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Part 32: Toxa Episode 16 Chapter 8 - Days of rest pt.1

Toxa Episode 16 Chapter 8 pt.1

We've finally defeated the thieves. I consider this Act 1 of the game. There are still some
things left unresolved, but the obvious threat is dealt with. Interesting to note is that we don't get to
see Toxa's party go out for late night drinks in Toxa's story. You really do need to play both characters to
get all the nitty gritty details.

Oh man, did Mona turn into a giant fuck off robot? Because that would make my day.

Oh... Listen game, I just came home from visiting my mom and she wouldn't stop talking about her garden, and now you give me this?

"It's been less than a week since we saw the tree. I can't believe that it grew this fast..."
"Did you do something special to the World Tree?"
Count Shinon "You think me a filthy peasant? No, nothing special. Mona has been taking care of the tree."
"I water it twice a day. Then I talked to the tree a little and I tell it to grow."
I wonder if Toxa is starting to regret his life situation about now. I know I would.
"I heard that Druids are the only ones that can raise the World Tree."
"I have also heard of that. I guess the legend is true..."
I call dogshit. The tree was clearly there before Mona was. I don't dispute that Druids can cultivate trees faster than normal
because of course they can, they're friggin' elves . But that doesn't mean World Tree's cannot grow without their help.

If you've never actually SEEN a druid grow a World Tree, then what the fuck makes you think you're such an expert Duran?

"She's doing her job, but... I heard that she's been causing a lot of trouble as well."
Count Shinon "I don't blame her for trying to get out of the house... But she hasn't written me a letter ever since..."
She has only been gone a couple of days.
"Should I bring her back?"
Count Shinon "No, It's no use unless she really wants to come back."
"That's true."
Count Shinon "How is the former thief doing?"
"Misty has become a member of Vigilance. She is waiting for us back in town."
Count Shinon "I see..."

"She feels guilty..."
"For what?"
"For starters, she did kidnap Mona..."
"That's right. I totally forgot about that!"
I would say Toxa is stupid, but honestly if it were me, I'd probably forget too. But then again Misty is really boring so that might be why.
Count Shinon "She is the girl who is burdened with an unlucky past. It must be tough..."
Everyone has baggage. I mean look at Lacryma, she had it tough too and you don't see her... Err.. Well nevermind.
She is pretty screwed up too.

"Sir Duran. If she is suffering from that kidnapping incident, then could you tell her that I don't bear any ill feelings toward her?"
"What? Why?"
"If not for Misty, I wouldn't have this sweet gig of sitting around and watering a single plant twice a day. That is literally my job. I should be thanking her, really."
"Uh.. I see. Thank you, Mona. I will tell that to Misty. Count Shinon, we must be going now..."
Count Shinon "Yes... Give my regards to Rimzan."
"I will."

Well that was a whole bunch of boring shit.

"Mona... If anything happens, I'll be right here for you."
"Thank you..."
"...And I'll be here if nothing happens, too!"
"You will never be rid of me."
"Thank you..."

Do they reuse these things too?

Anyways fuck that boring shit, let's go check out how Posha is doing.

I can't believe I actually wrote that.

So these are Spirit Mediums. They collect the strings Kyau make, to create Silk for Kartia use. I guess that's why they have long hair?
Also one of them is named Candy... Are you serious? That's totally a stripper name. I'm onto you game.

Maiden Rize. "I heard that you went to kill the thieves. Did everything go okay?"
"I did it! There were several times that I thought I wouldn't make it, but I did it!"
There were several times where I wish she didn't make it.
Maiden Candy "Why don't you quit that job? It's too dangerous..."
"I'm a member of Vigilance. Somebody has to do it."

I vow to show all the googly eyes, tis' I swear upon my knights honor.

Maiden Candy "Like Oh my God, but like why? You had like such divine hair!"
Please don't speak like this in real life. I wouldn't want you to get hurt.

"Just to have some change... Why? Does it look bad?"
Maiden Rize "You look cute... But we want to know why."
It warms my heart that Posha had some friends outside of Vigilance.
Maiden Ryokucha "I'm so glad that you came back in one piece."

Maiden Candy "You know, without you, we're behind on our duties."
And there we have it.
Maiden Rize "Even if we are able to make a Kartia from Kyau's thread, we still can't do it."
Maiden Candy "We won't make the deadline..."
"Yes, yes... I will make up for the time I was gone. So, let's not whine anymore."
Maiden Ryokucha "I have never seen Posha so optimistic."
Maiden Rize "Something must have happened to her."

Well that was a bunch of filler crap. Join me next time, when we'll be dealing with more filler crap. I will likely update later today.
So I can get the damn thing over with because we really need for things to pick up.

Toxa Episode 16 Chapter 8 pt.1