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Original Thread: This ain't your everyday children's card game. Let's Play Legend of Kartia.



Legend Of Kartia(The Word of Fate)/Rebus

Wait hold on, whats up with that title?

Well you see, the game was released with different titles for each region.
In Japan, it's "Rebus".
In the Us it's "Kartia - The Word of Fate".
and since Europe got shafted it's just plain "Kartia".

Hold on, Europe got shafted?

Well comparatively speaking ofcourse, the game known as "Legend of Kartia" from now on, got released in the US 5 months after it got released in Japan. Europe however had to wait a staggering 16 months.

I just remembered that I don't actually have a clue about what this game is

Legend of Kartia is a Strategy rpg for the Playstation 1 akin to Final Fantasy Tactics. It was released in 1998. Published and developed by Atlus. What sets this game apart is the character designer Yoshitaka Amano. Whose work you might recognize from Final Fantasy 5 and 6. It also features really good music. But the game doesn't reach the same depth FFT did. It's mechanics are simpler, and over all the game is easier for it. The characters are well written, atleast from what vague memories I have of it.

The LP

This is gonna be a blind run. Last time I played and completed this game was when I was about 10 years old. So ofcourse the nostalgia glasses is sitting firmly on my face(On top of my regular glasses, it's kind of a bother really). That won't keep me from making fun of the game. Not that it deserves it, but that's part of the LP charm.(Okey maybe it does a little). Expect lots of reading. By the time I'm done here I've written more than certain game writers for other terrible games. But that's neither here nor there. I'm aiming to be informational first, and entertaining second.

So what is the game about then?

The story is in the games own words, an epic drama. Basically what this means is, I don't have a clue.
I kid. The story is seperated equally into two parts. It's 28 chapters long in total, and each character gets 14 each. Their story is wrapped up in their own part of the world, with their own friends and foes and things. But they do cross paths from time to time.

The game is set in the world of Rebus, a world, that with the power of Kartia has never known conflict or war. Kartia itself is an all powerful creational force invoked through Kartia cards. Basically without going into specifics you sacrifice pieces of paper to obtain something "else". "Else" can be pretty much anything from swords to coffee to physics defying armor. Kind of hard to imagine conflict in a world, where it is literally easier to create food and eat it, than stealing it but there you have it.

The Rules that apply to you
No spoilers please. Ha, like anyone even knows of this game. Okey, let's not be hipster here.
Don't make me write more rules.

Characters will be in various smileys untilCharacter names will be bolded/if I figure out something better Portraits.
My comments will be written in italics.
Camera and scene actions will be bolded.

Episodes is how each chapter fits into the whole story chronologically. It will make sense later, I promise.
Greetings from the future. If you're reading this on the Archive, then bear in mind that this was my first LP. Because of that the first 3 or so updates
have terrible screenshots as I had no clue what I was doing and I'm way too lazy to fix it. I'm not sorry. Not even a little bit

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