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Part 52: Lacryma Episode 25 Chapter 12 - Inquirer pt.1

Lacryma Episode 25 Chapter 12 pt.1

No, you aren't missing an update from Toxa Chapter 12. That was all of it. So Toxa's situation is unknown to us, but needless to say, we shouldn't expect him to back us up, fighting off the Rebels.

Of course Kun tells everyone but the person who needs to know, about Kainas being alive, because dramatic tension, OOOOooooOOOO.

"Are you sure you weren't dreaming?"
It bugs me when people question a person who have never exhibited any untrustworthy traits or have acted suspiciously, or have no reason to lie.
"He told me to tell Lacryma to go to Idorus fortress."
"Dead men don't talk. Are you sure about this?"
"He told me himself that he was Kainas."
"Are you sure that it wasn't a dream?"
Bachstail, you're too smart to have this kind of dialogue.
"I told you, he was real!"

"What are you, stupid? She will get confused. Also, he's the enemy."
Pffyeah, Ele. It's not like Lacryma is an adult and have a right to know.
"She's already in a weird mood. It's better not to cause more problems for her."
Yeah, this isn't gonna bite us in the ass later.
"Ok, I won't say anything."
"I admit, I wanted to see Lacryma panic."
"You're so twisted."

What Bachstail doesn't mention is that this also opens up the possibility that the Original Kartia was stolen instead of used.
And if the Kartia was used, it also raises the question; Who was it used on?

For some reason, Troy reminds me of Zorro from One Piece. Short hair, the posture... He even has two swords.
He really only lacks the earrings. It's Bizarro Zorro.

Also, this is kind of ridiculous, we are going to the place where Kainas wants us to go, and yet they're still keeping the fact about Kainas not being dead, a secret from Lacryma.
What could go wrong?

Troy sounds like a shitty CoD player. It's not that there are people better at the game than you, no it's just that they have too much spare time and are thus losers.

"The Knights are attacking from the front."
"That's why it's important to accomplish our mission."
Because the Knights were so incompetent they couldn't come up with a better plan than to rush straight into the front entrance?
I vote we let nature take it's course

"If we wipe out the camp, it would be easier for the Knights."
Ele, they have a FORTRESS, and CANNONS. This isn't a camp anymore.

Yep, no secrets being kept here.

"Why do you look so angry?"
"I'm not mad at you, Lacryma."
No, you're just upset someone is leaking secrets and it isn't you.
"She's nervous since we're about to attack."
"That's right. I'm nervous. I'm angry."
"I don't understand..."
"All right, this is our last mission. Stay sharp."

Next time, The hardest combat section yet. Oh boy.

Lacryma Episode 25 Chapter 12 pt.1