"Go, Karis."
"I'll do my best to meet your expectations, sir."

Lord Vandor and Raguruzet leaves

"Ladies are always welcome. I am Cross and she is Asty."
"How long have you been in Akueldo, Karis?"
"It will soon be half a year."
"Six months? Lord Vandor is a real sucker for women."

Asty leaves

"All the people here are twisted in some way..."
"By the way, what was that thing you gave to Vandor?"
"Half of the text that will allow us to create humans"

Seriously? Half the text to create humans via Kartia? Listen creating humans aren't hard. Hell, you can do it by accident.

"To create a new type of Phantom, maybe?"
"We are talking about a man who thinks he can create God..."

Again let's summarize what we know so far.
Akueldo is trying to create Eden and/or God?
In order to do so, they apparently need to create Humans.
But there are plenty of Humans around, so what gives?

The best question however is, why would they spend time trying to create God/Eden?
And what about that Bachstail character? What is his deal?
I'm sure we'll find out later.

Toxa Episode 7 Chapter 4 Epilogue End.

Next time, we'll be starting a new game and play Lacryma's part. So Toxa will be taking a break.