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Part 76: Lacryma Episode 34 Penultimate Chapter 17 - End of the dream pt.1

Lacryma Episode 34 Penultimate Chapter 17 pt.1

Because of spoilers in Toxa's Chapter 17, we'll be doing Lacryma's first this time around.

Hold on to your hats people, because the crazy storm is coming.

"That's better for us."
"There's no hope for the Rebels now."
"Don't get too confident."
"That's right. The real enemy is in the Encrypter School."
"Until we kill the person responsible for this..."
"This tragedy will continue."
"We have to destroy Akueldo. Which includes Saradiart, Raguruzet, and Vandor..."

"May God protect you..."
"Take care, Rimzan."

Rimzan leaves to... Err... I honestly don't know. Something? Yeah, Rimzan leaves to do something.


I dare you to find a more stylish entry to anything. Nothing beats arriving on a Dragon.

So anyways, this scene have caused me quite a bit of trouble, trying to figure out how to format it.
The scene itself is in both Lacryma's and Toxa's chapter, but it will have different dialogue between characters.
There are also minute differences, which I will point out in Toxa's chapter.

"Alana, what are you doing here?"

"The Dragons were given to us by an old hairy Elf."
"Hairy Elf?"
"It's a long story... I'll tell you later."
"Also, I want a rematch."
"You bet. I want to see how strong you've become."
"This time, I won't lose."
"You're confident. Did something happen?"
"Kun is officially a Knight now."
"Finally! Congratulations!"
"Thank you."
"This time, I'm betting on Kun."
"You're going to regret it."
"After the war, we'll have the rematch!"
"You got it!"

Characters will move around and talk to other characters during this meet up. We'll get all the dialogue, don't worry. But it's split between chapters.

"I'm going to ask father to establish Vigilance on the estate."
"We already have one."
"Are you telling me to keep depending on Lacryma? Since Eden fell on Idorus the estate is a disaster!"
"You're right... We can't ask them to take care of the Idorus side..."
"But what made you come up with that idea?"
"I learned that there are a lot of things I can't do on my own. I want you to be the chief of Vigilance on the estate."
"Chief? I thought you wanted to be the chief?"
"But you're more qualified."

Damn kids, just grow up so darned fast.

"I guess I have..."

"You're right... Where's Bach?"
"He left while we were at Headquarters."
"Selfish as usual... I wonder where he went..."
"He went to kill Saradiart. He's probably already there."
"By himself? Why?"

"Did you find an answer?"
"Yes, I've become an Inquirer."
"You have a tough battle ahead of you."
"I know."
"Lacryma... Because of me, Duran is..."
"I heard it from Posha. It's not your fault."
"Duran assigned you to take his place. I'm happy he chose you."
"Thank you, Lacryma."

"A lot of things have happened in the past several months. But I'm glad that I had a chance to meet and fight along side all of you!"
"I feel the same way!"
"Me, too!"
"It's hard to express how happy I am..."
"We always will be! No matter what happens!"
"Yes! So let's try and do this again, but under better circumstances! I pray for everyone's safe return."

This is the very last meet up between characters in the actual game. And I really like it, both groups were on their way to their date with destiny, but saw some friends and took time to catch up.
But it also helps to hammer in the fact that characters have changed. The most prominent growth is Kun and Ele. At least among characters we've seen dialogue for. But as I said, don't worry
other characters interact in Toxa's Chapter. My OCD to finish things is killing me so expect more updates soon.

Lacryma Episode 34 Penultimate Chapter 17 pt.1