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Part 23: Lacryma Episode 10 Chapter 5 - Her way pt.3

Lacryma Episode 10 Chapter 5 pt.3

This is gonna be a minor update as it's really just the last of the epilogue of this chapter.

For some reason we regroup at the Shrine instead of Vigilance HQ. I suppose it's closer to Three Lily Ponds.

"I know what you mean, but..."
"Not only that, she's taking her life lightly."
"This is the first time she's been out of the estate. She was just too excited. Give her a break."

You have to remember, Kartia is set in a time before the internet. Or TV. So you'll understand if living in that period of time probably weren't all that great.
I mean world destroying cards aside. That could explain 90% of the casts motivations. Fucking boredom.

So here are the conflicting viewpoints.
Ele who was raised in a sheltered home, wanting to break free and see the world.
Lacryma who has lost her father at what must have been a young age, and thinks quite fond of him.

Their experiences are polar opposite of each other, but neither are wrong. That's just life.
But if their circumstances were reverse, they'd probably turn out as the other.

"I just think your approach didn't work.
"Tragedy can be avoided if you're careful..."

We don't yet know the circumstances of Kaina's death so it's too early to say if Lacryma could be at fault or if she just blames herself.

"You'll get nothing if you stick to your pride."
"No way!"
"What trouble..."

Kun arrives to get Lacryma and Duran as Posha is too busy being a low self-esteem screw up just about now.

"What happened?"
"The Knights came back. But one of them is in critical condition!"
"So what do you need me for? Just cast Big Rock +3 at the wound."
"Our group was fine, then why the Knights..."
Because the Knights are a group of faceless NPC's so OF COURSE THEY*RE GONNA FAIL. It's jrpg law. You wouldn't dare break the law would you? See what happened to Ele.
If it weren't for the fact that we're only in Chapter 5 I'd be expecting the final boss to jump out of the stained glass window.

"I won't die! I surpass Lacryma!"
And so another character begins to revolve around Lacryma.

"Do you want to join our operation tomorow?"

"Are you out of your mind, Bach!?"
"Of course!"
"I don't care if Lacryma gets mad."
"Just cover for her."
"Why me!?"
"Lacryma ordered you to protect her in the last battle."
"You dirty..."
"No, Bachstail is just more mature than you..."

And so, just as Troy thought he didn't have to look out for Posha anymore, Ele gets dropped on his lap. He deserves it though.

Oh hey unique sprite work. Can you feel the effort?

Someone knocks on the door.

"It's never too late to go Bach"

"I don't need any compliments."
"You were so naive when I met you. When did you become so jaded?"
"Extreme water gun Festival of 1302"
"You're still mad about what happened in the past? We're not kids anymore, we're adults now."
Speak for yourself Bach, I am if anything a manchild at best.

"...No, I don't."

"Have you ever wondered why I left everything behind?"
"...No. Why are you bringing it up?"
"I was searching for knowledge."
"Knowledge? What you missed the large building meant for Kartia education right across the street?"

"Kartia was made by God and given to us long ago. It's the product that will lead us to the answer. That's what it is."
The question is... Err.. What is the question to the answer?

Uh oh, tinfoil hat time. I have my hat on. Hit me up on that conspiracy yo.

Isn't that standard practice for religion? Incorporate old religions myths and legends to make the new religion easier to swallow for the populace?
But hey, it could be true. Lacryma, counter argument?

Ah yes, quite. A most excellent example of perfect flowing logic. You are an example to us all Lacryma.

"If the world has no substance, there's something wrong!"
"It's not that I disagree. I just work differently."
I... What? What the hell does that shit even mean? No really, what are they talking about here?

"You uphold the law, but you ignore the errors you make."
"If this is the reason you came here to talk..."
Yeah I'm well off this crazy train. See you guys on the other side.

"Stop seeking your father and come with me. We'll start over. I'll make up for the past two years."
"I can't..."
"You don't have to decide right away... Think about it and let me know."

Oh.. We're... Bach to reality. Good. I'm not gonna lie, I had a hard time following the argument between Lacryma and Bachstail.
So like anything I don't particularly understand well, I'll just forget about it.

Next time, we'll cover Toxa's Chapter 6.

Lacryma Episode 10 Chapter 5 pt.3 END