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Part 65: Lacryma Episode 27 Chapter 14 - Bride of heathen pt.2

Lacryma Episode 27 Chapter 14 pt.2

I'm just glad the game didn't decide to pad things out with a needless chase battle.

Yeah the only reason the Bait plan could fail was because of a betrayer, not at all because the Knight have lost any and every battle with Akueldo so far.
Or that the plan itself were more predictable than the sun rising in the morning.

Maybe it's just my apathy speaking here, but I don't see what's there to be sad about. But I guess we're about to find out.


"She met with her father, at the enemy fort."
"It was him! He told me my mother was a heathen! Tell me what happened, Bishop!"
"You met Kainas..."
"If Kainas is alive, then my guess was wrong. I also want to know what happened..."

"Kainas, Shell and I tried everything to save you. But the disease you had was incurable."
"They were going to give up, but a miracle happened."
"I heard that story."
"Lacryma recovered... But the disease attacked Shell... Then your mother passed away."
"The price of miracles..."
"That's a sad story..."

"What do you mean...?"
"The miracle never happened. She didn't die from the disease."
"I remember being sick... If there was no miracle, why am I alive now?"

Ooooh title drop!

MUSIC:Untitled Track X

Flashback time! Oh and we cut in at a rather grim scene.

What!? Oh come on game, you can't introduce new portraits now! Better start up GIMP then...

Aile doesn't get a portrait here, because.. Well.

"You're right..."
"I know how hard it is to lose an only child... If there's anything I can do, please let me know."

MUSIC:Unknown Title XVII
I don't think this track has been linked yet, so give it a listen.
Anyways the tracks being played is alternating between "Unknown Title XVII", "Unknown Title X" and "Ominous". There is a fourth track but it's not on either of the Youtube OST lists.
So unless noted otherwise, mix and match the tracks as you feel appropriate.

"Lacryma!? Is that you!?"

This is Present time Aile, as the story teller.

Well... We already have a pretty good idea of what happens next. But I was also a little bit wrong in my theory....

Something tells me this isn't just a Sleep cure spell. Mainly because Kartia doesn't have status effects.

"What happened, Mommy? Daddy?"
"Nothing honey... Go back to sleep..."
"No, I'm awake now."

Lacryma leaves. Presumeably to pester Troy, who presumeably is sleeping right now, because it's presumeably night right now...

Yeah, Kainas isn't a complete brain dead moron.

You're telling me revival magic could be a thing!?

"Why do you know that? You're not qualified to research the Original..."
"An Encrypter told me..."
"Not Raguruzet..."

"Do you know what you've done! It's forbidden to call back the dead!"
I can't really imagine that it's an issue that comes up often. But on the other hand, with these "Life" copies, I can see why it would be.
Rebus governments are so fast, they enact laws to forbid crimes that's going to be an issue in the future. That's how you know this is a fantasy game.

On the other hand, it's totally understandable where Shell comes from.

On the third hand, (I'm a mutant) I'm sure there would be some sort of repercussion if humans stopped dying.

"I don't mind being a heathen if she can live."
"You don't know how bad heathens are punished!"
"She doesn't know anything... If I must become a heathen to allow her to live, so be it!"
"Don't say that! You can't waste your life like this! I won't allow it!"

"And you would rather pursue your duty and kill heathens?"
"That is my duty!"

Oh boy, I think this scene is really interesting. It touches on many feelings and the relationships between people.
There are no wrongs or rights here. And I really like that. But the story is not done yet...

"I can't accept my weakness..."
"Being strong does not mean being good."
"Do you think my daughter is a heathen?"
"She will be by law..."
"I guess I don't have to ask..."
"I won't tell anybody. But I sense you have other problems..."
"Whatever is created by Kartia will eventually vanish."
"That's the fate of all creation."
"My daughter's life is under that rule."
"When the magic expires, she will die again."

This means that Lacryma has died and been brought back at least 4 times. The day she originally died, + a few days and then the day we saw Shell use the "Life" Copy Kartia.
I'm sure more days have passed.

"That's how long you have life..?"
"That's because the Kartia is not an Original."
"To maintain Lacryma's life, we need more than a hundred Kartia... Does Shell know that it's impossible?"
Actually it's waaaaaay more than 100 Kartia. Since there's 364 days in a year and each "Life" Copy Kartia only works for a day... I don't know the average lifespan in Rebus, but I'm sure it's above 50 but let's just assume everyone dies on their 50th birthday.
Lacryma is what? 8? 9? Let's just say 10 for a nice round number. Assuming the day of her original death was on her birthday, you'd need... 14560 "Life" Copy Kartia's to sustain the rest of Lacryma's life.
That is of course not calculating the extra day every 4th year, because this is just really lazy math.
And we don't know how many Texts goes into a "Life" Copy Kartia. But even if it was a 1 Silk Text spell, we only have 240ish Silk right now. And we killed a good bunch of people for that.
Also I just put a price on a human life. I kind of feel like a shit right now.

"There is a way! Find the Original! Find the Original "Life" Kartia! The Original Kartia's power lasts forever."
Yes, a Bishop just told Kainas to commit one of the worst crimes you could possibly do in Rebus.

"I heard that the Original was destroyed..."
"I see... Then no more miracles..."
"No the miracle happened..."
"What do you mean?"
"I was ordered to guard the newly discovered Original from the site."
"I'm sure you did a good job."
"No, the crew was attacked by the thieves and got killed. I was also badly injured and died."

"When I read the Text, I couldn't help myself to indulge in the dark desire."
"Dark desire?"
"The two Original Kartias had the Text "Life" and "Death"."
""Life" and "Death" Kartia, the forbidden ones."

"Why do you have it? You didn't take it to Pentagram?"
"Like I said, I was killed by thieves."
"What have you done..? Where is the "Life" Kartia?"
"No, you didn't..."
"Yes, I did... The Original "Life" Kartia is no more."
It's implied that Kainas killed the crew who helped him escort the Originals, he then killed them and took them.
If that is even what happened at all. I'm inclined to believe so, otherwise the cover story wouldn't hold up under scrutiny.

Wait, does that mean that Lacryma is immortal?

"But... Is this really good for her?"
"Are you still saying that?"
"You're right... Do it..."

And here it is, the power of the Original "Life" Kartia

But as we already know from the Present. Shell is not going to survive this.

But it seems Shell didn't tell Kainas this would happen before hand.

And with those last words, Shell fades into nothing.

"What's going on!? Why is this happening!?"

This time however, the "Life" Kartia works as intended and Lacryma springs to life.

"She is no longer here."
"She sacrificed her life to give Lacryma eternal life?"
"Yes... Please look after Lacryma."

"I'm going to create Eden."
"What!? Eden!?"
"The material to make the Original doesn't exist here, but in Eden..."
"You're going to revive Shell? Think Kainas, you're thinking like a heathen!"
Not to mention Shell's body disappeared, there is nothing to resurrect.

"I can't do it!"
"This will be the last time we meet... Please take care of Lacryma..."

And with that Kainas leaves to join Akueldo, and in time turn into Vandor.
But more interestingly this story have given us a lot of answers. Enough to make some guesses as to what happened with Toxa and the Original "Death" Kartia.
As things stand however it seems Lacryma has eternal life. What that entails I have no idea. But maybe that's why she is the only one who can create "Nothingness".

There is of course more to come, but this is a pretty good time to take a break.
As this update is twice as long as the last one

Lacryma Episode 27 Chapter 14 pt.2