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Part 42: Lacryma Episode 18 Chapter 9 - The day she cried pt.4

Lacryma Episode 18 Chapter 9 pt.4

MUSIC:Untitled Track IX

This is the last update to this chapter, and it's at least 50% longer than the other chapters to date.
Something I've neglected to show off were the track that plays at the pub. It's actually really good, so give it a listen.

Seems Kun has some business with Alana.

"Don't worry. That was the last order. Lao, could you make me something to drink?"

"It's about Lacryma, right?"
"How did you know?"
"It's written all over your face."
"Is it that obvious?"

"About the relationship Lacryma and Bachstail had in the past."
"Is that what you wanted to know!?"
"What's so funny!?"

"That's something I can't talk about, sorry."
"At least give me advice. You're her friend."

"Don't pursue her. You'll just get hurt."
"She's married to the law."
"Married to the law?"

"I know Lacryma is a Shrine Warrior... I understand why she respects her father so much."

Alana shakes her head, and takes another drink from her mug.

"You just think you know."
"No, I do."
"Then can you accept her life as a Shrine Warrior and make her happy?"
"Life as a Shrine Warrior?"

Alana takes another drink.

"Listening to voices you can't hear. Do you understand?"
"Maybe not now, but with time..."
"With time... Maybe, but even Bachstail left Lacryma. He was a Shrine Warrior."

Alana turns away and takes a fourth drink. Kun looks down, thinking about what to do.

"It's not going to be pleasant for you, Kun."
"I know..."

That doesn't really clear up their relationship. Were they lovers or not? If the former, kind of creepy to be dating your father figure.

I'm guessing whatever happened, it made Bachstail question his faith or the very least, the nature of Kartia. That's why he later on became an Inquirer.

It's now getting so late, that even the Pub is closing.

MUSIC: Untitled Track X
This is also a really good track and not even on the OST disc.

"I understand... Friends also suffer."
"She cried in my arms, but I was laughing inside."
Yeah, what? Ice cold lady.

"That's how I felt back then. I thought she deserved it."
"Don't say that! You're her friend!"

"Friendship is a big joke. The better you lie, the better the friendship will be."
"If Lacryma heard you, she'd be upset."
"I don't know. She has a cold side."
"I don't think so."

"Are you on Bachstail's side?"
"I envy her..."

"I know why. She's the daughter of a hero and I'm just a refugee dancer."
"She's like a holy figure surrounded by stained glass. I've tried so hard to be like her since I came to town."

"That's not a good reason to envy Lacryma."

"Alana, this is no like you."
"How do you know?"
"I don't know, but..."
"There's nothing more to talk about."

And with that, there is nothing more to be said.

"People need to express their anger sometimes."
"Please don't tell anyone about this..."

"Did you know that Lacryma only smiles at me? She tells me everything. That's why I can't show my true self..."
"I feel so guilty. I've thought of leaving her..."
"She's my friend and rival... Someday, I'll surpass her. Kun don't give up on her..."

So Alana was Lacrymas most trusted confidant after Bachstail left Lacryma.
Alana had to deal with conflicting emotions. And without anyone to confide in herself.
Well... This is the result. A complete breakdown.

I have no clue as to which character we should look into next time, so it's votin' time.
Toxa's last chapter was the Tournament in which Kun was deadweight.
Lacryma just dealt with more wild Phantoms when they were on an excursion to the ruins that once held Original Kartia.
The first to 3 votes wins and You know the drill.