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Part 54: Lacryma Episode 25 Chapter 12 - Inquirer pt.3

Lacryma Episode 25 Chapter 12 pt.3

We managed to kick the invading Rebels out of our country, and stopped them from taking our women and stealing our jobs. Fuck yeah! Go freedom!

Congratulations! Now you get to be roped into doing some more fucking bullshit. JRPG Protag gangsta lyfe.

"Yeah... She may be the next Bishop."
From what we've seen from the shady conspiratorial scheming the shrines aren't the forerunners of gender equal job opportunities.
"Hurry up and read it!"

I think real life should have more titles. Living in a kingdom and all, I really wish it was within the scope of realism to actually obtain a knight title.

Did you know that most kingdoms have titles they exchange with other entitled visitors? But they only exchange titles they don't give them out.
For example back when one of the US presidents visited my country, they didn't get a title, because the president had no title to give.
Sort of an exclusive circle jerk group, now that I think about it. On the other hand, how can you be proud of a title, you got by just crossing the borders?
That's like getting an achievement for starting up a game for the first time. Well, that was sidetrack, moving on.

"An Inquirer! You've done it, Lacryma!"
"I won't become an Inquirer!"
"Why are you getting mad at me!?"

"Ok... There's something I want to ask you, too."

"I need your help. Why do you think the Archbishop..."
"What do you mean? Why is Pentagram in such haste?"
"The existence of the world is at stake here."
"The existence of the world?"
"The enemy is trying to create Eden by using Kartia."
"Eden? That's impossible"
Everytime someone says, something is impossible, I can't help but think of the Gurren Lagann song. It's sort of annoying really.
"What if it's not?"
"Eden is God's territory. We have no right to do so. People will lose faith."
It's not like God is running a gang, I don't think he needs to mark his territory.

"The enemy are not a mere group of Encrypters."
"Who are the Rebels..?"
"An extremist Encrypter group, Akueldo Rebels... And the Idorus army are also a part of the Rebels."

"Her name is Karis... She's a spy. I got all the information from her."
"Inquirer... Spy... Bach, are you..."
"I'm an Inquirer."

"That's a poor excuse."
"Sorry honey, we can't be together, because I've been appointed as a spy."
Well, it's a better excuse than most, I think.

"It's not an excuse. I wanted to tell you that you are needed."
"Everything is determined by God. I can't change anything."
"You're lying to yourself. You know better than that."
Yeah, Bachstail has had enough of this religous "Turn the other cheek" bullshit.
"Did the people die according to God's law?"
"The only one who can accuse the war of being a heretic act, is one who is above the law. Come with me and let's destroy the real enemy."
"I'd rather accept the bad deeds than see the bad judge the bad."

"Your father was an Inquirer."
"That's a lie! You and the Bishop are lying."

"The latest rumor is that Kainas is alive and is working for the Rebels."
"How dare you..."

"Ok, I'll be right there."

The Knight leaves

"You disappoint me, Bachstail."
"Don't deceive yourself. You know I'm right."

Lacryma's first reaction to seeing Dragons were "Let's murder them!". Not exactly innocent Bachstail.

Damn right they're not. Filthy immigrants won't take our jobs!

"Of course. We killed them all."
Knight "If Vigilance retreats, things will be hard on us. We would like to ask for your support for tomorrow's attack."
DO YOUR JOB, YOU LAZY BUM. It's people like these that makes me want filthy immigrants to come and take our jobs. They would do a better job than these lazy pieces of shit.
"What!? The deal was that we don't cross the border!"
"That's right!"
Knight "Then what about this... Use Lacryma as bait and lure the enemy out of the Count's estate. Then you can kill them here."
Get. Bent.
"No way! It's too dangerous!"
Well, it's not really. I just don't want to go through another filler chapter is all.
"That's right! The enemy is already after Lacryma!"

"Why don't you just shut up!?"
Knight "What!?"
"Do you know what you're asking? Is that the way of a Knight?"

Knight "How dare you! You're just a lousy Encrypter!"

"You want me as bait? Ok, I'll go along with your plan."

Knight "At least you understand..."
"Lacryma, it's too dangerous."
"I'll do whatever it takes to end the war."
Knight "Wonderful, we will talk later regarding the details."

"You made up your mind, didn't you? You never change..."
"Are you sure about this? You're going to be bait!"
"Don't worry, everyone... I will solve everything."
And then later Lacryma died because of stress. The end...

No one tells me what to do!

"She should have turned it down."
"Are you listening, Kun?"
"I'm... I was thinking about her father."
"That's right! You should tell her! The Knights are attacking tomorrow!"
"I don't know what I should do."

This is why Ele exists in the game.

Yeah Lacryma did just pass the window, hear something about some secrets, and then go back to listening in.

"What then..? 'Lacryma, your father is alive and wants to see you at fort Idorus. By the way, he's the enemy.' Is that it?"
Now Ele is stealing my job as LP'er. Have I become Ele?

She would deal with it like a responsible adult? Woah, I know that's pretty wild.

"Were you listening to us?"
I don't even know why they bother keeping secrets.
"No... The Knights are passing out Kartia. Could you two get some?"

See? She took the news just fine. Stop being such dramatic drama queens.

Next time, we'll see how Toxa and his group is holding up with the whole "fighting Idorus's corrupt army" thing.
Is it stereotypical that it's the woman, who has to deal with daddy issues, and the dude who has to rescue the princess?
I don't know why I ask, because the reality is, I don't care either way. So nya!

Lacryma Episode 25 Chapter 12 pt.3