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Part 77: Lacryma Episode 34 Penultimate Chapter 17 - End of the dream pt.2

Lacryma Episode 34 Penultimate Chapter 17 pt.2

Pictured: Lower back problems. Damn Lacryma, doesn't standing like that hurt?
Also, errr, you legs are kind of bending the wrong way. My eyes hurt just looking.

I have to admit, I have had a really hard time connecting with Lacryma as a character.
It's probably why she is my least favorite character. Well okey she ranks above Zakuro.

"That's Lacryma's father..."
"Calm down, they're not going to kill each other right away..."
"Get ready to jump in anytime."

"You're an Inquirer? Then you are my daughter."
"Now answer my question. Why have you changed? You loved the law and you protected order!"
"I hesitated to learn about Kartia as a Shrine Warrior. I could have learned about the Original, using my authority as an Inquirer..."

"I'm not going to make any excuses. I'm a heathen. I'm the Rebel who caused the chaos on Rebus."
"If you're accepting your crime, then surrender!"
"If you're going to preserve the law, kill me."

I have no idea what the point of this whole thing is anymore. And I've given up trying to make sense of it. I'm just riding along now.

Look at this sentence and try to make sense of it. They've all been "Nooo Lacryma, killing your dad is baaaad." and then Kun goes and says something like this.

Whatever... Let's just embrace the insanity and murder Lacryma's dad.

Alright so we have our starting army with 12 Dragons. And let me just say, I hate this map.

To the left and right corners we have these suspicious Phantoms here. I wonder why...

Aha! I knew it. Trying to hide treasure from me are you? Well that won't work on me game!

This Kyau, will never get to move.

So the map is symmetrically built. The most tedious part of this is picking up all the treasure.

We have these stair cases to the sides of the room which leads to treasure chests guarded by Dragons.

Finally we have the big man himself. Vandor and a few cronies.

The soldiers themselves are not noteworthy.

But Vandor himself sports A rank equipment and ranks. He doesn't fuck around.
Unfortunately for him we have superior equipment since we can +4 ours and he didn't.
But considering he wants to play hard, then fine. LET'S PLAY HARD

See this list of Phantoms? See that last spot? I do. And it holds a secret. Oh yes.
In order for the game to reveal to us what's in that last spot, we need the Unlimited License. Which we actually get this map.
But, since Vandor is a dirty lawbreaking criminal. I say, let's give him a taste of his own medicine.

First, we pick the Kyau, as the Phantom we want. We don't just want any Kyau, so we'll pick "Mix".

First we put in these Texts, the order doesn't particulaly matter, but I always write it in this order because I find it humorous to have the words Absolute Beast next to each other.
It just sounds cooler okey? Anyways. The trick to this thing is the hidden Text we got from Chapter 15. The one we got without using Mithril or World Tree Kartia. Remember?
Well I'm about to cash in on our reward.


The Fynus Phantom is hands down the best melee Phantom in the game. Natural A ranks and sky high resistances. Even if I were to hit it's weak spot I still couldn't one shot it with one spell.
It can wear a full set of equipment and it can wear everything in the game that isn't specific to a unit type. Let's break the game further hmm? I make it sound like I haven't already.

What if I told you, we can create the ultimate weapon right now? Let's do it.

Say hello the the Soul Blade, the worst ultimate weapon in the history of video games.
What's so bad about it? Well...

It only sports a +1 damage and 21 hit over the Kusanagi Blade +4. And that weapon even deals bonus +16 damage to Commons.
The next weapon you can compare it to is the Dream Sword +4 which there is an 8 damage difference, but the Dream Sword makes you functionally immortal.
In other words, the Soul Blade sucks. It's largely because we can't +4 it as it requires all our Kartia slots to even make. There is a way to get a Soul Blade +4 but it involves the Arena and ugh.
Why even bother?

I did miss a secret combo, which is the "War God" armor set, which I could have created a while back.

I actually have a slot over to improve it.

As you can see it have pretty decent defense. But the question is...

Would you rather have your stats look like this...

Or this? The difference is 5 defense or 46 damage reduction to spells.
This is what makes B rank armor better than A rank armor. Well not only this.
A rank armor is actually a lot more rarer to create or find. So Dream Armor is basically the best Armor in the game,
Along side the Dream Sword/Dream Katana.

This isn't dumb at all. Our Fynus will shrug off most spells. Even it's "Weakness".

I decided I want to give this Shadow Fynus absolutely ridonkulus defense.

With that said, there is absolutely nothing interesting in this map. I mean yeah, you fight Vandor. But I don't even take damage anymore. I literally have God mode on right now.
The only person on my team who takes damage is my Dragons and Troy. And when Troy takes damage he can just punch a dude in the face to heal 28 hp. So let's just skip the the end of the fight.
For your sanity and mine.

Our Fynus's don't even get to see real combat because I delegate them to treasure duty.

I know, instead of just skipping things. Let's go over some miscellaneous things. For example, remember that spell modifer that said "Reduces hp by X amount"?
Well what that means is that it does damage to the caster. You want to know what's really interesting about this effect? It is not 100% guaranteed, it can actually miss the character.
It's why Lacryma is in the "Got hit" animation here.

This idiot soldier decided to attack Lacryma, dealing no damage.

Lacryma counters and get's 14 hp. She only lost 5 from Thunder Copy. Still technically I'm so strong whatever the game does just makes me stronger.
Have I become Saradiart?

To further illustrate my point...

I'm not just stomping this game. I'm Dragon stomping it.

Anyways, enough fucking around. Let's end this battle the only way that's appropriate.

By freezing Vandor to a popsicle because you have to be an ice cold queen to kill your own dad.

Huh. That's it?

So yeah, I lost some dragons, who cares.

Next time, the finale to the penultimate Lacryma chapter.

Lacryma Episode 34 Penultimate Chapter 17 pt.2