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Part 21: Lacryma Episode 10 Chapter 5 - Her way pt.1

Lacryma Episode 10 Chapter 5 pt.1

Once again, leave it to Lacryma's story to build the world for us.

I'm sure they just forgot about you Ele. Wait that's not actually comforting is it?

"I don't trust Bachstail!"
"We need man-power, not trust."

But what if Bachstail backstabs you at the most inoppertune moment?
He could be a most terrible spy and then you'd just have given the enemy an advantage
just by bringing Bachstail.

"If Lacryma uses the power, I wouldn't min not having Bachstail in the group."
Troy is of course talking about Lacryma's magical girl ability to create Phantoms. She can create Phantoms, but her religion forbids it.

"Troy is right. This is not like you."
"I'm sorry..."
"Then I'm in. Just don't be mean to me."

Well. That's settled I guess. Moving right along.

Some other room in Vigilance HQ.

I can really appreciate a character not wanting any of this drama shit and then subtly manipulate characters to stop being drama queens.
I wish I had that skill

"I thought you two were good friends?"
"We're going to war. I don't want to die."
"What about Alana? She can create Phantoms."
"That's not for you to decide. Rimzan has his reasons."
Rimzan should have known that Toxa would reach critical tank mass and become unstoppable. I didn't need Alana in Toxa's chapter as much as it made things faster and easier.
"I know, but..."
"Bachstail can fight. He will be of great help."

Flashback time!

"We better send her to her parents before we get into serious trouble..."
"Her parents asked me to take care of her. I will look after her."
Sounds like Posha's parents just pawed off Posha to Vigilance.
"What are you going to do when she's in danger? Don't tell me you'll put yourself in danger just to protect her."
"I don't see why that would be wrong..."

Sounds like I have to revise my characterization of Troy. Sounds like he really is in love with Lacryma. Like god damn everyone else.


How is that even a comeback? Bachstail you're the worst at bantering.

Kun leaves.

I guess Bachstail knew Lacryma from before she was ordained to Shrine Warrior.

And speaking of mice. Hello Ele.

That is the shittiest sword I have ever seen. No really. It is.

I don't see how the title has relevance to... anything happening here in this chapter.

This looks oddly familiar. It's basically the same map as Toxa Chapter 5, with slightly different details.

"That was too easy. Troy, did you check the enemy?"
"I didn't see Zakuro, but I recognized six of them."
is it because all the thieves share the god damn same sprite?
"This means Misty can be trusted. I feel better."

Troy sounds exactly like a character who trusts information from strangers he doesn't know, who doesn't want to talk about their pasts or why they know what they do.

Let's reiterate the plan, just in case you forgot because it's super important.

"I hope Posha is Ok."
"Alana, Duran, and Toxa are there. I trust them."
Toxa seems like a decent guy. Until his next chapter. But that's in the future, so let's focus on the here and now.

"You're awfully fond of him."
"He complimented her yesterday..."
"Did you say something, Kun?"
"What? Oh, nothing."
I find it hilarious that Lacryma is in a group that consists of her ex-boyfriend/fiance, and two friend zoned guys.
"You're just jealous."
"Shut up, Troy."
"Yeah, yeah..."

It doesn't matter that we're horrendiously outnumbered, and we'll probably die a terrible death.
Because at the end of the day, we can say we tried our best!

"No, 5 people."
"5 Metal Gears!?" people?"

OH MY GOD, THE PLOT TWIST. Oh wait it's just Ele. Nevermind.

"Wait a minute. What is she doing here?"
"Watch your mouth! Is that how you talk to a lady!?"
"You idiot! A lady wouldn't have come here."

The Shrine Bells can be heard.

"We have to move... Troy, take care of her..."
"First Posha and now this? I hate baby-sitting!"
"Kill as many thieves as possible but don't chase them too far."
"I can't if I'm watching her!"
"You're so rude... Are you and educated man?"
"One more word and I'll leave you here!"
Yes Ele, question the mans education when he can drop sky-dragon slaying moon eyes. That will work well for you.

Kun tries to be Troy.

Kun rolled 1 on the difficulty check on being Troy. CRITICAL FAILURE

Kun losses 3 self esteem points.

Next time, we will get an answer to a question I wished no one would ever ask.

Lacryma Episode 10 Chapter 5 pt.1 END